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Providing Business Services as a Home Business Idea

Updated on March 24, 2013

The Beginning

Here's an interesting factoid for you – over half of all U.S. businesses started out in their owner's home. Well known examples of this are Apple (of course), but they share this distinction with other names that you might not expect. Names like Mary Kay Cosmetics and Ford to name just two. The computer revolution and explosion of the Internet makes it easy for just about anyone to find work from home.

When I started out working at home the computer was just beginning to revolutionize working from home. A stay-at-home Mom who wanted to make some money to supplement Dad's income had few options. Many opted to open their house and provide child-care services since they already had children running around under foot all day. Avon and handmade crafts were also acceptable jobs for Mom's who needed some extra cash. Since I had started my work career as a better than average typist starting a typing service from home seemed like a logical step while I was pregnant with my fourth child. Things progressed from there and now that baby-to-be is nearly 23 and I'm still working from home transcribing audio files for business clients from Australia to the United Kingdom and all points in between in North America.

Resumes And Much More

Secretarial services like transcription (putting on paper what is heard in an audio file) have been around for as long as people have been using typewriters. Medical and legal transcription are naturals for home-based workers and require very little seed money to get started. Other business services that involve typing are resume writing, over-flow word processing and so on. The growth of the Internet has even led to the creation of a whole new job description for talented secretaries who prefer to work from home. All you need to start a thriving business as a Virtual Assistant is a high-speed Internet connection, a fast computer and the skills to keep your employer's day running smoothly, no matter which time zone either of you are in.

Bookkeeping and accounting services are two closely related jobs that have long been identified with business services that are very often provided from home. The Internet has made it possible for other types of services that businesses commonly use to work from home as well. If you've got a skill in photography or graphic design there are businesses out there who can use your services, as well as your expertize in web design and creating blogs.

Virtually any service a business needs can easily be provided by a either a stay-at-home worker or someone who is running their business out of their home. The term telecommuting doesn't get used very much any more, but you might be more familiar with “The Cloud”. The Internet has made it easier for business and their employees, both temporary and long term, to bring projects large or small to completion without ever leaving the comfort of their respective home offices home office.

As I mentioned earlier I now make a goodly portion of my living working on-line as a transcriptionist. My jobs have been many and varied but now, just two years after discovering the brave new world of freelance workers I have built a strong enough profile to pick and choose my jobs. I've discovered that I like working with authors the best, whether putting their notes into a Word document for them or transcribing an interview so that they can refer back to what exactly was said as they search for just the right words.

Consulting Services Are Tailor Made for Home Offices

Today many experts are providing their services to businesses as temporary consultants on large projects. If you have a particular area of expertise, consulting is business that seems tailor made for a home-based business. Gone are the days when businesses hired a consultant and then brought that consultant into the office and provided a secretary for them. Consultants are just as likely to only come to a physical office when no other mechanism for getting the work done is possible. Skype and Instant Messaging are just two ways that a consultant can work from the comfort of their home and be completely on top of what is happening on a project halfway around the world from them.

Think Outside The Box

Some business services that may not immediately come to mind when you're considering starting a new home-based business are computer repair, cleaning services and carpet cleaning or a concierge service. Busy business people sometimes have difficulty finding time to get out for lunch, so a service that will pick up or drop off dry-cleaning, shop for groceries and drop them off a work for them or even bring them a delicious meal to take home to the family at the end of the day is a natural one for a home-based business person to offer.

In other words, just about any business service that you can think of is being offered on-line and many of those businesses are being run out of a home office. One of the freelance employment boards that I find interesting jobs on a lot has the following job categories listed in their Business Services category. The number in brackets after each category show how many jobs are currently open in that category.

Accounting (139), Bookkeeping (81), HR/Payroll (27), Financial Services & Planning (93), Payment Processing (13); Legal (166); Project Management (138); Business Consulting (140); Recruiting (99); Statistical Analysis (89); Other – Business services (462)

Intrigued? The above categories and numbers are just the Business Services jobs. Under Administrative Support jobs (including transcription and other jobs) there are a total of just over 2,500 jobs currently available. If you're thinking about starting a home business offering business services there are lots of jobs ready and waiting for the right person.


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