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Problems with Work from Home Opportunities

Updated on May 26, 2015

Quota that you don't know about

Some companies have started putting quotas on the amount of product you need to sell before you get paid. Just another way for them to find a reason not to pay you your money. I suggest you ask them questions about quotas and minimum payouts before you can get paid.

Your promoter joining another team

My promoter with this company first came under me. He decided he would go with another team because it was local. I asked the company about it and they said it was against company policy and that he would have to choose between which account he wanted to keep. What about my commissions. That is not fair. I understand why people get so upset with network marketing. I had a quota where if I didn't meet it I couldn't get paid. I brought the product because I saw he was doing so well with the company and I was expecting commissions from his sales. If they don't give a good resolution. I am going to ask for a refund on the product that I order and for them to pay my commission even though I have met the set minimum payout. They should have a proceed to do when this type of things happen.

Price Changes

You are involved with a new company and at first their products are reasonable. Then as a little time goes by they increase their prices. That shows that a company has not properly done the math correct. Why would you change your prices and not understand what you need to charge in order for the company to continue giving commissions, etc....


You can work when you want to work. You can change lives whether it's through the products and/or the compensation plan that is offered. I love being in the wellness industry because there are a lot of people that are sick. We definitely need to get better nutrition. Some of the best products come from direct sales companies. The interaction and relationships you build are great too. People in your upline usually contact you to help you with sales and give you more information about the products. They also can help with customers and/or potential employees. Even though I have this major dilemma with someone I knew in the direct sales business. I am going to continue working my other businesses that are changing lives.


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