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Propel Yourself Towards Your Goal By Decluttering Your Home And Workplace

Updated on May 13, 2015

There are many people who have accumulated a lot of clutter at their home or workplace because they find it difficult to get rid of a number of items. According to them, the items are important as well as useless. They are not able to decide which items they have to keep and which ones they have to throw away.

If you belong to this group also, you must realize that these items are not just taking up the space in the place you live or your workplace but they are turning out to be emotional baggage as well. You must therefore be ruthless and purge your home or workplace of these items. By doing so, you will not only be saving space but will getting rid of the mental clutter that has been impeding your productivity and has been robbing your happiness.

By decluttering your desk, home or workplace, you will relieve yourself from the baggage you have been carrying from your past life including your previous careers, unfinished businesses and even relationships.

Psychologists say that there can be many reasons why we do not get rid of items. In fact, we keep more number of things than what we need. These items may not in any way help us nor do they inspire us. On the other hand, they remain symbols of shame that may remind us of the mistakes we committed in the past.

Another reason you may be holding on to items may be hope. You may be hoping to achieve your aim of losing weight, hoping to finish reading the book you left half-way or hoping to complete the project you abandoned long ago. The unfortunate fact is that the items you are not able to get rid of remain as symbols not of hope but of failure. If you do not throw them away, these symbols will start controlling your life.

There are a few others who may keep such items by rationalizing that they may need them some day. If you keep on rationalizing like this, you will accumulate so many items that you may not be able to ignore them. At one stage, things will turn out to be so messy that you will find it difficult to lead a well-organized life. Your productivity will come down drastically also.

You can adopt the following ways to surmount this problem.

Start the task with a focus

You must begin the task with a focus but at the same time, you must keep the process simple. Adopt the simple logic of keeping only those items that may bring about some positive change in your life. Do not try to get rid of all the items in one go. Set achievable goals so you do not get discouraged at any point of time.

Ask honest questions

You must ask honest questions for which you must have honest answers. You must ask yourself if you really need a particular item, love the item or if the item can fulfill a need. Another question is if the item has some significance or the other. If your honest answers to these questions are in the negative, you must not hesitate to get rid of them.

Your goals and priorities should guide you

When you start throwing away unwanted items in the process of decluttering your home or workplace with the intention of keeping your things in an organized fashion, you must pause for a moment and think about your goals. For example, if your goal is to pursue your studies and finish the course you have left half-way, you must keep the books and related materials in an easily accessible place. This means you must also prioritize while you are on the task of keeping things in an organized manner.

Keep a journal

Another important point to remember is not to get distracted from your goal of decluttering your home or workplace. If you keep a journal of to-do things, you can easily monitor your progress. This will help you modify or speed up your actions.


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