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Profit Masters Academy

Updated on December 1, 2014

Profit Masters Academy Followup

I wrote this article a long time back but it is still relevant today. This article focuses on this particular money maker but applies to others too. While I wouldn't invest in this(I already did and didn't like it) it does have many good articles and good information which you may find helpful.

Also known as Paid To Place, Fortune Home Profit, Automatic Profit System, Home Jobs Revealed, Home Profit Masters, Profit Web System and many more......I was doing a little research online and came across another ad saying NC Mom makes $8000 a month. Only this time instead of the advertisement referring to Millionaire Angela Bussio and Profit Masters Academy, the ad had been replaced with Paid To Place by Michelle Boudreau. I visited the site and it looks pretty much like Profit Masters with a few differences.

Whether they are the same site or not I can't say. It's possible this one particular ad is being used a circulated around the internet for a variety of products but I'm going to take a wild stab and say it is the same place operating under a variety of different names.

As I stated in my article and a previous post I tried this opportunity out and it is hands down a scam. I dislike using that word to describe so called business opportunities on the internet if there is even a remote possibility that they are legitimate but in this case I can't say that because I purchased from them and have tried it out.

They lie right from the getgo. They charge $37.95 plus another $9.95 for VIP access and you then find out once logged into the site that you must pay much, much more to even start making money.

They advertise it as posting links which is really affiliate links. You don't have to pay money for affiliate programs. They are free to sign up for and you only have to wait and see if your site is accepted into the affiliate program. That's it. You then decide where to put the affiliate links usually on your website or blog.

Did a little more digging and came across another website with virtually the same details as the NC Mom only this Colorado Mom had a two year old daughter and the other Mom had a six year old daughter. It's the same old recycled article with a few changes made each time to make it look new but it isn't. It just the same old recycled garbage pushing the same system only under different names. I found another article with yet another NC woman with the same details as the first but with the name changed. Wherever you live is how the advertisement will be served. If you live in California the ad will say So and So from Fresno, California made $8000 a month, So and So from Miami, Florida made $8000 a month and so on and so forth. It's an advertorial which is an advertisement made to look like a real news story. The story is basically the same across the web with a few minor details changed such as names, locations, ages of children, etc. One is supposedly backed by Millionaire Angela Bussio, in another advertisement it is Michelle Boudreau who is a business woman, actress and model. You will see screenshots from CNN, USA Today, Fox News, ABC, CBS and other news stations. They are all fake. There are many complaints on the internet wanting to know why these people are allowed to keep operating and how they can use copyrighted logos of news networks in their fake ads. Here's a link to more information with dozens of names they go by: Job Scam Alert.

The sad part about this is the second time I saw the advertisement it was being served by Adsense under the name Working Solutions which used to be a legitimate work at home job site.

Testimonials used on Home Profit Masters are the exact same ones from a site that was shut down in 2009 by the FTC. Here is a link to more information on this scam: Home Profit Masters Scam

On top of the monies they try to suck out of you for hosting, dropship directories and VIP service is coaching. My coach was supposed to call but hasn't. After doing a little research I found out that coaches can try to haggle thousands of dollars out of unsuspecting victims. In fact, when I read a story about someone who had invested $22,000 for his coaching I was floored with shock. I couldn't believe anyone would invest that much money. I know I wouldn't. It's one thing to invest $40 or $50(and that's too much for a scam) but thousands to teach you how to make money on the internet. That is clearly a lucrative scam if the scammers can find people gullible enough to invest that much.

People out there everyday invest small amounts of money to try to make money online and it's desperate people looking for something because maybe they've lost their job or they're going to, maybe they're unable to find suitable work, maybe their disabled and want to make an income from home, maybe they just want to leave the rat race and stop being treated like gum on the bottom of the bosses shoe, whatever the reason, people look for money making opportunities when circumstances put them in a desperate situation and scammers take advantage of these situations without regard to the financial setbacks it may cause. They don't care if it deprives children of food or a much needed pair of new shoes. That makes these people scum of the earth and I really can't state harshly enough how much I detest people like this.

This site is also related to Members Learning Center. This is the site in fact you log into. It is also related to Mystayathomeincome which is where you log in if you have VIP access but in true scammer style you aren't allowed to log in instead you are taken to a page where you can sign up even though you've already signed up. They squeeze money every possible way they can from lying at the beginning and lying all the way to the end.

Do a quick google search and you will find numerous complaints and negative comments. It appears they run cookie cutter sites and that accounts for all of the related sites.

On the upside, they do have quite a few ebooks and articles in their members section. The downside: they probably bought most of them off ebay or elsewhere. I highly doubt any of it is original works and whether they have permission to distribute is anyone's guess.

My advice: Avoid these guys like the plague and remember they use many different names so beware.


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    • LindaSmith1 profile image

      LindaSmith1 3 years ago from USA

      That has been around a very long time. Still it is an ongoing scam.