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Professionalism, Anywhere

Updated on June 10, 2014


Leadership is based more on soft skills rather than hard skills. Soft skills are usually intangibles, like charisma, trustworthiness and an innate ability to show people rather than tell people what you want them to do.

The question always arises, 'are leaders born or are they made?'

Moses one of the greatest leaders in human history for example lived as a prince, an exile and as a leader of a nation.

Yet to hear him speak he was not qualified to lead anyone, telling God that no one would listen to him because he was...

So even though he protested and gave reasons why his disqualifications were legitimate, God still sent him equipped with a staff and the admonition to make Aaron his brother his mouth piece.


What is it?

Where does training to be a professional start?

I believe a professional is anybody that is willing to give all they've got to do a good job. Someone who no matter what level they find themselves at, learns, works and feels their reputation is at stake.

  • As defined by the dictionary, professionalism - the competence or skill expected of a professional.

What is a professional?

  • As defined by the dictionary, noun - a person engaged or qualified in a profession.

Professionalism in my opinion does not stop when the work day is done. It is just something that someone internalizes then utilizes throughout their lives in whatever arena they find themselves in, work or pleasure.

It becomes an integral part of a person's psyche.

Even at rest they work to do things well.

God says whatever you do, do it as unto Him. Paraphased.

So that makes me inclined to do "whatever", as i can, through inspiration, experience and knowledge. God usually leads my hand.

Beyond money

A laborer is due his wages. When a person works for pay, it is not a gift.

We all work to earn money to live....

Yet there are a few of us the love to work and would be okay if we weren't really paid, at least that is what i hear from people who say they would do what they do even if they weren't paid to do it.

Sounds good but many of us don't live there.

Most of us work, and usually work at jobs that we hate.

Yet i am always recommending that we when we work unless it is something we truly love the we do it well as well.

Secrets to doing this lies in the attitude one takes...


  • reputation
  • good attitude
  • accomplishment
  • self satisfaction, of doing something well
  • adaptable


  • complainer
  • lazy
  • non adaptable
  • miserable

The lack of gratefulness is what usually makes what we do hard to take.

Taking the emotion out of it always makes doing something whether you love it or hate it easier to do good, better or best.

Take the emotion out of it!!!

Money | Source


Becoming a professional, only happens with experience and training.


  • who
  • what
  • where

Home training

  • parents
  • siblings
  • family members

Educational training

  • educators
  • internships
  • skills

Business environments

  • leaders
  • team members
  • mentors

Where do you think most of a person's professional exposure happens?

See results


  • Business
  • Community
  • Home life

Most of us learn some of the most important lessons of our lives in our homes. Right? What does that usually depend upon?

  • our parents
  • our caregivers
  • tv programs
  • computer
  • interacting outside
  • or social media

We can learn whatever we need to, when we are within a group of people interacting face to face.

Social media is great.

Yet it slows down some opportunities for emotional broadening that only being in the contact or company of others can facilitate.


Creative insights
say it & be done
Non adaptive

Breaking down the barriers

Many companies have for years now been undoing what is considered a professional environment.

Typically now it depends on what public department you may be involved in before you see men in ties, and suits, that goes for women as well.

The idea of the professional is nearly extinct except for what could be exclusively a business environment, among lawyers and special segments of the professional life.

Even then the rules are a lot more lax than even five or ten years.

Suits and ties have become an option!

Nothing wrong with that especially if it promotes productivity, but it could also cause a problem if everyone does now the limitations.

Technology companies are leading the way...


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