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Promotional Marketing Products

Updated on July 17, 2021
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Uday loves to blog and write on search engine optimization and Internet marketing. He writes on marketing tools and strategy,.

The World of Promotional Marketing

As evident from the title, promotional marketing requires products with imprints for advertisement. The ad campaigns revolve around creating and marketing interesting products that have tremendous utility and appeal.

Mostly the items are of every day use and common in most part of the World. The impetus lies in developing new tools of advertising using emerging technologies. This appeals to the audience because of being novel and unique. The latest and the unique always attract the customers a trend that is ongoing since centuries.

But greater economy is achieved whence traditional designs, prints and models are used for ad campaigns.

The product line could be pen, pencils, ashtrays, bags, balls, T shirts, ads on bottles, hats, car accessories, torch, key tags, tapes, backpacks, duffels, totes, mugs and coasters, clocks and watches. The list is endless.

Video Speciality Products

Promo Products

Products for Ad campaign
Products for Ad campaign | Source

Custom Imprinting

Promotional products do not carry any message without printing. Without messages there is no reckoning of all that has to be promoted. Some, manufacturers, dealers and suppliers are happy with their logo or picture of the product on the promotional items.

Not only corporate but the ad materials are required for personal purpose. Hence the distribution varies depending upon the promoters.

Some advertisement campaigns are highly personalized which require printing of logos, messages and images. Special items is were custom imprinting steps in. The companies manufacturing the items as per the customers specification need a large resource of skilled manpower with years of experience in marketing. This then is called custom imprinting in the marketing jargon.

Video on Selling Promotional Products

Marketing Promo Products

While promotional products are used a marketing tools. The tools themselves require a planned and highly targeted marketing push. The items could be up for sales, used as gifts souvenirs.

The ad campaigns may not use bulk products as they are seasonal or highly time bound. This type of marketing is a highly professionalized niche and not just small business.

Hence apart from top notch customer service the pricing too be minimal since the orders may be large.

The focus of the strategy used should be repeated exposure to brand, instant recall, visual appeal that creates a lasting impression and last but not the least economy. The branded advertising products should be capable of achieving success in marketing and thus meet the customer's objective.

Not to be confused this industry does not relate to traditional advertising agencies. But it does cater to product demonstration for special products that have been newly introduced

Cultural Impact

While shaping promotional campaigns using products for advertisement it is important to know the cultural profile of the people of that country. There may be diverse ethnicity prevalent in the area of operation.

Hence locals play a major role in understanding that market. Some promotional products may be universal with wide ranging appeal in diverse localities. But this does not apply to all preferences hence designing products should be based on cultural and religious preferences.

People all over the World have strong likes and dislikes due to religious and cultural bias. the team involved in promotional marketing campaign should be well versed in these matters.

Many societies may have apathy to certain beverages, foods, symbols, colors and many other aspects of design. These have to be looked into and altered using what citizens like most.

Printed Shirts

Ad printed shirts
Ad printed shirts | Source


Creating promotional items requires creativity ideas, innovation and technology. The use of technology could make or break a products appeal. There can be used a simple traditional non technical products but not always.

The advertising product industry is an ever evolving industry. As seen the earlier use of printing technology was simple use of natural colors on simple objects to drive home the message. Screen printing is still being used in many parts of the World. This method provides cheap solutions without sacrificing the design. The old technology cannot deliver products in bulk in short time as it is done manually and consume time.

With the advent of computers and printers desk top printing came into vogue. This was economical and suitable for small orders like the screen printing. With the advent of ink jet and laser printers a paradigm shift has taken place especially in favor of small businesses.

In the contemporary times the technology has become highly advanced and given rise to tremendous innovation and creativity. The printing capability has advanced to multiple platforms and mediums. It is now possible to print on products manufactured using varied materials like, ceramic, plastic, metal and what not.

Printed Bags

Bags for promotion
Bags for promotion | Source


With the reduction in costs due to mass production even small business are capable of using this tool all over the World.

In USA the market attains revenue of 21 billion dollars with annual growth of more than three percent. The rise in corporate profit margin post recession has delivered a big boost.

The demand for promotional products has been ever present in the contemporary business era. The sharp rise in consumerism has lead to a revolution in adverting industry and hence demand for promotional products has risen consequently.


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