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Purchase an atm machine

Updated on October 26, 2011

ATM Machine

Purchase or Purchasing an ATM Machine

If you ever wondered how you can purchase an atm machine it is simple. You can own and operate an automated teller machine yourself. You can also make up to 100% of the surcharge income on each withdrawal transaction.

Having an ATM Machine in your business makes customers happy that they can access their cash at any time. They will also spend more money at your business and come back much more frequently. If you are unsure, you can simply try it and see if the customers come back and use the atm machine more than once.

The ATM terminal is dual comm and can be connected via traditional telephone line or ip high speed internet connection. We offer free standing atm machines or through the wall atm machines.

If you are looking to buy an atm machine and load the cash call ATM Express 1.866.295.0009


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