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Private Bank Jobs for those Driven With Passion.

Updated on June 15, 2014

The private banking sector in India is projected to hire 50,000 fresh graduates for the openings which will be created in a duration of 5 years. Banking Jobs offer huge opportunity to fresh graduate along with assured career growth for hard working individuals, so for those who are driven with passion, private sector banks jobs offer faster career progression. The only requisite to get hired for bank jobs is that; one needs to demonstrate the ability to acquire skills, and an attitude to learn and grow while on the job. The best part of Bank jobs is that, candidates are hired irrespective of their stream of study as long as the candidate is willing to learn. Also the job security and high growth are the unique features of Bank Jobs, making them the most sought after jobs by fresh graduates.

Skills to highlight on your resume

In order to make your candidature, outshine the rest make sure that you mention these skills on your resume and highlight them.

People's Person: As a banker you would be dealing with people on a daily basis. Banking sector being customer centric, where a customer is treated as a King. Thus , delivering financial services and prompt redressal of complaints is one of the most important tasks that you will be indulged in. So make this skill part of your resume and adapt to it with immediate effect so that you maximize your chances of getting hired.

Analytic Skills:

As a banker you would be performing tasks which are based on analysis and managerial skills. Here analytic skills will come into play when you analyse a customer's financial background, to help them select the best savings plan, loan or a fixed deposit. This will also help you in shaping the financial soundness of a sector, by efficient utilization of the capital and higher profitability.

Organizational Skills:

Organizational skills include planning, scheduling, coordinating resources, meeting deadline and time management. As a banker these skills are the most applicable and required for everyday's job. These skills will help you organize your work flow everyday, without loosing on productivity.

Financial Management Skills:

The ability to develop accurate financial reports, estimating a customer's potential to select the best product will come in handy. Developing accurate and complete financial records of the transactions might also be a part of your Bank Job profile. Financial Management skills will also highlight your potential to get hired for the job, as it is one of the top ranked skills which hiring managers look for.

Roadmap to follow

As a fresher, finding a Bank Job is not a herculean task anymore as it was before the advent of the internet. Almost all these jobs are posted on internet, over job portals like Careerbuilder and also on the bank's website. Many of the banks also offer internships or work placements for those who do not posses any prior work experience with a bank. If you are offered such an internship, then you must go for it as they are very competitive and will give you a head-start to get a full-time Bank Job.

Current Hiring Trends

Also with the application of technology in the functioning of various bank processes, as a result more and more people are being brought into the organised financial sector and there is an ever increasing demand for talent. The Banking sector is assumed to witness an addition of 8 to 10 percent more jobs in 2014 along with salary increases ranging from 10 to 12 percent.

So in order to get hired for a Bank Job, make an alluring resume, reflect the possession of the above mentioned skills and if you have an experience in the same sector let the recruter know your job responsibilities and the challenges you faced along with the methods you devised to overcome the hurdles, in your last job. Look for jobs which suit your profile or the skills set, as it will maximise your chances of getting hired as they would match with your skill set. Also those who are aiming at bank jobs with government, working for a private bank will help you earn some experience which will benefit you once you have cleared any of the IBPS exams for government bank jobs.


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