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QR Code vs Barcode: A New Standard is Comming

Updated on December 15, 2011

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Learn about the battle between QR Code vs Barcode
Learn about the battle between QR Code vs Barcode | Source

Every consumer is familiar with the standard barcode found on most products. It is that long code that gets scanned when we purchase a product. So, how do Quick Resource (QR) codes compare to barcodes? In the looming battle between QR code vs Bardoce, QR Codes are capable of storing much more information than the typical barcode. In addition to this greater information storage capability, QR codes can store many different data types. They can be scanned faster, missing data can be restored, and their structure can be appended to allow printing the code on a narrow surface.

QR Code vs Barcode: Data Types

Barcodes are seen on almost every product we purchase. From grocery items to electronics and household items, barcodes are a fixture in our lives. Barcodes are one dimensional numeric codes that store up to 20 numeric characters. This allows merchants and suppliers to keep track of inventory both coming into stores or suppliers and being sold or transferred.

When looking at QR Codes vs Barcode QR Codes are two dimensional codes storing data both horizontally and vertically. This allows QR Codes to hold upto 7,089 characters of data. The data encoded can include numbers, alpha numeric characters, symbols, text symbols such as Kanji (Japense language symbols), as well as control codes. Because these codes are stored both horizontally and vertically, a QR Code can hold the same information as a barcode in 1/10 of the space.

When it comes to QR Code vs Barcode, QR Codes hold much more data. In fact, QR Codes can hold text messages, website address, V. Card contact information, phone numbers and more. Barcodes can only hole up to 20 numbers. In the battle between QR Code vs Barcode, QR codes are the winner in terms of data storage and increased functionality

QR Code vs Barcode: Data Restoration

Occasionally, barcodes and QR Codes can become damaged or they may get dirty. Barcode readers will not be able to scan a damaged or dirty code. QR Codes can be scanned. Up to 30% of code words in a QR code can be restored depending on the amount of damage.

In QR Code vs Barcode, QR Code are superior in recovering lost or damaged data

QR Code vs Barcode: Scan Position and Speed

Barcodes must be scanned in the correct position. Think of a clerk at the local grocery store. The clerk takes the item you wish to purchase and positions the barcode over a scanner. If the clerk does not position the barcode correctly, the item will not scan.

QR codes can be scanned from any position. This is due to the three position detection patterns located in three corners of the code. The reader will locate these three detection patters and know how to correctly read the code. This feature speeds up the time needed to scan objects as the objects do not have to be correctly positioned to be properly scanned.

Structured Appended Feature

The data on a barcode cannot be divided up. A larger QR code can be divided into as many as 16 smaller squares. This feature allows all the information in the larger QR Code to be stretched out on an object. Thus, a larger QR Code can be printed onto a narrow area. This allows greater flexibility as to where a QR Code can be located on an object.


Examining QR Code vs Barcode, it is noted that barcodes have been the standard for many years. However, when comparing QR Code vs Barcode, it is easy to see why barcodes are being replaced by the newer QR codes. These QR Codes are becoming more common place due to their greater storage potential and ease of being read by a scanner. Damaged data can be restored from a QR Code but not from a barcode. Thus QR Codes are more reliable. In the battle between the typical barcode vs QR Codes, it is easy to see why QR Codes are coming out on top.

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