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Promising Surveys to make some cash

Updated on February 5, 2017

Needing to make quick cash?


We are live in various situations. Life sometimes will put us in a rock and hard place. Often it is tempting when we are desperate for some cash, and our credit is shot to fall for the quick cash promises. It is easy to find all these sites promising easy, and quick cash anytime you get online.Some are legit, but make sure you always read fine print. Surveys for some has been profitable, however few really make money doing them.Top cooperation will often use the tool of free surveys, and often are willing to pay a few bucks. The key is to dig, research, and read. Also have realistic expectations. Surveys will not get you rich, no matter they say.

Doing surveys can be a pain. I have tried many, and find I did not qualify and what is more I was impressed it was the survey, but was a test which took my time for nothing. Needless to say I was not happy. Others I have done, you keep doing long surveys to find out you need to purchase something for you to actually , and possibly to be credited. The sad thing is, often you will have to work, do many,many surveys to even begin to get credit, and most times you will find you will need any where from 100 credits to 500, or more credits before you get cash, or gifts. The surveys themselves can be 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Some I have heard s an hour. It is sad you will not know how long till you sign up, go through their process. The con too is, after signing up, your mailbox is flooded, not just surveys but advertisements. Another con is, click a link,sometimes it takes you to a rigged site , contaminated by viruses. There are few pluses if you do research, and you have time, with patience. Be realistic on your profit goals. Great if your retired,semi retired, or stay at home mom.

Honestly the only way to really make money is work, hard work over time. Budget yourself, and be responsible.


Profit from blogging. Honestly some actually do. Key is being interesting, somewhat of a decent writer, and having a audience. Again caution on places offering you opportunity to cash in on blogging, or your reviews.Many or schemes, some legit, but a little shady.

Making money with your blog.

This is not easy, and no not everyone will, nor can. It requires creativity, resourcefulness, good communication skills, and a relationship with your audience. This all takes time.

Tips before trying to blog for money.

1 Have a theme you wish to blog on that you know well.

2 Have topics that are interesting.

3. Have or develop connections online. You need an audience.

4. Be willing to put in time

5. Be patient

6. Make sure it is your work, and credit, and have permission when using anothers.

7. Have branches of income. Be an affiliated, promote a eBook, or other projects,Arts, and crafts, use them to sell.

Here is a list of legitimate work at home jobs with the BBB

Types of Surveys

1. Face to face surveys

2. Individual or Group

3. Online, internet

4. Political

5 Religious

6 Marketing

7 Public opinion

8 Phone

There are others as well. Each has their purpose. The face to face is often more costly believe it or not, and hence more surveys are advertised online , or through the phone.

Legitimate survey sites from the BBB

One good way to insure a site is legit, is through the BBB. This list comes from the BBB as legit. This is a few which have been accredited.

  • Toluna
  • Global Test Market
  • Harris Poll Online
  • e-poll


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