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Professional Logo Design For Small Business

Updated on March 25, 2011

Having your own logo design makes your business to stand out from your competitor.

It makes your business looks more professional, even tough you just started your business. It is a tool that projects the first impression of your business.

Therefore, the design should look attractive and professional.

That why if you have money, get professional logo designer to create your logo. They have the right idea to create a creative design for you. They have been designing lots logos for their clients and they will know the best for you.

I would recommend for you to purchase your logo. You could buy ready made or custom made logo design.

Ready made design is cheaper, the price starts from 99 USD. Just browse through their store and choose the right logo for your business. Customize the elements in the logo and you will have your logo ready within 24 hours.

However if you have extra budget, then you could have your own custom made logo for 204 USD by posting your own design contest at the site.

To post your own logo design contest are as follows.

1. Set the budget you're willing to spend for the design.

2. Post your design brief to In the design brief, you need to answer some questions how the logo should look like.

3. Designers from around the globe will work on logo and they will submit design concept to you. Rate the design and submit feedback to the designers, so that they could improvise your logo design.

4. After the end of the contest period, choose the best logo design and pay the designer. The designer will send you the completed design, plus the copyright for the design.

Having your own business logo is one of the first step in starting a small business. Good luck with your business !

Logo Design Contest


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    • profile image

      Professional logo Designers in Melbourne 7 years ago

      If you are targeting small businesses, don't price them big amount, but do a very best quality work for them. It will pay off you by word of mouth publicity that happy small business owner spread to his community. There is big long tail potentional for log designers who target small business. Just imagine, how many small businesses exist in your town and big companies, definitely, number of small businessess are 80% or more of total businesses. imagine the potential

    • profile image

      Cheap Logos 7 years ago

      great hub, thanks for sharing ;)