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Profit Masters Academy The Real Truth

Updated on February 16, 2013

I'm here to give you a little more information about what is known as Profit Masters Academy. It more or less promotes affiliate programs/marketing and using dropshipping on ebay. I DO NOT recommend this particular program and I'm here to tell you why. If you are looking to make money from home stay away from this. The truth is, you can find the information you need without paying a cent to anyone. There are however some good ebooks that offer alot of good, useful information that you might not want to pass up. Just remember information is what you are paying for. Oh and one other thing that alot of people may not know is that if you see an advertisement that talks about posting links and making money(this is actually the sell on Profit Masters) it is referring to affiliate programs. A creative spin has simply been on it.

I saw an advertisement for them on a website and decided to sign up just for the heck of it. I wanted to do a review and didn't feel I could offer much of a one without seeing what they are actually about. I wasn't really expecting much but I can tell you what I got was alot less. It could be a decent program if there weren't hidden fees.

Unfortunately, when there are hidden fees I have to call it like I see it and that's not to sign up.

Let me explain: I left the site without signing up but not before I left my email address and a phone number. A short time later I got a phone call. The signup price wasn't that bad, just $37.95 plus a cost of $9.95 for their VIP program. Not bad for less than $50. Here's the problem, they didn't tell me there would be a recurring fee of $8.78(at least that's what the rep on the phone told me) a month for a website(they didn't tell me about this either). The website is actually an affiliate website where you are selling stuff.

The website advertisement from Profit Masters Academy says you are being paid for posting links.

Okay, foolish, I know but I really wanted to know what it was about rather than just posting on my blog what I think it is.

A short lookup on the web shows a number of sites calling it a scam. And I have to agree.

Here's the big kicker: Once logged in you're taken to another advertisement to sign you up for a domain and hosting which is another $238 a year or $14.95 a month.

The big selling point once logged into the website is affiliate marketing and dropshipping. In fact, the main focus is dropshipping. Dropshipping went out a long time ago. Oh sure, there are some that still rely on it and may even make money with it. But the truth is, that was overdone years ago because everybody and his brother was pushing it and selling it online to unsuspecting buyers wanting to make money on the internet. I discovered them the easy way without spending a dime and back in the day if you could find a reputable dropshipper you could make money with it. I opted to buy many of my items in bulk. Unfortunately, everybody and his brother was also pushing selling on ebay. And making resell packages out of it and selling ebooks on ebay. For the most part, from what I can see there are very few sellers pushing ebooks anymore. I'm not even sure ebay allows it now. There's alot of stuff ebay has gotten rid of over the years because the potential for abuse became so great.

Peruse the site a bit and you will see another page trying to get you to sign for the dropship VIP program and pay another $200 or $24.95 a month to get access to their dropship directory which is more than likely a collection of resources found by doing a google search. If you don't sign up for their dropship directory you won't get access to the information about posting these links. Everything is all tied in together.

They do include alot of ebooks and articles which I haven't had the time to read all of them but the ones I did look over were from 2006 and I would say most were either bought from ebay or found on the internet free. There was a time a long time ago when you could download dozens of free ebooks and could buy them from ebay for only a $1 or $2 back when sellers were just trying to build their positive feedback so they could move into selling bigger and better stuff. In some cases you could buy an ebook for only one cent. These sellers just wanted to build positive feedback and this was an excellent way of doing it. Ebay no longer allows one cent auctions(or at least the last time I was on there they didn't).

There is some good information, I won't say there isn't but the fact they don't tell you that once you sign up you have to sign up for more programs just to try and make money is a scam. It's that simple. It's lying by omission and reputable businesses don't run their businesses this way.

Oh and I almost forgot you also have to sign up for a merchant program. They have it nicely set up so you can progress from one section to another by signing up for everything they tell you to. Of course you don't have to but according to them if you want to make money you have to.

Their premise is quite simple. Sign up for their dropship program and sell the dropshippers goods on ebay which ebay doesn't allow. You must have in your possession the products you're selling. And the other is affiliate programs which you can sign up for free with places like Commission Junction, Linkshare, Amazon, Clickbank and others. And lastly spam your affiliate links to forums, message boards, link farms and classified ad sites. None of this allowed nor will it make you any money.

Overall, it isn't something I recommend. I found the link to Profit Masters on a work at home Mom site of all places which means nothing but still offering a disclaimer that they can't endorse the websites that advertise on their sites is menial at best.

This profit masters website is also linked to a couple of other websites and as I read through their information and as I get more information online I will post it.


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    • sassygrrl32 profile image

      sassygrrl32 4 years ago from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

      I will be adding a second article tomorrow on these profit master people with all or as much as I could find information as to other names they go by, etc. One site was pulled down back in 2009 by the FTC....

    • techhound profile image

      techhound 4 years ago

      Thanks for the insight.