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Professionals We Love to Hate

Updated on September 11, 2014

The Professionals...

At one time or another many of us will encounter a professional. We might do so by choice. We also might do so because we are in need of assistance.

Over the years I've had experiences with many professionals. Most experiences were pleasant. Then again, some weren't.

I've also listened to friends about their trials and tribulations. I've heard about their fears and anxieties. Yet, they have also shared their success stories after dealing with the professionals listed below.

I'm not saying we actually dislike these professions by any means. We just dislike what they represent. But, we do need their expertise. Their professions are needed within our society.

Without these Top Ten Professions our world couldn't function as smooth as it does.

We would miss them tremendously, but in the meanwhile we just have a tendency to hate them, but in a nice way.

The professionals we love to hate
The professionals we love to hate

Top Ten Professions We Love to Hate:

10. The Mail Carrier because they deliver stacks of unwanted bills, but we appreciate all their hard work and love them when they deliver favorable parcels. They always manage to accomplish their daily tasks and allow no obstacles to get in their way. Neither heat, rain, sleet, snow or growling dogs stop the mail carrier. If only they could not deliver unwanted letters.

9. The Solicitor who rings the doorbell or telephones us pretending like they are our best friend, until you say you are not interested and their tone gets nasty! I understand they are just doing their job, but when I ask for their phone number to call them back at a time that's more convenient for me, I wish they wouldn't hang up, that's not a wise business move. I'd gladly call them back during a busy time of their day.

8. The Car Salesperson who stalks us. Hey genius, we are on the auto lot for a reason, to buy a car. There is no need to try to convince us to buy what we are already looking for. Do they really have to hound us like a dog in heat? How about some breathing room and allow us to come to them with questions. We understand that they are in sales and are hoping for a sale, but trust me when I say stalking us only pushes most customers away.

7. Most medical professionals that end with the suffix "ologist" which means: a person who studies or has knowledge of a particular kind of health issue. Why is it that an "ologist" frightens us so much? Could it be because they are specialists who specialize in areas that we prefer to keep private. Amen, we need these professionals, but it's just something about that suffix that makes everybody's anxiety level soar.

6. Retail Clerks When will they realize that customers are their paychecks? Without us they won't have the job that they detest. Talking on the phone, smacking gum or ignoring us during a transaction is not going to make you like your job any better. Your obnoxious attitude is annoying. For just one day try to smile, no matter how bad you think your life is and watch what happens. Just maybe, you actually might begin to enjoy your job. And your life. If not, then I suggest finding a job you might actually like.

5. The local news (from newscasters to the weatherman). Why don't they ever share good news with us? Why does it always have to be negative? Granted it's the news, but I would like to be able to say Awwwww instead of OMG once in a while! Also, why can't the weatherman ever get the weather correct!? In addition, please tone down the wardrobe. When did newscasters, especially in Orlando begin dressing like they are going to the club? Just stop it. Dress is success. Tone it down.

4. Auto Mechanic ... Why is it when they see us pull up in the parking lot they don't see people they see dollar signs. Why can't we just come in to their establishment for an oil change and they just do an oil change? I suggest once in a while not to mention the to-do list unless our lives are in danger such as, you found explosives hidden under a wheel well!

3. Politicians ... They always claim they want the best for us until their elected and then all of a sudden they forget all their promises. Do they truly think we are that gullible? We remember every promise and vow that you make. Heads up....don't bother to will always get caught. Consider the American people your daily reminders until your promises are put into action. Or, do something out of the ordinary and keep your word and it should be smooth sailing.

2. The Boss ... We either love them or hate them. I don't see a gray area for this profession. The commander in chief is in charge and makes the rules. As long as the boss doesn't allow their position to go to their head all should be well. We hope.

1. The Dentist ... The most dreaded professional. I feel for the dentist. The abundance of patience they must have for their patients is overwhelming. They know we dislike their profession, but not them professionally because seriously who would actually trust a dentist they dislike with the care of their pearly whites? Nobody I know.

Professionals are appreciated...

And there you have my list of the Top Ten Professionals We Love to Hate.

Feel free to add your input in the comment section below.

I'm curious to hear about other professions I didn't might have overlooked.

Disclaimer: To all above mentioned professionals, I truly appreciate all the hard work and dedication you put forth into your profession.

If I should need your assistance in the near future, I wanted to make you aware that I didn't write this article, it was written by my alter ego Sue.

Thank you for all you do. You are appreciated.

Have you ever encountered a professional who you hated?

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© 2011 Linda Bilyeu


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