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Putting Your Best Foot Forward One More Time – Boost Yourself Up For The Next Job Interview.

Updated on October 7, 2012

Smile! You Got An Interview!

Creative Commons Licence  Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)
Creative Commons Licence Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0) | Source

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Disheartening, isn't it – the job search in the unpromising economic climate we're experiencing (or enduring) right now, the few responses to each volley of job applications, with fewer actual interviews, job interview preparation, and then the ordeal of each interview itself.

Then once the interview's over, you have, oh dear, the ordeal of waiting for the response. Which, often enough, is not the response you were looking for!

Really it gets to the point where, instead of elation and anticipation upon receipt of a new invitation for interview for a job, the quite natural response is a knot of dread and apprehension in the pit of the stomach.

But that kind of attitude isn't going to do you any good! You need a humungous dose of positivity to take with you into every new interview room! So how are you going to convince yoursef that faint heart never got a whole new job, short of actual and expensive job interview training?

Buck up! Give yourself a strong talking to, remember that you're every bit as good as any other candidate, and it only takes one good interview experience... and one interviewer with taste... and one day where the heavens are inexplicably on your side... to change your luck. It's either that or black magic, Hogwarts and voodoo, I guess, and I'm not much for the chanting.

But no, it really is psychologically difficult to maintain an upbeat, peppy attitude that's going to impress your future employer. With so many potential able candidates, it's about a lot more than whether you can do the job. Of course you can do the job – you wouldn't have been picked for interview – which already puts you ahead of the pack – if you couldn't.

Being the best candidate for the job requires more than that: requires a special kind of hardiness, an imperturbable, unsinkable optimisim. A bright-eyed, apple-cheeked resilience and energy that would be sickening in anyone you weren't looking to hire as a new employee. Exactly the kind of tough-edged smooth-surfaced indefatigability that sums up someone who can carry hopeful optimism, and a refusal to give up, right the way though today's job search. Yep. It's your ability to not let the job search get you down, that makes you the ideal candidate for the job.


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