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Promoting Products

Updated on June 7, 2011

One of the things I'm learning from reading articles online and talking to people is promoting products when it comes to affiliate sites. Certainly you can promote the affiliate signup form and you should promote that too but relying on other people to sell the products for you and earn you money is basically a waste of time because many people don't bother. They become distracted or discouraged early on or they really weren't that interested in the first place. Many people will sign up for a site just to see what it's about and then decide they don't have time for it or don't want to be bothered and leave never to be heard from again. Unfortunately, many people will get to websites and decide it looks like too much work for them and leave for that reason. There are people out there always scouting the internet for that next big thing, the one that's going to make them rich and it just doesn't work that way. You don't sign up for a site and make five figures the next month. It's unrealistic. There are sites out there that tout you can make that kind of money but you can't. They only say that so more people will sign up and pay for whatever program, ebook, etc. they are selling. This is designed to line their pockets not help someone who really needs to build an online income due to varying reasons.

And there are alot of reasons. People are getting laid off every day and those lucky enough to find a job often have to take one for much lower pay than they can realistically afford yet need the money so have to make many sacrifices often sacrificing their needs. They are often forced to get two jobs leaving their children to fend for themselves. Often both parents have to work grueling jobs that underpay. Overworked and underpaid is a motto that exists in many american households and all over the world today. Inflation is going up yet pay is not rising to meet the demands.

This leaves alot of people looking to make an extra income that will be a little easier than their current jobs.

I'll be the first to point out that working from home, from your computer is not easy work, it can be time consuming and seem as if you are not getting anywhere. It takes alot of work to build an online income. It can years to have an income that will afford you to quit your job but when you can it's really nice.

Personally, I recommend trying to build several income streams. It can be difficult to do this while still working for your current boss and believe me you don't want him/her to get wind of your newfound freedom because if you do he/she will quickly start looking for your replacement. Why? You ask. The reason is simple. He/she doesn't want people who will aspire to a higher cause/higher class of living. He wants someone who is content to be underpaid, overworked and often treated unfairly. This is a sad predicament but there are alot of people out there workign for bosses who don't even treat them nicely or fairly because they think they can get away with it and they are getting away with it because people can't afford to give up a job that actually pays them. And they know how easy can be to go to another boss who will be just as bad if not worse. This is the cold hard truth when it comes to american business. Businesses push their managers to push the employees harder and harder to make more money and line their already filled, greedy pockets.

Which brings me back to me original concept. To make it you must stay with it for several years before you see an actual profit. Hopefully, you will see income after only a few months but it won't be alot. It will only be enough to maybe pay a utility bill or two but look at it this way, something is better than nothing and if you stay with it eventually you can make a sizable income from whatever venture you choose.

My recommendation is to find things you can start with for free and work on a shoestring budget. It is not advantageous to spend alot of money starting out especially if you don't have alot to spend.


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    • Dexter Yarbrough profile image

      Dexter Yarbrough 

      7 years ago from United States

      Great information. You provided me with a lot to think about when it comes to making money online and patience. Thank you!


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