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Product Reviews and Review Hub

Updated on June 20, 2011

Why Write a Review?

I wasn't in the mood tonight to write a hub about a product review or some kind of marketing optimised article so I thought 'why not write about what I'm feeling?' Don't get me wrong, I have still keyword edited this but I wasn't in the mood for being overly inventive and intuition guided me to write about product reviews in general.

I did a little search of Hubpages to see if anybody had written a similar piece about the products review subject and a good writer called Soni2006 had talk about them but not in the way I am going to.

I tried to pick out some interesting photos to illustrate what I wanted to talk about and the first one that I used as my default image stood out the most with the golden orange of the product and the odd product design for the compact hand held vacuum cleaner. It looks more like some kind of Martian ray gun than something used for sucking up dirt!

Photo courtesy of designandtechnologydepartment

Magazine Products Reviews

How often do we open up magazines or brochures and see products reviews laid out as seen in the photo above? I remember this from Design Technology class in school and the modernist style of design is so played out, I know it is good for clarity but post modern style would draw people in and make them intrigued about the product on sale.

I know Apple are more creative at advertising their computers but other digital camera reviews and camera comparison centrefolds have so much potential for colourful situations where the camera would thrive at maximising its resolution potential.

Photo courtesy of sachz

Review Centre

There are also reviews of products off-line and I had a VIP invitation to go and see a Vauxhall car unveiling because I own a Vauxhall, that is possibly a bad example but we can see the type of display for small product review exhibitions above. They always have these drab throws over the tables that are bad colours like bright blue and posters pinned up on cork boards.

I think that when I create a review article online I always include video and lots of variety of photos of the product in different circumstances, where as when it is in an exhibition you don't get to see how it is adapted to real life situations.

Photo courtesy of thetechbuzz

Got hooked in by a product review? lots of unwanted items in the attic?
Got hooked in by a product review? lots of unwanted items in the attic?


With other reviews there is room for expression, for example film reviews and one great writer on hubpages called StevenNix writes extensively about them. There is room in marketing films for earning from advertising provided you review the top films with special effects or the ones that have mass appeal, however I do have a few Indie Film reviews that do well since they appeal to the Independent film niche.

Other consumables that have been done to death include skincare product reviews and beauty products reviews and that because the industry is always bringing out another gimmick such as 'aloe vera' anti ageing qualities and most people have grown wise to the actual effective of this in the long term.

Photo courtesy of robboudon

Funny Disney Toy Review


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