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Purpose of Human Resources

Updated on April 5, 2019
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Human Resources

What is human Resources?

Human resources is a term used to describe
the department that organises employees
within a company.
These people are responsible for recruitment, applicant
selection, orientation and induction, ongoing training, skills
development, assessment, motivation, retention of employees,
and more.
This department maintains relationships with unions and
ensures employee safety. They ensure the company is complying
with employment laws and regulations and assist the company in
achieving the highest level of productivity and success moving
Human = the workforce within the company
Resource = the limited availability or scarcity of
competent applicants or team members.

What is the purpose of human resources?

A human resource department that runs
efficiently within any company will provide
essential structure and assist the company
with managing employees on a daily basis.
Small companies without an HR department can
achieve the same efficiency if they choose
one person to manage the function with
effective training or they choose to completely outsource this
There are numerous areas that the human resources department
is responsible for and they may perform one or more of these


One of the main purposes of an HR department or person is that
they are employment and recruitment specialists. In-house
teams are essential in the development of the workforce within
the company. They are responsible for job adverts, sourcing
applicants, screening any applicants, conducting interviews,
coordinating the recruitment with management, and they play a
vital role in the final selection of an applicant, ensuring
that they are the right person for the position and tick the
boxes needed to complete the job to the highest standard and
improve productivity within the workplace


Safety within the workplace is important in any industry and
in any size of business. It is the responsibility of the HR
team to ensure that safety rules and regulations are in place
to reduce the risk of an accident. HR will provide training
and ensure safety is maintained at all times. They will be
responsible for keeping injury and accident logs and records.
They will conduct risk assessments and ensure that the
company’s compensation issues are handled effectively.

Employee relations

Labour and employee functions within a company may be a
combined effort which is handled by one person within the HR
department or they may be separate functions which are handled
by two HR members, each one offering their own expertise in
the area. Employee relations focus on the strength of the
employer and employee relationship, and this is measured
through employee engagement, job satisfaction, and conflict
The labour functions, on the other hand, include the
development of management responses to various unions, for

Compensation and benefits

The compensation of employees can be handled by one or more HR
members. These duties involve competitive pay structures,
offering group coverage, payroll, and more. It is an important
function to ensure all employees are given a good salary based
on their abilities, which is paid on time to their chosen
account, and that any staff benefits are deducted accurately.


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