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Prezi - a good software for creating presentations (online)

Updated on December 29, 2013

How to start?

Prezi is an online software of which the basic functions are free. To be able to use the software you need to go to the webpage : Next you need to create an account and depending on the options you would like to have you can either choose the free or the paid version. To try out the account, create a free account. All presentations that you create are saved in "". In the free version, all presentations that you create are publicly available and visible to others. If this is the first time that you will create a presentation it is wise to get some instructions that come with the software. The software offers you three lessons of the functions of the software in the form of a movie that is played. You can also choose to view other people's presentations through the "Explore" option to get a better idea of the possibilities. Ofcourse you can start right away in creating a presentation.

The instruction lessons

As said above, you can follow 3 instruction lessons in which you will be shown how to use the Prezi software step by step. Herewith an overview of what you will be shown in each of the lessons:

Parts of lesson 1

  • How to move around
  • Set the scale of the presentation
  • turning around
  • Zoom in and out
  • Set the sequence of the presentation

Parts of lesson 2

  • Creating frames in your presentation
  • Grouping the slides of your presentation
  • Placing text and images to the front of the slide and placing it back into the background of the slide

Parts of lesson 3

  • Inviting other persons to view your presentation
  • Inviting other persons to edit your presentation
  • Publishing (placing online) your presentation

Layout of the presentation

Prezi has good layout posibilities. The software has its own colour scheme so you can give your presentation its own style or branding. The sequence of the presentation is easy to adapt and you can easily add foto and film materials.

The Bubble

In the upper left corner you will find the so-called "bubble", which is the toolbox within the Prezi software. In the toolbox you will find all the supporting materials that you need to make a presentation.

The zebra cursor

The "zebra", which is the cursor, is also an important part of the software. With the zebra you can both move and edit certain parts of the presentation.

The software also includes a number of standard frameworks you can use for your presentation, should you not want to make your own.

Working with Prezi

Theme wizard

In the theme wizard you can create your own templates. First you will determine your own colour scheme. Next you can choose the fonts of your texts and edit all other parts aswell.


Working with frames enables you to determine which parts in the presentation should recur in certain slides. By placing frames around the loose elements/parts, you can determine in which manner the elements will be shown in the presentation.

Video and Flash

It is very easy to place a Youtube movie inside your presentation. For this you only need to copy the URL into the software. You can also combine text and images by using the zebra to place them on top of each other. Furthermore, you can make use of Flash animations and fragments. For examples please visit the Prezi website (

Free or paid account

Using the Prezi software is in principle free. You have to create an account with Prezi, though. After this you can use most of the functionalities within the software. Should you, however, choose to use the software regularly, then you might consider to have a paid account instead. The paid account gives you the following extra functions/options:

  • More privacy options to "hide" your presentations from the public
  • More storage capacity to store your presentations
  • Uploading a company logo for your presentations.


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    • bmguy621 profile image

      Daniel 3 years ago from Maryland

      Great article! I love using Prezi and find it a great resource! Thanks for the read.