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Promotional Jobs - How to Get Beverage Promotional Jobs

Updated on April 3, 2012

Bacardi Promotional Bus

Promotional models love promoting popular beverage brands. The benefits of promoting major brands such as Miller Lite, Red Bull are too much to mention.

The world of the promo girl is small but adventurous. The promotional model gets all the attention she needs and is able to seduce like no other.

Her confidence is glaring because she is able to grab the attention of every person she meets during the promotion.

Just watch the below video and see how much fun Miller Lite and Bacardi Girls get to have.

Miller LIte Girls and Bacardi Girls Getting Paid To Party

Do you like to travel and have fun meeting new people?

My intent is to help you enjoy promotional modeling as do all the girls that I have had the privilege to work with. After spending over 10 years working with female models and having seven sisters being the only boy, I can honestly say that promotional work is amazing.

I share with you some of the many stories that my girls and I have been through. I will take you on a journey and show you what promotional modeling is all about . The good, The Bad and The Ugly.

It's actually hilarious because I have seen models cry, fall asleep during promotions and I share all the good times that we have had.

I would love to hire everyone that applies so they can experience the joys of being a promotional model.

I am the baby boy in the family with seven sisters and I wish that some of my sisters had the opportunity to do what some of my promotional models get to do.

They get to go to cool parties, travel to special events, go on photo shoots for major beverage brands. Most of my promotional girls have been on TV, graced the cover of some men magazines and also some alcohol posters that you see in the store or bar.

The reality is thousands of girls will apply for a chance to become a promotional model and only a few will be blessed to have a fun job and to most a career.

Bacardi Pool Party

Promotional modeling can take you further in your modeling career than what some would have you believe. You get to meet some really good contacts while you are working and you get to work on your seductive skills.

You will gain so much confidence as a promotional model that when it is time to do anything else, you will ace it because you will have the social and seductive skills to do anything you want.

It is easy for me to say this because over 10 years of working with promotional models, I have seen some of my girls really do some big things. When I first hired some girls they were not as outgoing as they tried to lead me to believe so that I would hire them..

The true test was when they had to work a promotion all by themselves. If you have never worked a bar promotion by yourself, you will never know how hard it is to go up to complete strangers that have been drinking and start a conversation. After you have done this for a few times, I guarantee that your social life will become a breeze.

I talk a lot about seduction because I have studied the art of seduction for many years and contribute the gift of seduction to my accomplishments. I would have never achieved as much as I have if it was not for my ability to seduce people. I call seduction the ultimate form of persuasion.

I realized that the girls that would get most of all the hours from me were also experts in seduction. I asked a couple of my girls if they have read any books or where they just naturally good. They had me so wrapped around their finger that I did not realize that they were using the techniques that I have learned for many years on myself. The reason is they were so pleasurable to be around that I could not wait to work with them.

When I worked for team enterprise we were required to be at the promotions with the girls to monitor them and the promotion. If I had to be at all the promotions, I made sure it was going to be with the girls I loved being around.

Then I realized that there were always the same faces always making all the money. I had hired so many girls that the 80-20 rule had applied. 20 percent of the girls would get all the hours while the other 80 percent where just backup. Those girls lost a lot of money because they were not that fun to be around. They need some help in the area of seduction. Yes, they were beautiful but that means nothing if you are not fun to be around. I made it a point as a hiring manager to only hire girls that I wanted to be around no matter how beautiful they were because I was selfish and I wanted to have fun also.

I share all this with you because this is the reality of promotional modeling. You are going to get hired by a company that has a hiring manager that will oversee you and if they do not like being around you as much as some other girls then sorry you are not going to get that much work unless the other girls are sick or not available.

So.. If you want to get more hours, then become more seductive and really be that girl that everyone wants to be around. I guarantee you that a pretty face will only get you hired but it will not get your hours.

I completed a book that started as a training manual and my girls helped my complete it with tips and strategies on how to get more hours.

Click Here to Become a Beverage Promotional Model

Miller Lite Girls With Tanya From the Real World


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    • profile image

      francesca vargas 

      7 years ago

      i will like to know how can apply to become a promo girl.



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