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Be Wise While Choosing Your Way Ahead in Engineering

Updated on May 7, 2015
Engineering As A Profession
Engineering As A Profession

Are you considering engineering as a career?

Engineering is that common deal that every other student wishes to bag. It's a profession opted by most of those, who study science in the later years of schooling. An engineering degree not just pays you, but even praises you well, so why not get lured towards a job that lets you fulfil your dreams. It won't be surprising if most of you say that your parents, soon before you appeared for your high school exams had this in their heads to get you into this course. This is probably because it has a lot to assure you and take you to the best of places, all around the world. And, if it's something you are willing to do, you should get yourself going.

Now, if you are clear with the idea of becoming an engineer or rather a qualified engineer, there is a lot that you need to know before getting started. You have to research about everything from your preferred engineering stream to the future prospects related to it. A detailed research on things like these can help you have a clear idea of how will it be to become an engineer. The other things you would be required to know before you enter the real world to get in the race to become a qualified engineer is to list the colleges to be in your preference list.

Thus, to help all the aspiring engineers, here are some details that they can refer to have a better idea of how to go further.

Associate yourself with a reputed engineering institution


Aim To Qualify For The Best Institutions

Education lays the foundation of a successful career and so it turns to out be an important decision to get yourself admitted in a reputed institution. So, for your engineering degree too, you have to gear up to aim for such institutes that can help you get to the best workplaces. So, you first need to jot down names of such engineering colleges that you can look forward to.

In India, many such colleges exist that millions of Indian students wish to get in. Some of these colleges are IIT-Kharagpur, Delhi, Mumbai, Kanpur along with Institute of Technology-BHU, BITS, Delhi Technological University and National Institute of Technology. These colleges are the ones that churn out the best resources for the industry and only take in the students who are best.

Besides, some Indian students even prefer moving abroad to obtain an engineering degree. For these students too, a list of institutions has been complied. This list includes Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT, United States, California Institute of Technology, United States, Stanford University, United States, University of California, Berkeley, University of Cambridge, United States, University of Oxford, United Kingdom and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich.

Using some credible sources, the above names have been compiled into a list that can help you know about the reputed engineering colleges to pursue your further studies. Though, there must be many other colleges that offer engineering courses, the above mentioned educational bodies are the ones that can get you to the best places. So, why not chase the best if you have it in you. All of the above colleges have their own criteria. You can get a brief about the same through their websites and accordingly find whether you are eligible to get into them or not, and if yes, what is the procedure for it.

To become an engineer, it is mandatory to have studied physics and mathematics in 10+2 besides chemistry/computer science/biology. Such students are eligible for Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in different disciplines such as civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, computer, aeronautics, agriculture and industrial. If the aspirant is seeking admission in institutions like IITs, he/she has to obtain the minimum required marks as set by the institution.

Engineering Streams
Engineering Streams

Which Engineering Stream Would You Choose?

Now, when you know this is it for you, the first and foremost thing you have to be clear about is the engineering stream you want to get in. For this, you have to consider every minor detail to ensure that you're on the right path. Research well and choose from the available choices.

The major streams available for engineering students include civil, chemical, electrical and mechanical. Besides, there are some other specialized fields that a student can consider for various engineering job opportunities. These include Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology. Given the data from GATE 2013 India, the latter ones are considered to be among the sought after career choices. Last year, these were among the most preferred subjects other than mechanical and electrical. Following are some other details related to these courses, that can help you decide.


Civil engineers are the professionals, who are always in demand due to the contribution they make to the infrastructural development. All across the nation, they play a crucial role in the making of society. They are the people, who give us the iron bridges, tallest buildings and eye-striking structures. Thus, for those, who wish to be involved in the creation of new avenues, this is the apt choice they can make.

Some of the best companies to work with as a civil engineer in India are Larsen & Toubro, JSW Infrastructure, Gammon India, Hindustan Construction Company and HDIL.


Another coveted field that you can specialize in is electrical. It lets you explore various industries including energy, control, telecommunications, electronics and many others. This job in India can pay well you quite well. As per an international research firm, an entry level electrical engineer is the country is paid Rs. 3 lakh annually, whereas after a relevant experience in the field, one can expect to earn more than 5 lakhs a year.


Mechanical remains on the top in the priority list of most students. The reasons behind this may be many, including the scope jobs in this industry. Mechanical engineer is a person, who is desired everywhere, be it a manufacturing plant, a refinery, a construction site or an automobile company. It’s one such profession that allows you to move to any sector, if any day you find yourself a misfit for your ongoing job.


It's not just the scientists or chemists, who study chemical, but also the ones who wish to become chemical engineers. Studying this stream prepares you to get in several industries including pharmaceutical, food processing and petrochemical sectors. They are the key professionals to be hired in these industries. Besides, they are also desired in plant design, plastic & polymer manufacturing, paper manufacturing, oil & natural gas, nuclear, mining and waste management.

Electronics and Communications

ECE (Electronics and Communications Engineering) is the new trend that students tend to follow. If we by go the GATE 2013 statistics, it was listed as a preferred field by 2,56,135 students. It was among the four most preferred courses. After pursuing this course, one can get to work with reputed software development or telecom companies. They can also work as software engineers and network specialists.

Scope of Engineering
Scope of Engineering

Do you think your engineering degree is paying you well?

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Career in IT
Career in IT

IT, Another Significant Sector That Lures Engineers

IT (Information Technology) seems to exist all around. It’s an industry that lures every job seeker or an aspiring engineer and so does the job prospects associated to it. IT sector in India, today dominates the job market of Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida, Pune and some others. For those seeking jobs in this sector, the opportunities are many. So, if you have this in your mind to get in this industry after complete your degree, you can go ahead.

Some of the positions offered in this sector include Applications Engineer, Lead Software Modeler, Communication and Messaging Administrator, Data Developer, Business Intelligence Analyst and Network Manager.


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