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Advantages of getting employed with Micro Small & Medium Enterprises in India

Updated on May 18, 2015

Advantages of getting employed with Micro Small & Medium Enterprises in India

Micro small and medium enterprises are backbone of the Indian economy, according to some report of Ministry for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) there are around 50 million MSMEs in India and they provide employment to around 120 million people. Working with small and medium enterprises will give immense opportunities to learners who have just passed out college and are in search of employment. When someone having a simple graduation degree wants to get employed, small and medium enterprises in India are the biggest job providers for such sort of job seekers. When a fresh college graduate with no prior experience of industry goes around searching job it takes a lot of hard work to get one such. Working with small and medium enterprise can give chances to learn many things together that a fresher can’t imagine to learn in the MNCs ever.

Being small these MSMEs have lesser no of employees with larger responsibilities on them. For instance a person who is looking after purchases may have been assigned to look after sales as well. Some account manager may have responsibilities for all departments put together. You may come across to see an operation head looking after all departments including accounting activities as well. People working in small organizations take pride in their roles or responsibilities assigned to them by the business owners. Their salary levels may be lower but they still work happily in hope of better future. In private sector experience counts a lot so they prefer on earning experiences rather than thinking on their present perks and remunerations. This experience happen their sole investment which may give them better returns when they will change job after working 4 to 5 years with an enterprise. This amount of experience and hard work will give them negotiating power while switching off the job next.

Working for many years with these small businesses an employee becomes familiar with all legal compliances, way of running the business, day to day handling of all sort of issues, relations with other people in the market etc. in other words employee gets trained in running the business. Now if little financial support is available he or she can go to start its own venture. I strongly feel if some employee who wants to start his own venture must learn the best from none other than but his business owner itself. It’s a simple concept, it’s always better to learn from others mistakes rather than to one that you commit first and then learn from it. So if you are working with small business and eager to begin your own, learn closely from the business owner. Take lessons from success or failures of your current owner.

While working with small business organization you need to understand the financial concept first, closely understand how the day to day finances are being arranged. If you acquire knowledge in banking system, quality management system and marketing it won’t be difficult for you to plan your own start-up. While working with MSMEs it’s not a big deal to get expertise in all these three fields for someone who dreams for his own start-up. For knowing these all business aspects it’s not necessary for someone to be in a specific position in MSMEs sector. But any employee who has been working for years in this sector can get to know these facts provided he or she possesses the entrepreneurial spirit.

While working with MSMEs you must have good relations with other employees and customers. Make trustworthy relations with the fellow employees so that in future they can support when you need them. During your job if you have earned credibility and excellent relations with your suppliers and customers it will surely pay you well when you start your own venture. Always maintain good relation with your owner as well. So that in case you go astray after leaving job you must have the comeback option available with you all the time. So if you want to be an entrepreneur then working experience with MSMEs sector will give an edge to you to succeed. Remember either working with some business organization or running your business, meticulous planning and strategy is what that matters the most to get success in life. So always, plan well!


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