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Interesting Public Speaking Topics: My top 10

Updated on March 27, 2012

Public speaking topics: My top 10 speech topics

Stuck for an interesting public speaking topic?

At some point in your life you are probably going to be asked to speak in public. A secret that great public speakers know is that it all starts with picking the right speech topic. Pick a topic that comes from your life experience. This way you are already an expert on the topic and more than likely you are passionate about it. This will also help you experience reduced anxiety when speaking in public. So with this in mind lets look at my top 10 speech topics:

10. Childhood

Childhood stories make great public speaking topics as people can relate to them. As kids, we laughed, we joked, we dressed up, we fell over, we may have even broken a bone or two, we played games and we generally had a lot of fun. So ask your family some of your most embarrassing moments as a child and share them in a speech especially if the context is lighthearted. Just had to be in my top 10 interesting speech topics list.

9. School

Again we all have loads of memories of the old school yard. Most of us know a really angry teacher or really cool teacher or maybe a teacher that inspired us. Why not use these people as a speech topic that you build a topic around that might have a take home message. Overcoming fear of public speaking is helped by talking on topics we are familiar with.

8. Friends

Many people have a crazy or funny friend that might always be getting into trouble one way or another. Or maybe a friend that is a high achiever that you look up to. Friends can be a great source of inspiration for speech topics because they make the presentation come to life. But a word of warning, if you're going to use friends as a public speaking topic make sure you get their permission first.

7. Children

Our children can be funny, exhausting, rewarding, irrittating..sometimes all these at once! But they can also be speech topic where you will get humour, information, and inspiration from. Children make great public speaking topics because they surprise us everyday.

6. Our interests

Ttry to look for the story behind the talent or hobby. For instance I failed guitar in Year 8 in school. I was obviously a lousy player but I didn't let that little set back stop me. I went out and bought a cheap guitar and a beginners guide. I learnt some basic chords and now I can play proficiently. Try to look for an underlying story in your interests that would make an interesting speech topic. This will also make the process of public speaking practice much easier.

5. Relationships

Now this doesn't mean using a presentation to whinge about an ex-wife or husband. BUT talking about relationships can be a fascinating way to tell a story, convey a message or reminisce. Think about the relationships in your life: partner, daughter/son, mother/father, Uncle/Aunty, the in laws, cousins, workmates.....There's so much material you can draw from here for a great speech topic.

4. Current affairs

Talking about a topic that's in the news always gets people interested. Rather than presenting straight facts though, why not present a controversial statement and then see how many in the audience agree or disagree. Ask them for a short response to explain their position. Discuss the impact of this issue on the world at the moment...there's lots to choose from. Go to your favourite news website and find something you're interested in.

3. Work

Much like children, our workmates hold a wealth of inspiration for speech topics. For instance most people have a range of different personalities they work with, for example there is the worrier, the serious one, the funny one, the miss goody two shoes one, the sexy one and so on. Observe your workmates in action and you will be sure to have plenty of speech ideas. Again though be careful you don’t offend anyone or disclose personal information.

2. Travel

Most people have travelled if only in their own country. So whether it was long car drives with your parents or a bus ride through Vietnam with 2 cows and a chicken travel stories can be funny and entertaining as public speaking topics.

1. Famous people

If you are going to talk about a famous person in a speech or even use them as the main theme try to think of something a little different than normal. For example I recently spoke about Walt Disney in one of my speeches but talked about what he was like as a child. I discussed that his ability to have big dreams as a child came through as an adult and which resulted in so many great things he gave us. I then came back to the original point that children are always using their imagination and we adults could learn a thing or two from that.

So there we have 10 areas that should help you pick a killer speech topic. My last bit of advice is to be yourself, tell a story, limit the number of take home messages and be passionate....and soon enough you will be presenting like Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Barak Obama, Ronald Reagan, Dale Carnegie......

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