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Print Publications Changing Times

Updated on December 28, 2016

Find and share an example of a print publication (that is also available online) that you consider “well done.” Why do you think this publication appeals to you? Post the link so other students can view it. View some of your classmates’ examples and comment on their choices.

When I think of print publications the first things that come to mind are magazines and newspapers. While there are many different magazines and newspapers available to the public in both print and online formats they are not all equal in terms of quality. For instance, the Game Informer magazine is available to the public in both print and digital formats. The digital format of the magazine is only available to people who pay to subscribe. The digital version is just as well done as the print version as they are both organized in the same manner. However, while non-subscribers cannot view the digital issues without paying for them, they can access much of the same content through the website. The website has the content broken down into the categories of: new, reviews, and previews. Readers can also choose to view content based on platforms; for instance a reader could decide to read content that is only on topics and games for the PlayStation 4. This publication appeals to me because I enjoy playing video games and the publication keeps me up-t-o date on new games, consoles, and content that I might be interested in. I particularly like how many of the writers get to play a demo version of the game before writing about it. These writers are truly able to pull the readers in as they are providing new information on not just the game itself, but on how the game is played.

How do you think that the online environment has changed the way that readers view printed materials? How can public relations writers adapt to these changes?

The online environment has vastly changed the ways in which readers can view printed materials. Readers used to have to hold the printed material in their hands in order to read it while now a person can generally access printed materials after a search online. When viewing printed material online readers sometimes only get access to parts of the material depending on the website the material is hosted on. Some websites charge a price before the reader is able to view the full version of the printed material.

Public relations writers need be able to adapt to the change in the online environment. Public relations writers need to understand that most people are more interested in viewing material in digital formats instead of printed formats. Public relations writers can adjust to these changes by configuring their writing to be pleasing on both printed and digital formats or creating two versions of the material. If the printed material cannot be offered in an online environment, then the public relations writer could encourage interest in the printed version through utilizing social media and email messages to the target audience of the material. Public relations writers could also publish their material on online websites that guarantee to make the full material available for free or that the company or organization will receive a cut of the fee charged by the website.

Nonprofit Newsletter

  • As part of the public relations team in a large nonprofit organization, you have heard that morale for your organization in the community is down. You and your team decide to create a community flier, hoping for community support and involvement. On the “Nonprofit Newsletter” page in your group wiki, use a nonprofit of your choice and craft an appealing community-oriented flier. Be sure to address the target audience with encouraging information.

    When most people think of Valentine’s Day they think about an eventful day with the person they love; for most this means romantic dinners, surprise activities, and special presents. Last year 250 people chose to spend their Valentine’s weekend doing something truly special; they spent their weekend helping 813 animals find loving homes with their forever family. My Furry Valentine invites you and your loved ones to help us make this Valentine’s weekend something special for the many lost, abused, and unwanted animals that are seeking their forever home. With your help we can find a special home for these very special animals.

    Volunteers, guests, and those seeking furry love are all welcome. All guests will have the chance to participate in raffles, meet adorable animals, take part in animal related games with prizes, enjoy our agility shows, and find their very own furry valentine. Every guest that adopts a furry Valentine will receive a goody bag with a leash, collar, three days’ worth of food, and clean up materials.

    All volunteers will be given their own My Furry Valentine shirt after attending a brief orientation prior to the My Furry Valentine event. Why not spend Valentine’s Day with the person you love while helping other’s to find their own loving family?

    For more information on My Furry Valentine please visit our website:


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