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Prominent Job sectors of Hyderabad

Updated on August 7, 2014

Hyderabad, the Business Hub of South India

Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, is one of the most important business hubs of Southern-Central India, as a consequence, it is termed as the Gateway to South India. Hyderabad has been a key contributor to India's GDP since its inception in 1951. Being a Global Trade Centre, it has been the World's only Diamond Market. Also known as the City of Pearls, Hyderabad serves as market for selling Pearls, Gems and Stones, Jewelry and other traditional ware.

Not only Diamond Trade is the part of its economy, IT Enterprises, Biotech, Insurance, Banking, Financial Institutions contribute to its GDP. This city also has the highest number of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) which have accelerated the number of multinational corporations setting base here. With the lowest commercial rental space in India, Hyderabad is the most favored destination for MNCs to set up development centers here.

Hyderabad Information Technology and Engineering Consultancy City referenced as HITEC City, spread across 151 acres of land is residence for some of the prominent IT Enterprises which absorb the brightest of the engineering talents from Prominent Institutes.

With a large base of IT Enterprises and other sectors, Hyderabad has been creating jobs for the skilled and the talented. The month of March 2014, has seen a 30% rise in demand for talent. Making it the most sought after job destination amongst job seekers from the IT space.
Lets talk about the most important sectors, i.e. IT, Biotech & Pharma, on which Hyderabad's economy is largely based, making them the most favored job sectors of this region.

Pharma Jobs
Pharma Jobs

Why Hyderabad is known as Cyberabad and Genome Valley of India

Due to the establishment of various SEZs, Hyderabad has thrown open its gates for MNCs to develop Research and Development facilities in this city. IT giants like Google, has a R&D facility here which is the amongst all other facilities in India. Facebook has its Indian operations based out of Hyderabad. Microsoft also has the largest R&D Campus outside US. Other MNCs such as, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Yahoo!, Dell, Texas Instruments, Motorola and Samsung have their major part of Indian operations being managed from this city. Not only MNCs but indigenous software corporations like Infosys, Cognizant, TCS, Polaris, Wipro and Mahindra Satyam operate out of Hyderabad.
With the presence of the big-players from the IT industry. The IT sector has witnessed a growth of 6% in terms of hiring. 1300, is the total number of IT enterprises or IteS based in and around Hyderabad which speaks for the 6% growth in hiring.

Genome Valley is high-technology business district spread across 600 sq. km. The Valley has developed as a cluster for Bio-medical research, training and manufacturing.

The Southern-Central location of this city is one the main factors for being a major commercial hub in India. With the establishment of Indian Drugs And Pharmaceuticals Limited (IDPL), which proved to be the foundation of Pharma Industry in Hyderabad.

Pharma Industry is projected to be driving growth. Going by the numbers, FDI in Pharma Sector between April-October, 2013 jumped by 86.5% to 41.08 Billion as compared to $580 million during April to October, 2012. Also the FDI during the first quarter of this fiscal year was $5.9 billion, which is twice the amount in the same quarter of last year. The numbers reflect the confidence of global investors in the city's long term growth story. Now the government is aiming at bringing in $30 billion FDI inflow in this fiscal year. Pharma key players like Dr. Reddy's, GSK, Ranbaxy ,Novartis, PAREXEL, United Health Group, Bayer, Thomson, Inventiv Health Clinical, Ocimum Bio Solutions, Covidien have their R&D Centres based in Hyderabad and are in phases of expanding their business in Hyderabad.
So with the increase in FDI, the city of Hyderabad will encounter an upward rise in demand for skilled pharma professionals.

Various World class facilities, only found in Hyderabad are great mediums for professionals in this industry to learn some new methodologies, which would ensure growth in future.
Not only Pharmaceuticals are manufactured here, but major emphasis is laid on Research and Development, which has led to the establishment of various world class research facilities. Professionals from Research oriented roles can make a significant growth in their forte as the opportunities here are endless and demanding.

IT Jobs in Hyderabad
IT Jobs in Hyderabad

Hiring to Speed Up in Hyderabad after General Elections

The third month of the year 2014 has seen a growth in hiring as compared to January and February as during these two months hiring processes were stalled due to the elections. By the time the results will be announced, analysts have projected a growth in the number of opportunities which will accelerate the stalled hiring process all across the country.

As with the formation of new government, India's economy is projected achieve significant growth as compared to the last few months. Growth in economy, will lead to generation of new jobs in Hyderabad, thus inducing the demand for skilled IT and Pharma professionals in this region and across other parts of the country.

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For the Urban Worker

Hyderabad has emerged as a Global Destination for professionals. Hyderabad is in the constant process of uplifting its infrastructure and transport system, 72 kilometers of metro network which will be thrown open for public access during the month of June 2014 will ease the pangs of commuting daily to work.

Hyderabad has every amenity which other metro's have making it the most favored destination by the Urban Worker. Being a center of importance for IT, various clubs, restaurants, multiplexes have spread their roots in every nook and corner of this city. Fast paced corporate environment, Safe civic environment, world class facilities are also some of the reasons which attracts the Urban Worker. Higher standards of Living is a reward for those who earn a living here.

Working for some IT enterprise or a Pharma Co. can prove to be your window to the world. Due to the presence of Multinationals, new opportunities for the deserving keep coming in and turn out to be life changing ones. Jobs in Hyderabad are promising and rewarding for those who work on their dreams and aspirations whole heartedly. Hyderabad is the place where you can learn and grow cause of the exposure it has, and with a large base of employers encouraging research can lead you to rewarding success.

Hyderabad, IT City
Hyderabad, IT City

Job Search in Hyderabad

Looking for Jobs in Hyderabad is no Herculean task as most of the IT enterprises and Pharma companies are always on a look out. Professionals looking for a job change can log onto job portals like Career Builder, which caters to a vast array of IT companies. Not just IT companies openings in Pharma sector which are rewarding for a snowballing growth in your Career, helps in keeping up with the latest trends in technology, adapting to new Business practices and future job prospects.

More IT jobs to come up with opening of new HTC office


More IT jobs as HTC Global Services opens 3rd city office

HTC Global services, which is a prominenet IT and IteS services provider has set up a development center in Chennai to support its data analytics and ERP businesses. The privately held organization is aiming at increase its workforce headcount by 10,000 out of which 8,000 would be based in India; at its Chennai and Hyderabad facility. Those with experience in business intelligence, analytics and ERP, will be in the middle of the demand as the company is bagging orders requiring skilled work force to undertake these tasks.


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