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Publishers-Author-Creators-Writers-An Easier Way to Make Money Online

Updated on June 30, 2011

Within this article I will reveal to you another simple, but highly effective & amazing method for turning out cash from the internet in an easy peasy way, & I think you should really study this guide & get yourself on the bandwagon as soon as you can!

Before we continue I just want to get some things straight concerning making money online that I think you should know & adhere to, especially if you are brand new to this kind of internet money making venture.

Here’s how the internet money making system works.

Create a product on your computer (a file,) that can be sent back & forth through the internet. This could be any of the subjects that I have listed below, & almost anyone can do this & become an internet publisher, but the main thing to remember is, you spend a little of your time (setting it up!) You know, writing, or creating your material, get your own website up if you want to so that you can showcase your masterpiece with a little written sales copy, or you may even decide to place your product onto an online store instead, whereas you upload your ‘self created file’ onto their storage, your customer can purchase it & download it from there & after this, everything should be fine, because you have just trodden onto the first rung of the ladder!

But where most folk go wrong & encourages them to give up, unless they create a best seller first time, their very income, from their product, could just trickle into your bank account or PayPal account. But here’s the clincher, a small income like this is known as a ‘stream of income from the internet.’ And believe you me, you spend a little of your spare time creating each product, (I’ve listed which products you, yourself, can actually create on your computer of MAC, below) upload them, then just spend a little time, now & again, to maintain them in the long run. But the problem is, once you see a slow turnover, you stop creating altogether!

Don’t do this, I’ll tell you why, because, to create a larger pool of water, you should have many streams flowing in that direction! That’s right, spend a little time & create more products, set them up, upload them, & over time, watch the never ending stream flow smoothly into the overflowing pool!

Creating an income online, whilst being all of those titles in the headlines at the top of this article, I find at this moment in financially troubled times of worldwide recession, my very products are not moving as quickly as I would like them to, I know many more of you reading this will no doubt feel the same, but here’s an idea that you may want to partake in, in fact I suggest you do, & it won’t take up much of your time or effort to get involved once you set it up & let it go!

Maybe you are not exactly an internet product creator of DVD’s Articles Books Software Programs How To Guides Reports Music Files or anything else that can be downloaded instantly, once purchased from the internet online, but by reading this article you should have some ideas to get yourself onto the ‘making money online from the internet’ trend.

Let’s say for instance I have an interesting book for sale, which I have uploaded the files to my server on my website a couple of years ago, or even to an online book store, showing folk, who are interested in the subject of my book, how to do what it is that I’m doing, by showing them as they follow the step’s laid out inside the book, so that they will become knowledgeable at that subject from the information within.

This book is quite niche but it has been selling well on the internet previously & since a while back things just took a nose dive & my sales plummeted, mainly because of people financially struggling to make ends meet, and having to fork out their money on more important everyday living expenses.

So what’s the answer, what can we do to offer our potential customers what we have, & what they want, whilst keeping it affordable for them, or even attractive for them to own, such a Book, DVD, Articles, Reports, MP3s, Software Programs, Instant Downloads & the like, whilst still making an income ourselves!

Give it to them for free…

That’s right; offer it to them for free, whilst still making money, on every single download of your product.

Remember this though, your product is online, your sales pitch is in place on your website with a ‘buy it now’ button, whereas your interested prospect hits that button, pay your price to PayPal, or with their credit card, then they receive your file instantly onto their computer or MAC for studying it at their leisure once payment is complete. But times are slow & they got more important things to spend their money on & your products are not selling as fast as you would like them to.

Offer it to them for free & still make money…

Here’s how this works, & a little down this article I have provided a link to my new website whereas I have put this new system to work for me & I would love for you to go there & study exactly what is on the page, there is not much to read so pay attention & take a close look all over, & keep in mind, I am offering this product as an instant download, & it is absolutely free for the reader to download & to own. I didn’t pay for this website, just my domain name, which is free for the first year anyway. You will also notice I have placed another option to own the very same downloadable book by purchasing it for £9.97! But I still make money on every single free download & you can do exactly the same too. & the best part is, if your customer honestly can’t afford it because of financial problems, they can still have it for nothing & you still get your money. So, if your product is not selling, offer it in the way I’m about to describe & you will start making money into your account.

Step 1: The way this system works is, you create an account & upload your file for free, onto the storage server of the website of which I’ll give you the link to in just a moment, once uploaded, they give you a link, to your product, which you can then use to offer it to folk to download your product for free, then you send potential customers to your sales page, website, or e-mail list containing your link, articles like this one, or to your friends to pass onto others, so in other words, you have to market the link to your product & get it out to an audience. (Always remember this; you have to put in activity to get your product in front of as many eyes as you can.)

Step 2: Once your potential customer clicks onto your link to download, all that is asked of them is, would they answer a few simple survey questions, obviously, you won’t have to answer any you don’t feel the need to, once the answering is complete, your product can be downloaded. I’ve tested this system, I have just created a brand new book last night & have already made an income through this new venture, & because it cost's nothing, to download & own this new book, I feel my income should rise rather quickly over a very short period of time. If you are new to making money online I would suggest for you to download my book yourself (it’s ok, it’s free) & see exactly inside, not just all of the magical & unusual information concerning the subject of the read, but notice how the way i set this book up, you can easily do the same for yourself if your experienced or brand new to the concept.

Here is the link to my brand new website, if your into making money please take a little time to study the whole page, keeping in mind my methods from this article, also, go ahead & download the book for free to see how this system could also work for you then come back & finish reading this article

I sincerely hope I have inspired you on your path to create new, or even to shift your existing products & therefore am providing you with my referral link for you to sign up with this money making website today

If you enjoyed this information I would love for you to follow my affiliate link & in this way I will make a percentage from your earnings when you upload & offer your product for free, & when you sign up, you too, will have your very own referral link that you may want to pass onto others & create a percentage of their earnings for your efforts. Thank you for reading, this is a tried & tested method & so far, so good.

Al the best, if you want to leave me a comment I’d surely love to hear from you.

Good luck & happy money making for now & the future.

Regards Dale Ovenstone


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