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Problogger Tips - Why You Should Avoid Free Web Hosting

Updated on May 19, 2014

Free Web Hosting Services


Free Web Hosting Services

There are so many A free web hosting service available on world wide web, where you can host your blog for free. You can search on Google about “Free WordPress Webhosting companies” will give you a great list of Web hosting companies for your searched query.

They provide free web hosting to host your blog for free. If you think to become full time blogger, you should avoid free web hosting services and sites. There are lots of bloggers who, for starting basis try to go for free web hosting. Because they think they can not afford premium web hosting services.

What is Free WordPress Hosting:

Many web hosting companies promote free web hosting to promote their business. Usually they offer limited services like limited amount of space, bandwidth and support for free. They first target more clients for regular basis and then they charge money from them.Usually such companies offer free hosting or cheap hosting later they would cost money from next year from blog owner.

Generally when you are getting so many visitors on your blog, it would consumes more bandwidth as well as more resource and space.Free web hosting is not a bad idea but if you wish to go into professional blogging field like Problogger, you should avoid free web hosting services.

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Free Web Hosting Vs Premium Web Hosting

The two major examples of free blogs are Blogger’s Blogspot (Google) and the WordPress free blogging service accessed from

For Blogspot, is free blog service provided by Google. As I stated, Google would rule on your blog.The only Advantage is that you can put your Google Adsense Ads on your Blog and pages. It might get in to automated spam classification system, whenever Google thinks. Your blog will not be accessible until they want. This is the biggest limitation.

For WordPress, you can blog for free but can not put your ads or Google adsense ads there.You just have to write and write only.

Free Web Hosting Problems


Common Issues with Free WordPress Hosting Sites

Everything you will get for free would be limited. Like lack of supports, forced or offensive ads on your sites, popup ads, limited use of control panel of your hosting etc. Your free web hosting provider would think that there is no better option for you, hence they would rule on you and your blog too.

As a newbie, you would not aware of bandwidth limit or limited use of control panel etc. But as you learn new things, you would come to know there is limitation that would actually suppress you from being professional blogger. Here are few issues and problems that every bloggers are facing when they go for free web hosting.

Poor Customer Supports

Whenever you have any problem on your account, or Whenever your database or site is not working properly, you ask for support, they would tell you to drop an email to their support.You would get support after 2-3 days. Sometimes there is no chance to get revert back from your hosting providers.

Server Down Time for Free Web Hosting

There is no specific time or schedule for that, your website may be down for several hours or days until their process gets finished. It would not be stable for all days, when your request about down time, they would clearly tell you to go for premium plans if you want to make your site online or live.

Your blog readers would get sever down time error or server database error. That would create bad impression on your readers mind. Sometimes your free hosting server can not handle too much traffic. Your blog would be down because of bandwidth limitation.

If your blog is getting too much traffic there, you should probably use premium web hosting like Bluehost Web hosting or Dreamhost that can handle your server's traffic without downtime issues.

WordPress Ultimate Security

Compromising with your Blog's Security

Big reliable web hosting servers are sometimes facing security issues from hackers.Even they are trying to enhance their server's security regularly, than even chances of getting hacked by hackers are there.

It is very easy for hackers to access your website on free hosting accounts, even chances of loosing your database as well as your blog is very low. Morever, customer support from free web hosting would not support for your issue. So your work and your blog both would have problem.

Blog Post Loading Time

Google and other search engines hates pages that takes too much time to load.You can check your blog's loading time from Google Pagespeed insight. You can try few best WordPress plugins to improve blog loading time but if loading time is from server side, you can not do anything.

Limited Disk Space and Bandwidth

As stated before, there is limited disk space and bandwidth. Disk space would not allow you to upload more files and restriction to to uploading or posts or images on your blog. Bandwidth would make your server down when you have too heavy traffic on your blog.

For premium web hosting, you would not have any restriction. You would get unlimited bandwidth or disk space.

Google Apps Integration

I heard from many that free hosts won’t support Google Apps. Free hosts do not give more features to users. If you have blog name, you can get with premium hosting account.

While free hosting do not offer you that. You would not get such awesome email address with free hosting.

Problem with WordPress Version & Plugin Installation

This problem persist when you update your WordPress installation version or installing any plugins. While installing plugins, you might get "“Error from last API Key attempt:Your blog was unable to connect to Please ask your host for help. (Transport error – could not open socket)”

Sometimes server would show always error when you try to install new plugins or themes.


If you think to being full time blogger or wish to jump into professional blogging field, you should go for premium web hosting like Bluehost Web hosting or Dreamhost

It would provide you the best service for your hosting and your you would be able to use your blog like pro user.

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