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5 Tips for Making Agile Product Roadmap

Updated on August 31, 2016

Each product owner always has a plan which is normally represented as the product roadmap. Building roadmaps is a crucial part of product management. Often, it is an effective and simple chronological list that specifies what to do next. But the interesting thing is how to make a great roadmap, because how you name a boat, is how it will sail. So, here are some 5 useful tips that will help in making a great product roadmap with the help of effective and time saving product roadmap software.

Use product roadmap template

To get your plan of record, you need to collaborate effective product management software you like or pick a helpful template. Modern market offers plenty of choice. It's up to you to choose whether to pick as your major guide in making brilliant roadmaps or another online software you find appropriate.

Define the strategy

Creating a product roadmap is impossible without a clear product strategy. This includes clear identification and setting the product vision, the goals, and initiatives for realization of each product. On this stage, after you pick the strategy, it will be easier to you to check the relations between all the product lines, the goals, your product initiatives and successful releases, etc. They will be linked into the higher level objectives.

Select the features to highlight

Ask any good product manager, he or she will answer that he never suffers a deficit of ideas. Always have something to do, but do not always have the resources to do so? What really distinguishes the great from the good is the understanding of what needs to be done first, which features to be highlighted and so on. Your decision making is defining a product roadmap.

Share your plans

If you ask any good product manager to share his or her ideas, you'll quickly realize that they are up there in the road map. At the same time they will be interesting and modern or boring and conservative, correct and incorrect, etc. The main thing is to find a compromise way to put everything right. That is still included in the roadmap.

Product roadmap checklist

Most teams have persistent problems with the balance. Most often, a lot of resources are spent on the new product and its planning. Once again to balance the work and predict deviations, there should be an effective roadmap checklist as another backup plan for checking everything out from A to B. That all should take place without a hitch, prioritized and the problems ranked.

And what do you think?

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