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Promotional Pens: How To Make Sure They Spread Goodwill For Your Business

Updated on November 17, 2015

Something as simple as a promotional pen may not seem very interesting, important or exciting, but handing out promotional pens can reflect well on your business -- if they’re nice items that send a positive message about your company.

Cheap promotional pens send a negative message, and you’d be better off not giving away anything at all.

Good promotional products generate buzz by making clients and customers curious about the business that gave them away. Bad ones make them wonder why you bothered.

High quality writing instruments with clear, easy-to-read messages provided by reputable vendors send the best message about your company.

These are five things you can do to make sure the promotional pen you choose is reflecting well on your company.

1. Make the promotional item consistent with your company’s message.

If your company’s logo is navy blue and white, don’t hand out lime green pens. But if your company has bright, multi-color promotional materials, don’t give away free pens that are boring; instead, go for something that’s as bright and unusual as your company.

While a company with a fun-loving image might not offer engraved pen and pencil sets to its customers, a respected accounting firm just might.

2. Strive to offer something slightly better than your competitors are.

You probably have a chance to see what kinds of logo-printed writing instruments your competitors are giving away at trade shows and other events, so always try to offer something a little better.

Better pens with extra, added features could make your company appear more willing to go the extra mile.

3. Choose writing instruments that you already know will last a long time.

Have a promotional pen from someone else on your desk that seems to be lasting forever? Look for the manufacturer’s or seller’s mark on it and buy some for your own business to give away. You might also check with companies with which you work to see who supplies their promotional items.

You need pens that will last a long time in storage, and the longer your pen lasts for a client, the longer your imprinted message lasts, too. Also remember that rollerball pens may not last as long as ballpoints.

4. Go with pens with highly visible messages.

While bigger may sometimes be better, tasteful is even better still. High quality writing instruments with highly visible messages work best. Go for high contrast imprinting, but don’t go over the top.

Gaudy messages may portray your company as overly aggressive, and you don’t want that. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be paying for a message that no can see.

5. Go with a reputable vendor.

Do your homework on the company that wants to sell you promotional items. You need them to stay in business long enough to fulfill your first order with quality products, and you need them to be there for reorders if your item is popular, too.

Simply put, carefully choose your promotional pens to help assure they’re reflecting well on your company.

A good image for your company, in turn, puts you ahead of your struggling competition. And that’s exactly where you want to be.


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