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Profile of MTN Nigeria

Updated on September 4, 2011

Profile of MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria is the largest member of the MTN group, a South African company with many subsidiaries spread across the world (21 countries in Africa and the Middle East). In Nigeria, the company just marked 10 years of operations (August 2011) and has expressed appreciation to all and for good reason too. With all the billions of dollars it has made as profit over the last 10 years it’s the least they can do. The company’s vision is to be the country’s leading provider of telecommunications services while their mission is to provide 1st class network quality, customer service and value.


MTN Communications Ltd was one of 3 initial GSM companies licensed by the NCC to provide telecoms services to the Nigerian public. It commenced operations in August 2001 and has ever since been the biggest Telecoms companies and one of the largest in all of Nigeria.


Ever since coming on board the Nigerian Telecommunications market in 2001, MTN Nigeria has made appreciable impact on the lives of Nigerians particularly in the areas of;

· Investments

The company has invested billions of dollars in Telecoms Equipments and infrastructure providing sub stations, base stations and other amenities both in urban and rural areas in Nigeria. With all these investments, MTN has made socio economic life a lot easier for Nigerians.

· Careers

That way it has created thousands of jobs directly and hundreds of thousands more indirectly. MTN’s staff are among the best paid workers not only in the IT/Telecoms field but in the entire country as a whole.

Products and Services

The company has numerous products and services which it offers the Nigerian public and they include; various prepaid call plans like MTN Funlink Reloaded, MTN Bundles, MTN happy Hour, MTN Family and Friends Expanded, MTN Super Saver among others.Also the company provides services such as; Internet Browsing, International roaming (which allows Nigerian subscribers to use their lines in selected countries when not in Nigeria), Enterprise Solutions and Airtime services. But by far the most common among its services is internet browsing from which we have the MTN Blackberry Service, Data bundles, Data Usage, MTN Video Calling, MTN F@stlink, MTN GPRS, MTN Mobile internet and so on.


Perhaps among all mobile phone networks in Nigeria, MTN is the most widely spread in terms of coverage and availability.

· Number of Subscribers

With over 35 million subscribers and counting, it is clearly the preferred network of choice among Nigerians.

Contact Information

Below is the contact information of MTN Nigeria;

Head office: Fourth Floor, Golden Plaza, Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos.

MTN Nigeria’s Official Website:


It has not been smooth sailing for MTN there are many grey areas that need to be improved upon such as;

· Over congestion of network

Many consumers complain about MTN’s services especially in terms of delivery of their so called 1st class quality Telecoms services. There is the problem of over congestion wherein the network is jam packed with many cases of poor network connection and drop calls although this has improved over the years.

· High Tariffs

The company has been severely criticized for overcharging its subscribers. Till date, it remains the most expensive network in Nigeria.

· Illegal fees

MTN has been fined in the past by the National Communications Commission for illegally charging its subscribers fees it was never supposed to have charged such as migration fees for which they collected (N200) from consumers. They were ordered to refund all such monies to the subscribers.

Overall Assessment

MTN is a good company with a good management team, well run and productive. Market leader with an almost insurmountable reach, it seems the best is yet to come.


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    • profile image

      Benita 23 months ago

      ...MTN is the best but the most expensive

    • profile image

      Mayor 2 years ago

      To me what makes a good GSM network is not only cheap and affordable tarrif plans but good network reception across the country. It is for this reason that makes MTN Nigeria the best

    • profile image

      Dabo salley 5 years ago