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Proven Email Marketing Suggestions for The Newbie Marketer

Updated on June 21, 2010

Proven Email Marketing Suggestions for The Newbie Marketer

There are only a few forms of online marketing that are still going strong and still work well, and email marketing is one of them. You can start building an email list today and become profitable, and it still works amid the sea of so many newer forms and techniques of internet marketing. If you have properly cultivated your list, you can see tremendous returns from your email campaigns. Ok, so next we'll cover several email list marketing strategies that can help you with your campaigns.

As surprising as this may sound, there still are quite a few list marketers who offer no way to unsubscribe from their lists.

While there's no reason to accurately know why that is so, but who knows - maybe they are concerned about people unsubscribing from their lists. One glaring thought is that if your emails are providing good content, then few people will want to unsubscribe. What they may not realize, also, is that an unsub link has to be included in each email - at least that's the way it is in the US. This link should directly take the recipient to the page where they can be easily removed from your list. Some marketers tend to think that only offering the double optin option will filter out the people who are not serious about subscribing. It's also essential to get people to click on the links in your emails, or our click through rate. Many marketing emails today are so full of banners, text and graphics that it's hard for the reader to focus on your links. This, of course, will reduce the number of click throughs and therefore sales. If you want people to readily identify your links, research indicates that rather than using banners you should make the link underlined, bold and blue. So if you want to include links in your email, you have to try to keep them blue and underlined. If you want people to click on your links and visit your site, they have to be able to easily recognize your links.

Every email that you send out should have a strong call to action. What you'll be doing is actually telling your subscribers to do something. If your email contains promo links, then tell them to click on it now. Don't hesitate in being repetitive with your call to action. But of course you never want to anger or annoy readers, so keep it to two or three times at the most. Your emails will have a lower conversions if you do not include any instructions. You do not ever want to make the assumption that people will figure stuff out on their very own. It's a direct marketing rule to give them clear benefits and then clear calls to action.

Overall, email marketing can be seen as the easiest way to market your products/services. But if you just jump into it, then you'll learn the hard way - which can be painful but it's a great teacher. You need to learn more, but you certainly should retain what you've learned in this article. And use an autoresponders to boost your productivity.


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