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Preventative Maintenance for Cleaning Equipment

Updated on April 23, 2012

Preventative Maintenance of Cleaning Equipment

Preventative Maintenance Program

Important note: All cleaning equipment such as auto scrubber, carpet extractor, battery/gas operated sweepers, propane burnishers, etc.should be taken in for preventative maintenance every 6 months or at least once a year.

Please check with the local distributor where you have purchased the equipment to see if they have any preventative maintenance program.

Why Should I?

It can save lot of headaches and prevent waste of time. It is similar to taking your automobile for regular maintenance program every 3000 or 5000 miles. If you do this regularly, you can avoid getting stock on the road somewhere in the middle of the night and that is not good.

Similarly, if you do preventative maintenance on your cleaning equipment, it can save some nasty headaches in the middle of your important cleaning jobs.

You should also keep an accurate maintenance record of all your cleaning equipment, especially those equipment with batteries. You must have a chart indicating that someone is in charge of checking the battery water levels and etc on a regular schedule.

For a free "Cleaning Equipment Maintenance Record Keeping Chart", click here.


Auto Scrubbers

Read the manual that came with the machine.

Check the battery at least once a month.

Refill with distilled water up to the proper level with a battery water filler (you can purchase at your local auto supply stores).

Do not over fill the battery water.

Use a flashlight to see the water level in the battery.

Clean out the tank, clean the body and vacuum hose, and squeegee blades, and etc.

Check the pads under the pad holder or brush- Do you need a new one?

Check the squeegee blades, to see if it needs replacing.

Check the filter under the machine, if it has one- take it out and clean it from time to time.

Carpet Extractor

Read the manual that came with the machine.

Check the solution jet from time to time and clean it out.

If something is blocking the hole, soak it over night in vinegar.

Blow the air into it with your mouth and see if it opens up. If not, get a tiny piece of corn broom (a piece of straw) and gently push it through. Do not use any metal pins and etc. It will damage the hole. If you have to use metal piece to clean it, use it gently and carefully.

Check the filter under the machine, if it has one.

Take it our and clean it from time to time.

Do not leave cleaning solution in the tank more than a day.

Most cleaning chemicals are not effective if is diluted and left in the tank after one day.

If that happens, drain it out.

Do not leave dirty extracted water overnight or more.

It will create a bad odor in the tank. Clean wipe the exterior with protector from time to time.

Not sucking well? Check out the suction plate of the wand or the extractor, you might have something stock in there. If it is, you must remove it to have a better suction of your vacuum. It also could be your vacuum motor. If your machine is about 2 years or older, after you check everything else, check with the mechanic about your vacuum motor.


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