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3 Ways for ANYONE to make Exrta Money without a JOB

Updated on October 20, 2010

#1: Selling Food and Drinks.

This is an age old way of making money that will never die. Its simple, just find a place with a lot of people and bring something to them. An easy way to do this would be just bring a cooler full of drinks or make a kool aid stand on a bike path on a hot day or bring hot chocolate in a Thermos to a hill where people are sledding. This is an easy way to make extra cash. Basically look for anywhere its not considered loitering and just sit there. Or you could even build a small trailer for a bike and stay moving selling to people as you go. Big events like football games or fireworks displays can be goldmines. Basically anything you can get for cheap or in bulk at the store is a good product to sell. Its also best to stick to popular items. For example if your selling soda, dr pepper, Pepsi and coke will most likely be the 3 best sellers. Chips would be Doritos, lays, and Cheetos will be your ideal sellers. It is best to stick to foods that you do not cook yourself. If you want to go this route you will have to get a license and that's a whole different situation. Its best to stick to candy, drinks, ice cream, chips, hostess items, etc. Basically anything in sealed packages or wrappers. I used to sell drinks on my bike when I was younger and generally I would make about 5-20$ an hour depending on the day and weather. All I would do is bike around the bike path and sit at spots where a lot of people were coming buy or sitting around. This is a great way for anyone to make money, especially young teenagers.

#2: Scrap Metal.

Scrap metal is a great way to make some extra cash. It all around you for free to top it all off. Some examples are any type of wire or cord, appliances with green circuit board in them or the most commonly recycled item, aluminum cans. How ever anything made of metal has at least some value. If you want to do it the easy way, just pile all kind of metal you have into a bin and you can sell it as iron (the cheapest metal) which is generally about 5 cents a pound. Keep in mind iron is very heavy and adds up quick. Or you can go about learning each individual metal and selling each for the max profit. Some easy ones off hand are copper brass and aluminum. These are the more valuable common metals with pure stripped copper being the most valuable. Currently going for 3.50 per pound at the local refineries in Wisconsin. Another way to locate metal once you have accumulated all the junk metal around you is craigslist. They have a free section in there any anything made of metal or is an electronic is worth picking up. Stay away from things like TVs and computer monitors though because they actually cost money to be disposed of. I just cut the electric cord off them and throw it in a bin. Trash day is also a great time to go out looking for metal. Drive around and just throw what you can in the back of your car/truck or if you don't have one, get a trailer to put on the back of your bike. Will be a great workout as well. You can even go around to the local neighbors and see if they will separate their cans and set them out separately for you. Over all, odds are scrap metal isn't going to make you rich, but it will no doubt make you extra money and can even become a full time income.

#3: Using Craigslist.

Craigslist is a must these days. From Selling things to looking for jobs, its a great resource. They even give stuff away free as I was saying above. You can accumulate stuff all year and sell it off in a garage sale. The two main things we will be looking at are selling products and services. If you know how to make any crafts or products, Craigslist is a great place to market them. There is no cost to you for listing and there is lots of traffic on this site. Things like hand made wood products or any kind of art is ideal. Any thing that you can make for cheap and sell for a lot is a great product for this site. A friend of mine just makes cat trees and scratch posts out of wood and carpet. It cost him average of 10$ for a cat tree and he generally sells them for 100$ a piece. Takes him 2 hour to make one so at that rate hes making 45$ an hour for labor. (not counting the time to post and take calls from customers. If you know a craft or can make something of quality, I recommend at least doing this in your spare time. The next thing to look at is Services. You can post ads for doing yard work or snow removal if you don't really know any trades. But if you have experience in the trades you can make far more. I used to be a painter so I have a constant ad online for painting. I have it set as 20$ an hour, just provide the paint. I have all my own ladders and supplies though. Its an easy way to find extra work. Another trick I do is post up for snow removal and lawn mowing. Then once I line up the job, I let my friends who need work do it and I keep 20% for finders fee. Its best not to do this unless you have reliable friends who you can trust to do a good job otherwise you will get a bad rep and lose future business. All in all craigslist has tons of ways to make extra money, all it takes is a little time and dedication.


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