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Qualities that make a Successful Legal Manager

Updated on April 25, 2013

Finally your dream of becoming a management professional is coming true. You have been acknowledged the best legal executive or the best barrister with an envious win-rate in your law firm and you are just a step away from the position of legal manager. The position of a legal manager is crucial and certain attributes make it possible to perform the responsibilities. This blog post will help you to be aware of the qualities that are the signs of an efficient legal manager. Without wasting time, let’s start our discussion.

Confidence, patience, presence of mind and a strong personality- these are considered the secrets to success as a manager in any field. Management is a tricky job, especially in the legal sector. Apart from performing your own duties, you require being familiar with other roles and how they function. Your job as a legal manager does not end here. After gaining knowledge about the roles and their way of functioning, you will be required to oversee and ensure that the roles are performed efficiently.

This hints that you have to explore things out of your comfort zone and form opinions from a strategic and corporate point of view. As a legal manager, your work is not restricted to one area only but, to various areas. This role is quite interesting and rarely, you will get bored.

In order to be a successful legal manager, you really need to be an example-setter who knows his or her job very well and is able to do it better than others employed in the same role.

You will be dealing with people when you are a legal manager. Starting from the paralegals and legal executives to the junior and associate solicitors, you have to manage several professionals holding different roles. It is responsibility to understand how every position within the organisation functions. After you have gained knowledge about the various roles and you have to integrate these skill sets and administer them accordingly.

Being aware of the current business trends will add to your efficiency. When you are thinking of taking marketing initiatives and a positive approach to attract new businesses for your firm, this awareness will give you the right direction to your thoughts.

As a manager, an entrepreneurial approach to business is expected from you. For this, you have to count on your client-management skills i.e. your ability to increase the client base of your law firm and retain the existing clients.

When you are in the position of a manager, you have to face certain situations where you need to be very firm and confident about your decisions. You may comprehend that your decisions will not gain popular choice still, you have to take them for overall betterment. You will be required to take decisions to the best advantage of your law firm in terms of the advancement of your department (this is only a part of the wide area you will be managing). Strong leadership quality and technical knowledge in the area you are practising will help you in accomplishing this task.

It is clear from the above discussion that a successful manager of the legal spectrum has sound business awareness and is equipped with communication, organisational, prompt decision-making and leadership skills. Such professionals possess the expertise to handle work pressure with the help of time-management skills and the ability to prioritise tasks efficiently.

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