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Public Speaking: How To Become Confident Using Subliminal Messages and Blow your Audience Away!

Updated on August 20, 2012

The amount of confidence a person possesses is truly pushed when in the work of public speaking. Whether you are lecturing a large size auditorium of students, or simply hosting a work meeting, having confidence whilst speaking can be crucial to your success.

Whilst there are some people who are naturally born with a given talent for speaking, and therefore they can speak confidently with ease, the rest of us may be overly shy or nervous about the concept of speaking to large groups of people.

This would be okay... if our work didn't demand otherwise... Which is in truth why you are here, trying to learn how to overcome your fears of public speaking, and how you can do it better than ever before.

All credit for this image belongs to Mike Seyfang via.
All credit for this image belongs to Mike Seyfang via. | Source

Build Up Your Audience Numbers Slowly.

In some cases, a lack of confidence when speaking publically can be at the cause of the overwhelming amount of people present at the time. This is why it can be very effective to slowly build up the amount of people you have present at your speeches, and then eventually meet you target amount. But over a certain time period.

Whilst for some people simply 'throwing themselves' into the auditorium and playing it through the best they can, is the most prominent method of building their confidence, as their limiting beliefs are eliminated as soon as they successfully get through. However, I know that the majority of people do not like to go for things in too high numbers, and building up their numbers slowly is the preferred method of building confidence. So maybe in the beginning stages of your progression, it might be best just speaking in front of family and friends, before working up to boldly speaking to your boss or executives.

Visualising A Successful Public Speech.

Another effective method of building confidence in public speaking, is to visualise yourself with full confidence, going onto stage and giving a top class presentation. To add to this, you can visualise your audience smiling and applauding you on your excellent performance.

Not only will doing this make you feel more comfortable with the concept of speaking in front of large audiences, but it will also send out a message subconsciously of what you are capable of. It is worth mentioning that you brain cannot differentiate what is reality, and what you are just vividly imagining.

Therefore, the more times that you can convince your brain that you are a great public speaker, the more your brain will look for ways to be just how you imagined yourself, and in the majority of cases even better! However, there is no point in convincing your brain over and over again that you are a great speaker, and then not having any references to support it.

Utilising Subliminal Messages Specifically Designed From Public Speaking.

Your brain not only listens to you, but willsubconsciouslylisten to what other people have said about you as well. That is why subliminal messages are so effective, it is like having a best friend who is constantly admiring your performance, and supporting that you are a great public speaker.

It is evident that the more references that you can get to support the idea that you are a great public speaker, the more that your brain will work to actually achieve that status, and hence why you will become anoticeably betterpublic speaker. Even though there are many great subliminal message software programs available, one of the best programs I've found is "Subliminal Xtreme" which for its effectiveness and quality is well worth the small investment!

The best way I've found for utilising subliminal software, is to daily at the exact same time listen to the messages for at least 10-20 minutes. This short amount of focussed effort can make an immense difference to the quality of your performances and confidence in public speaking. Or alternatively, you can ask friends and family to say all the messages to you over and over again through-out your day, and eventually (subconsciously) you will actually start believing them. Even ifconsciouslyyou refuse to give in to their persistence.

A Great and Helpful Video on Public Speaking

Thanks to Expertvillage for this amazing video on public speaking. Check out their channel via.


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      Benjamin Chege 4 years ago

      Hi drspaniel. Awesome information on public speaking skills. Voted up and awesome. After having read this, I know if I implement all your guidelines I will be able to improve my public speaking capability. I have always dreamed of the day when I will become a motivational speakers and I know I need such skills. Look forward to reading more content from you.