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The Fear Of Public Speaking

Updated on February 6, 2010

The fear of public speaking is something that debilitates thousands of people every day. People are often called upon to give public speeches, whether they are in the office, at school, or anywhere else. Many of the people who are called upon to give public speeches are completely and totally unprepared for the task at hand, and they would rather do just about anything, other than speak in public. I don't blame them. Public speaking can be extremely terrifying for those among us who do not have a lot of practice in the fine art of speech. There are even many experienced people who are afraid of giving speeches, and they have not learned how to overcome the fear of public speaking. Although there are some people who have learned the skills necessary to make successful public speaking a reality, I believe that not enough people can get up and give a speech without fear. That is why I have investigated into the skills necessary to overcome the fear of public speaking.

So where does the fear of public speaking originate, and what can be done about it? This is an important question. It is probably the most important question that you can ask if you want to learn how to cure your public speaking phobia. Basically, the fear of public speaking comes from the fact that your body activates a flight-or-fight response whenever you have to give a speech. This flight-or-fight response causes you to feel fear, and experience all of the symptoms that are associated with public speaking anxiety.

There are a few tips that you can use to overcome your public speaking phobia that I have outlined here. If you take these tips into account, then you will probably see an improvement in the way that you feel when you have to give a speech. I also recommend looking into hypnotherapy, because you will be able to face your fears effortlessly if you are able to find a high-quality hypnotherapist.

The fear of public speaking can be overwhelming, but you can always find a way to lessen the impact that public speaking anxiety has on your life. Good luck with your future as a master public speaker!


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