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Network Marketing Proof of income with GDI

Updated on March 17, 2010

GDI Proof Of Income


Watch the Video, get the proof!!


Hi, I just wanted to tell you a little more about GDI and the leaderboards. The leaderboards are constantly being updated and show what the top earners are being paid for the week. GDI is a very fast growing company and because of that growth the time to get into this business is now. More and more people now know about GDI and if you want to make money online I really can't suggest anything better than doing it with this company. They pay you $100 for each 5 people you refer into the program, plus on top of that you get paid commissions on every single person in your downline every single month. That downline is 5 levels deep. That means that if everyone in your downline including you invited and signed up just 5 people each you would have a downline of 3125. On that downline you would receive a monthly payment of $3125. Not bad is it? Don't forget that on top of that $3125 you also have the opportunity to go into the bonus round and get paid $100 for each 5 people you refer into the system. There are people on there earning over $1,000 on that every week as well, some are even making $2,000 p/week. That is over $10,000 p/month in payments they are receiving. Is it hard? It is not a matter of being hard it is a matter of knowing how to market such a business. A lot of people have their own strategies to how they get people involved. I personally like to use free advertising, sometimes I may use a little of Google Adwords but generally I use free advertising. I have spoken about how I market GDI on my website and also on here in my other blogs. This is a company that will definately be around for a long time to come. So how much does it cost? Well the cost is $10 p/month which includes a domain name, hosting, a page builder and the best part an opportunity to earn money. It does come with a 7 day trial as well so if you want to try it and don't really know if this program is for you, then you can do so. Personally I think it would be crazy to pass up such an opportunity especially given that if you don't like it you can cancel within 7 days. Most people will find though that they love the program so much and once they see the money they are earning there is no way they would quit. I know I never will. If you want to know more about this program I strongly suggest you visiting . There is more information there as well as the proof of what people are earning and also a video explaining the whole system. In my next hub I will talk about how I refer people through free advertising, and I don't even have to go looking for people. Most of them come to me!



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    • profile image

      Robert 9 years ago

      Hi Shirley,

      If you have a local Walgreens or CVS in your area they may have a Pre-paid debit card that you can purchase. You can also check with your local WalMart. Just load the card with any amount at either location and you are good to go!

      Hope that helps!


    • benk1983 profile image

      benk1983 9 years ago from sydney

      Hi Shirley,

      GDI has a monthly fee so someone would constantly have to be relying on you to keep up with the $10 per month payments on their credit card. I am just wondering if you could set up a Debit Card with your local bank for GDI. Basically you would have to have the funds in your account to cover it but it would act as a credit card so that GDI could take out their monthly fee of $10.

      Also have you looked into Spiderweb Marketing ? This is a system that helps you market GDI ( Global Domains International ) as well as various other online systems such as Direct Matches and Zenzuu, Commission Junction. Highly recommend looking into this. Lets see what we can do anyway on the Credit card situation and go from there. I think a Debit card may be your answer though.

    • profile image

      shirley 9 years ago

      if someone would help me get started, pls email me at

    • profile image

      shirley 9 years ago

      hi there , I really want to join GDI but I have no credit card. GDI declined my western uinon payment. I was told by GDI that they allow the use of the credit card of a friend though. Hope someone can help me on this. Ive been wanting to join GDI for 3 weeks now.