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Private Tuition Jobs for Women

Updated on September 30, 2016
Private Tuition Photo by: Brymo
Private Tuition Photo by: Brymo

Increasingly there is pressure on the public purse, with more schools failing our kids and maths and English literacy still being essential for everyday living, yet increasingly schools are reported as producing worse results, with some kids coming out unable to perform basic tasks within these subjects.

How awful it must be for those kids, who should have had the help they needed years before they got to the stage where they left school. Being unable to keep up in class with your peers is isolating and probably many kids that aren't keeping up are being bullied in the playground. The trouble with school is that the lessons have to progress at a set speed and there isn't the time for everybody to wait while the slowest ones catch up. While some help is provided by Teaching Assistants for the very slowest, this just squeezes those being failed into the middle.

Parents will go to seemingly ridiculous lengths to ensure their children are in the right school catchment areas, they'll move house, they'll mortgage themselves to the hilt, JUST to get 500 metres closer to the school to secure their children's educational future in the school of their choice. But not everybody can do that.

Not every parent is able to move into the right area, or get a mortgage on a house in the right catchment area. For these parents, private tuition provides them with an option to pay for targetted help in these key subjects.

This need for private tuition means there's a fantastic opportunity for maths tutors or English tutors to get careers in education and either work for or build their own private tuition business providing an essential service within their local community. A career that doesn't have all the red tape attached to it that bogs down teachers taking the more traditional routes into education.

Jobs for Women

Traditionally jobs for women have tended to be more in the caring roles, teaching and private tuition are very nurturing roles and tend to be favoured by women.Tutoring jobs are a perfect fit.

Private tuition roles and tutoring jobs are ideal jobs for women who are looking for more flexibility in their lives, yet responsibility and a good income. Private tuition will be able to provide a growing and reliable income, whether as an employee or even owning your own private tuition business. Kumon is a worldwide tutoring business that's been going for over 50 years and provides these tutoring jobs for those who want them.

Careers in Education and Tutoring are popular jobs for women because we'll never run out of kids who need help or parents who care enough to guarantee their kids get that help - and women can really find the perfect niche in their area.

Many parents of children look for jobs that kit in with thier homelife and kids' schedules - often looking to Classroom Assistant jobs to provide this flexibility. However, for every vacancy there are probably 50-100 parents already wanting those jobs, per school. If you want a career in education with a future, then you need to look and aim a little higher.

Franchises Available

Kumon is one tutoring company that has franchises available as well as jobs working directly for those franchisees. So they really do give a good scope for jobs; maybe you would like your own franchise, or maybe getting with them as a tutor first might be an effective route into careers in education.

It's certainly worth checking out, you really couldn't find a more highly regarded, or well-known organisation.

Jobs for Women Graduates Photo by: bookgrl
Jobs for Women Graduates Photo by: bookgrl

Jobs for Women Graduates

As a graduate, looking for suitable work where you can control your own life is appealing, but where do you look for the fulfilment and income potential that you need? A job has to be sustainable and produce regular, reliable and ethical income in order for it to provide you with an income for as long as you want - and preferably on your terms.

You need to be able to stretch yourself and to achieve your goals without feeling somebody else has the power to keep you back, free yourself of any glass ceiling often seen in jobs for women.

As a graduate, you've already proven that you are capable of managing your own time and completing tasks and workloads to deadlines. You'll understand the pressure that exam time brings - and be able to bring these skills into the role.

Jobs for Retired Women

Later on in life, the world of work can shut the door on women. Women are faced with different challenges to men as their age, and perhaps appearance, hold them back in a society too obsessed with youth and perfection. Other women find they want to retire from one career, to embark upon another, but are finding it hard to find something that will pay as well.

Whether you're retiring from your first career, taking early retirement, or even completely retired but still want to work, there's room for you to take on a career in education and in private tuition.

When considering your career options, if you've taken early retirement, you might be struggling to find your niche. Something where you can have a nurturing role, where you can sense some personal achievement - yet still earn a good income, where your experience and other qualities associated with older women can be played to your advantage.

Mid-career, or older women make fantastic tutors, they have years or a lifetime's experience to call upon to help them out if they're presented by something a little more challenging, they're not phased by a seemingly difficult or problematic child because they have the patience and life skills to be able to take a different approach to get them back on track. Many tutors stay with tutoring companies for years, some spending a lifetime with just 1-2 organisations.

Private tuition can bring in a good income in semi-retirement, or retirement, helping to fund all those fun activities you crave. You're literally putting something into society, while getting something out for yourself. And, hopefully, helping the next generation to thrive in all their lessons, enabling them to flourish and engage more in their future opportunities, giving them more options in later life.

Well, I hope this article has helped you to think about careers in education and to open your eyes to the world of possibilities and options that working in private tuition could bring.

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    • earner profile imageAUTHOR

      Dedicated Content Curator 

      6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks for that useful resouce on private tuition agencies in the UK Sallyjones.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Excellent article.

      I'm a female teacher and I totally agree.

      The problem I have is students wanting low prices but with private tuition agencies such as Personal Tutors, Any Subject so high its just not economical to reduce my rates any lower so I'm turning students away.

      There are some great free private tuition communities which match students and pupils free of charge such as so I urge all students and tutors to use these communities rather than agencies keeping prices down and tuition up!


    • earner profile imageAUTHOR

      Dedicated Content Curator 

      9 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi Moon Daisy

      Yes, it's worth finding out what private tuition jobs they've got to offer in your area, and check out any franchises while you're at it, then make a decision. If you don't ask, you don't get. There are so many tiny private tuition companies floating about, one man and his dog, a long-standing company gives more stability in times like these.

      Good luck looking into it, I hope you get the answers you're after.

    • Moon Daisy profile image

      Moon Daisy 

      9 years ago from London

      Very interesting hub. Kumon's something that I've been looking into - it sounds like a really nice, flexible thing to do (especially as I really love maths!) I'm a bit dubious about taking the plunge with a franchise, but I like the idea of starting off as a tutor and maybe moving onto a franchise later on. I'll have to find out more about that.. Thanks for reminding me!

    • Webshooter profile image


      9 years ago from New York City

      Great information about the most vital issue we all face today: Jobs! Thanks for sharing this useful article.


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