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Putting it into Practice, Implementing Online Marketing Training

Updated on July 27, 2014
Mentors ready to begin online marketing training
Mentors ready to begin online marketing training | Source

Have you ever thought to yourself I wonder why I didn't think of this before? I spent hours on webinars learning about social media marketing and other methods of online marketing. In one of my previous articles I explained how I found success in direct marketing by taking action on what I learned. The success was very small in comparison to what I could have done.

Like many with dreams of making money from home, I failed to do certain things that would bring the type of income that I wanted. Life got in the way and I forgot, until I found myself really needing some extra cash. I went back to the places I knew could make me some money online.

I wrote an ebook. I created a blog and conducted webinars. Yet, there is more to be done.

What happens when you have a moment of truth
What happens when you have a moment of truth | Source

A Moment of Truth

I had an encounter with a customer on fiverr that kind of got under my skin. In an effort to make some extra cash for my blog I had an idea to promote other businesses that were related to my niche directly on my site for a fee of $5. The response was great except for a few customers that never read the directions properly; therefore I was forced to cancel their orders. I encountered someone that told me I placed his link on my page incorrectly. He or she gave me some unrecognizable technical language. I am not a technical person. When I cancelled the order I was berated by this person, called names, falsely accused of fraud all because I claimed to have 10,000 visitors per month, which is true according to my stats, so I thought. I now know that there were bots visiting my website and not true visitors. This person said if that my claim of 10,000+ visitors was true I would have a page rank of 7, but I had a page rank of 0.

Lesson learned. I should have looked at my statics directly from Google analytics to understand how much traffic my blog was receiving.

I am telling this story because although I was implementing some steps that would generate income and help market my website, I was met with a challenge that caused me to regroup and research more on marketing. I needed to know how to properly read analytics. I needed to know about page ranks and what all of that means. If I had implemented the steps that I learned in some my marketing webinars I would not have resorted to try something that ultimately led to an unintended mistake.

Here is my advice: when taking on the project of creating your own blog for income make sure you are continuously learning and taking steps to follow through on what you have learned.

Steps to Implementing Online Marketing Training

The first step to implementing online marketing training is to master one form of marketing. It is very tempting to try to use every single mode of online marketing at once. You can actually overwhelm yourself by trying to take on too much at one time. That was one of my mistakes. I learned to market on many different social media outlets, and tried to use everything to my advantage. The one thing I learned is that you will need to be focused and consistent in marketing on one specific platform. Learn everything that you can about it so that you will be successful. Once you feel that you have mastered it, then move on to something else.

There is no time frame in learning a form of marketing online. Have a goal on how you will measure your mastery or success. For example, if you have a goal of 1,000 likes and $500 per month in sales from a product that you are marketing on Facebook don’t stop until you reached that goal.

Learn how to Decipher Google Analytics

This is still a big one for me. Learning how to read and understand Google analytics will show you where people are spending the most time on your page. It will show you if people are actually reading your content or if they are landing on your page and leaving immediately after. You will need to know how people are accessing your content, either through smart phones or PC’s. I am finding that 40% of my blog's content is being accessed via smart phones. Once you understand the way viewers are seeing your page you can update your website to match what people are actually doing on your page. For example, if you are finding that viewers are spending more time watching your videos then do more videos and upload them on your site. If you find that viewers like a particular post then find more ways to expand on that particular post to gain more traffic.

Email Marketing

Here is the bottom line. If you want return visitors you must have an email sign up form; and you must follow up with them with a newsletter. I must admit that I am not the greatest at following up. However, when you have a blog and plan to use it for something bigger than just recording your life, you must view it as a business. Who wants to do business with a company that does not keep consistent contact as promised? I know I wouldn't. Once a subscriber signs up for your email list be sure to have an autoresponder in place, otherwise you will be sending emails by hand. That can be very tedious. Set up a series of emails for your new subscribers that offers updates, information that is not available on your blog, and links for your products. The point is to build relationships and make sales. It will also give you a steady stream of traffic coming from those that are following you.

Helpful Links

You may like these helpful links:

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Starting Over

If you believe that you should give up once you realize your mistakes, think again. It is never too late to start over. My plan for starting over includes transferring my Blogger blog over to Wordpress. I am ready for the change to begin again and implement the training that I have received.

As with any new process there must be a testing phase. It is best to test every new method that looks interesting to you for at least 30 days or more to make sure you understand the training; and to see if the methods can work for you.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I am sure there is, however, I meant that I would hold onto BOTH blogs

    • momsdoworkathome profile imageAUTHOR

      Katina Davenport 

      4 years ago from Michigan

      Hi dreamermeg. Actually there is a way to transfer everything over without losing everything. All of my articles, pictures, and comments will go to the new site. I had to ask around before I started. I have a friend who will help out.

    • DreamerMeg profile image


      4 years ago from Northern Ireland

      Useful hub, with some sound truths. To be honest, I would not delete the "blogger blog", I would start a new one on the self-hosted version of Wordpress and use your Blogger blog to pass links to it. After all, if you already have a following on Blogger, then that blog has some power, or link juice, don't waste it, especially as (I think?) it is run by Google? Google gives extra "juice" to its own blogs. Just give your new Wordpress blog a slightly different twist or angle, so they aren't covering totally identical material.


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