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Quality Management at Adventist Residential Care, Perth, Rossmoyne, Australia

Updated on July 4, 2017


This report will highlight the status of quality management at Adventist Residential Care, Rossmoyne, Australia. The information will be obtained through qualitative research where one of the organization’s director’s will be involved to explain the management and operations of the center. In supplementing the director’s information, we will also gather information about the firm from online sources including the company’s website, as well as reviews about the company. Finally, the author will also present recommendations concerning the best way to improve the management of the firm based on the current practices and outcomes. Basically, we rely on Hammer & Champy’s theory of re-engineering on making this evaluation and suggestions regarding the need and means of improving Adventist Residential Care.

Trends, Research Findings and Assumptions

Quality in management is used to explain a company’s competency in satisfying the clients stated and implied needs (Rose, 2005).This implies that whatever an organization does has to be 100% satisfactorily and has to meet the particularizations and essentials while warranting the functioning of the services and products as contracted (Westney, 1989).The practice of quality management focuses on ensuring that all activities of a given project from design, planning and implementation carried out in an efficient and effective manner as it regards the scope and performance of an object. In simple terms, quality is considered as something that delights and satisfies the customer (Hardie,1998).

Heisler (1989) state that, for product quality to be achieved, there has to be interactions between various factors which include planning, labor, machines and management. Consequently, there is a need for those in the leadership and management position to have an understanding that it is not only the system, but also the interactions between the various aspects of the system that contribute to quality and not a single functional area such as marketing, personnel and manufacturing.

Zarafani (2011) reports that, there are in existence international and national standards of project quality management whose purpose is to prescribe best practices that should be undertaken in undertaking quality management of projects alongside performing an evaluation of the competency of an organization in quality management of a project. In this regard, Zarafani conducted a thorough evaluation of the most recent versions of such standards that have been undertaken so far. Consequently, the author finds that most quality management standards are descriptive in nature, and target while focusing on a single project. In his study, Zarafani also establishes that the structures of these standards are subject oriented and not the commonly assumed life-cycle orientation.

Information Gathering Activities

Information for this review was gathered mainly through a qualitative approach and more specifically through an interview. Modell (2007) explains that every analyst need to master the skill of interviewing since it the basic method of information collection during the systems assessment phase of a project. In achieving the goal of this research, the director of the company under study (Adventist Residential Care, Rossmoyne, Australia) Mr. Gary Blagden was involved after a prior consultation with him concerning this study and its intention. Mr. Blagden, a 56 year old, with a background in teaching is the current director of (ARC). Blagden has had a vast experience in management of aged care facilities because of many years of service. The interviewee participated in this study willingly and in his own accord. Further, the interviewee did not find any problem in signing a release form for the information he provided to be utilized in the current study. This interview was designed in such a way that information and demographics was obtained from the company and the personnel involved, quality management process in the company, the bad and good side and the leaders viewpoints regarding quality management. The general purpose for the interview was for the interviewee to enlighten us on the principle of quality management, to evaluate how his organization undertakes this principle and therefore provide recommendations for improvements if necessary. The author of this report also employed other means of verifying the interviewee’s information which mainly included checking the company’s website and online reviews about the particular entity.

Summary of the Research Findings

When asked what his organization was and what it stood for, Mr. Blagden articulated that Adventist Residential Care was an incorporated organization for the aged care which is wholly owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Though the mission and vision of the company has remained steadfast since its formation, the residents, facilities and employees are constantly changing over the years. The organization currently operates over 85 aged care beds for the elderly who require specialized treatment that is normally associated with ageing challenges.

According to the interviewee, the Rossmoyne Adventist Residential Care has currently 11 bed-sitter units which are specifically tailored for independent residents. In preserving and improving the quality of the services provided, the management has instituted a continual renewal programs which aim to install today’s independent cottages that seeks to replace original facilities. In other words, there is continued modernization of the facility.

Mr. Blagden articulates the vision of the organization as transforming and enriching lives as it strives to provide holistic care to residents. Among the values inculcated in the organization’s culture include trust in terms of relationship between each other, excellence by focusing on providing high service quality, and commitment in optimizing the available resources and facilities. In addition, ERC endeavors to provide compassion, encouragement and friendship as they support each other.

Conclusion and Recommendation

While evaluating the quality management at ARC, it is evident that the entity is operating under the ideology of Hammer & Champy’s theory of re-engineering since there is in place a continued modernization program to transform the facilities and resources at the center. We can generally say that there is great endeavor on the part of the management of this facility to provide modern day holistic care for the elderly following the practices and programs in place. This is evident particularly when the organization’s history is traced and when this history is compared with today’s standards.

However, one of the shortfalls of the management is the constant changing of the staff and other employees. There is need for the staff to be employed on a long term basis for the purpose of consistence, utilization of the best talent and nurturing experience that is so needed in simplifying operations while providing the highest quality and holistic care for the clients. This assumption is reiterated by Wood (2004) who observes that staff employed on a permanent basis not only have an opportunity to acquire long term experiences but they also have a high sense of commitment and are more effective and efficient in their respective jobs. This owes to the fact that these employees have a measure of long term prospects, job security, and have an opportunity to establish relationships with each other. Therefore, it is important that ARC think of employing workers on the long term basis.


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