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Project Engineer to PMP

Updated on October 19, 2017

You can become a PMP

Plan and Work
Plan and Work
Success is yours
Success is yours
Become on top of the World
Become on top of the World

A step forward from Project Engineer to Project Management Professional

I am writing this hub to give guidance for the aspiring Project Engineers who would like to know about or intent to take up the Project Management Professional, PMP examination. I got this inspiration from many of my friends who are asking me guidance in PMP preparation, since I cleared my PMP in first attempt.

Why a professional qualification

Though we are qualified in different disciplines of Engineering or Science but we have acquired skills of project management by experience. Hence it is always good to get qualified in Project Management concepts, which will declare that we are qualified project engineers / managers. It is also an opportunity to know, assimilate and understand international principles and practice of project management. It gives us professional guidance to manage the project constraints of Scope, Cost, Time and Quality. It also gives us an opportunity to align our practical knowledge with international practice and thus to tie up our missing links in experience to attain a professional status.

The recent revision in PDU classification by PMI increases your awareness and importance of Leadership and Strategy & Business Management skills, in addition to Technical Project Management skill.

If you need to know the other benefits of getting certified as PMP, you may also read the hubpage Benefits of Getting Certified as PMP by SidKemp.

Project Management Credential/ Certification/ Degree qualification are slowly changing from 'Good to have' status to ' Must to have' for a Project engineers/ Project Managers due to the expanding awareness and recognition of Project management profession worldwide. In PM profession, though there are a handful of credentials, many certifications and Degrees, I chose the credential option because it gives the freedom and flexible option of self preparation. Since I got introduced through my friends and due to its wide acceptance I have chosen PMP.

Yes, Now the question is, are you a project engineer / project manager?

Do you want to get noted among the project management community?

If yes and you are willing to know and prepare for PMP exam in an economical way, which I have made it and you too can do it, please read on.

About PMP Exam

PMP credential examination is conducted by the Project Management Institute of USA. PMP examination is primarily based on an American National Standard titled PMBOK (Project Management Body Of Knowledge) Guide and the current is V, published in December 2012 and became effective from 31st July 2013.

PMP exam is an objective type multi choice 4 hour examination with 200 questions. Among the 200 only 175 will be considered for the score, while remaining are seeding questions. Exam scoring will be indicated with proficieny level of Below Proficient, Moderately Proficient and Proficient in all the six domains. Six domains are the 5 Process Groups of Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Control and Close Out and the Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct. Overall Pass/ Fail is decided based on the number of questions answered and by psychometric analysis, the credential handbook says.

Questions will be of many types, which are based on ITTO (Input Tools & Techniques and Output) of PMBOK, situational PM questions, General Management concepts, Concept definitions, Numericals, Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct etc.

PMP examination is of two types, paper based examination and Computer based On-line examination. Computer based testing fee for PMI members is 405 US$, while for non-members it is 555US$. Computer based exams will be at designated Prometric centres, PMI website will direct you to that site while you schedule the exam.

For details you may refer to Project Management professional (PMP) Credential Handbook.

Eligibility for PMP

  1. For Bachelors degree holders, minimum 3 years experience, with at least 4500 hours of project management experience.
  2. For Diploma and Associate's Degree, minimum 5 years experience, with at least 7500 hours of project management experience.
  3. 35 Contact Hours of formal Project Management Education.

Path forward for PMP

The path forward indicated below is for a self study based minimum expenditure plan, which I have practiced based on guidance from various sources.

  1. Become PMI member through PMI website by online payment for 129 US$, which includes a free copy of your prime study material PMBOK.
  2. Complete the 35 hours contact class. Different PMI REP are offering 35 hours contact class with different price tags.
  3. Submit on-line PMP application, within 90 days of your application filling process start.
  4. Schedule the examination with the Prometric centre.
  5. Prepare a study plan
  6. Study the PMBOK at least twice.
  7. Use flash cards for the ITTO practice.
  8. Use formula guides for ready reference
  9. Practice questions from at least two sources.
  10. Practice full-exam, which is based on time based simulation tests.
  11. Have systematic and effective study of minimum 2 hours a day.

One of the tricks and strong foundation in my preparation and hope may be for you also is the selection of a 35 hours contact class, which is effective and will aid in your reading of PMBOK.

I did my 35 hours contact class through web-based coaching by a North American PMI chapter. But how nice it will be if it is somebody teaching the PMBOK chapter by chapter and I was lucky enough to find one such course for my second revision. It was from PM-Prepcast, which is highly economical and the current version is video based and updated to 5th Edition of PMBOK.

It is widely told that when you are scoring consistently and above 75% in your practice sessions in all the six domains, you are ready for the examination. Lot of websites, forums, etc. are availabel which will give you LL (Lessons Learned), Q & A, guidance etc.

Then what is holding you, go ahead and start preparing for the exam. You have to spend minimum to accomplish the first 3 steps of above, with an effective 35 hours contact class. No doubt, you too can succeed with confidence by disciplined self study using the economic plan.


I have given below the links of free resources and the valuable paid resource that I have utilised and suceeded. You may click on the description of each item, which has the link to take you to that site.

  1. Sign Up free at CROSSWIND to receive TIP OF THE DAY with free PMP Q & A
  2. 200 Free sample questions at CERTCHAMP
  3. 280 Free sample questions at PMPbank Google
  4. Free Simulated PMP Practice Mock Test at TECHFAQ
  5. Enroll at PMStudy for Free 200 Questions Simulated PMP/CAPM Practice Test

7. Get a free trail account for the recently launched PMP Exam simulator by clicking FREE EXAM SIMULATOR and Test yourself One week of free access to 3 exams with 90 questions. However for the full paid version, you may click the below link under PMP Exam Simulator.

If your answer is 'NO' to the above poll, please leave your questions in comments section below, I will answer them as early as possible.

Information sufficiency by this HUB

Have you got all your queries answered through this hub for your PMP preparation project ?

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    • profile image

      jenny 2 years ago

      You can check this website to pass the PMP exam

    • SMA Frankline profile image

      S M ANTONY FRANKLINE 4 years ago from CHENNAI, INDIA

      Shall check it out

    • SMA Frankline profile image

      S M ANTONY FRANKLINE 4 years ago from CHENNAI, INDIA

      Thanks for your call and already joined

    • SMA Frankline profile image

      S M ANTONY FRANKLINE 4 years ago from CHENNAI, INDIA

      Thanks for the comments, Item no. 6 of references above updated to include links to PMstudy.

    • SMA Frankline profile image

      S M ANTONY FRANKLINE 4 years ago from CHENNAI, INDIA

      Thanks Sidkemp, for citing my hubpage and refering it in yours. I have updated my hub with yours, which has statistics and quantified benefits.

    • SidKemp profile image

      Sid Kemp 4 years ago from Boca Raton, Florida (near Miami and Palm Beach)

      Thanks - this is a very useful and practical article. I have linked to it from two of mine: and I hope you will check them out and, if you like them, return the favor.

    • SMA Frankline profile image

      S M ANTONY FRANKLINE 5 years ago from CHENNAI, INDIA

      Thanks for another reference of PMP training

    • SMA Frankline profile image

      S M ANTONY FRANKLINE 5 years ago from CHENNAI, INDIA

      Item no. 6 of references above links to PMstudy.

    • SMA Frankline profile image

      S M ANTONY FRANKLINE 5 years ago from CHENNAI, INDIA

      Thanks for your call and already joined

    • SMA Frankline profile image

      S M ANTONY FRANKLINE 5 years ago from CHENNAI, INDIA

      Dear Wajidhussian,

      If you meet the eligibility criteria of minimum 3 years experience, with at least 4500 hours of project management experience, you can apply,for further details refer to the PMI credential handbook. Location is not a limitation, if time is an issue you can use online self study based courses for 35 Hrs training and of course you can take the computer based online exam in Saudi itself.

      wish you all the best

    • profile image

      wajidhussain 5 years ago

      i am an architect (degree B-Arch). and i am working at site but i have experience of project management.i want to know can i appear for PMP and how can i apply for that as iam resident of saudia.

    • profile image

      Sachita Iyer 6 years ago


      Why dont you refer your free friends to for PMP training at an economy cost. Just an suggestion but no compulsion go with the qulity.


      Sachita Iyer

    • profile image

      varinder 6 years ago


      I stumbled upon your blog and I liked it. So, I invite you to join Simplilearn Affiliate Program,

      Let me know your thoughts.



      Affiliate Manager

    • profile image

      Veerender Edusys 6 years ago

      Thanks for your article, its looks interesting and providing some valuable information.Please post some more articles and mean while please check for those who are searching for Pmp Exam , pmp certification PMP Online Classes