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Prioritizing Structure in Your Home-Based Business

Updated on April 26, 2017

Home-based business owners must prioritize structure if they desire to operate smoothly and to expand their customer base. Lack of structure in any business means the loss of time and money. When important documents and data get lost and you spend time attempting to find such items, you waste time and lose customers, and thereby money.

In a home-based business, an owner can be faced with a multitude of organizational challenges. These include:

  • Random piles of paper, mail, and newspapers on the desk
  • Disorganized book shelves
  • Out of place supplies and equipment
  • Junk filled corners: unpacked boxes and containers
  • Unorganized furniture
  • lack of space due to clutter
  • misplaced documents and customer files

Such organizational challenges can hurt businesses by interfering with productivity, efficiency, and motivation to get things done. Distractions abound when massive clutter ruins

Solutions to Disorganization

To overcome the lack of structure in your home business, you need to first get rid of the clutter and then invest in a few task management tools. Tools such as To-do-lists, mind-mapping, digital note taking and other organizational tools will help you eliminate clutter, work more efficiently and perform more productively.

These tools will help you track the progress of your business. When you devote time to organizing and recording your business finances, you will be able to keep track your financial health. However, a substantial revenue gain is no indication that you are making progress. You could still be losing money if you refuse to record the finances used to advertise and promote your business.

Do You Prioritize Structure?

Do You Have Structure in Your Home-based Business?

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The knowledge of spreadsheets will allow you to record the revenue from your investments as well as keep up with both profitable and unprofitable expenses.

You should also invest in various software tools such as Stickies for Windows and Task Master for Mac. These digital tools are designed to help you stay organized by recording all sorts of data in interesting formats

Operating a well-organized home-based business is about improving your workplace environment so that you can feel good about accomplishing the tasks you need to do. Disorganization brings confusion and lack of knowing where to start.

Create a Check-List

A very simple and useful tool for keeping organization is a checklist. The goal is to check off all those important tasks you must do after you have completed the task. A check-list measures your progress throughout the day.

In addition, a checklist gives you a growing sense of excitement as you check off each completed task and go to the next one.

Appreciating the advantages of structure

Increased Task Management Skills

Those who manage well also demonstrate good organizational skills. A manager must prioritize projects and assign deadlines for effectively completing various task and responsibilities


Working efficiently is the reward of those who display good structural skills. Efficiency means that you spend less time on making errors, attempting to find items and getting distracted by clutter. An efficient owner goes a long way in adding value to his home business.

Progress measurement

Putting structure in your tasks and responsibilities will help you measure progress. When you are working on a project you will be able to check your progress by recording the stages and milestones of the project.

Valuable time management

People who prioritize structure will control time. They will be able to meet deadlines when it comes to satisfying the needs of their customers. Products and services will be delivered in a timely manner and on a constant basis. Meeting the expectations of customers in a timely manner creates trust and loyalty between you and those you serve.

Effectively Meeting deadlines

Deadlines! Deadlines! Deadlines! Customers want you to be there when they need you. Period! If you can’t give them what they want, they will turn toward the competition for satisfaction. Many small home-based businesses lose what few customers they have by ignoring the need to master organizational structure.

The Bottom Line

Make structure a priority in your home business and you will position yourself to experience uninterrupted growth, improved customer focus and greater productivity.


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