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Quantity tactics in making profit online

Updated on May 8, 2015

Offer more


Today, more and more people trying to make bigger profit on internet. Someone goals are to make small amounts for pocket money, but many wants to make serious gains in selling their products and services. Internet is big and number of sites is increasing every year. As a result of all that, competition now is higher than ever before. Because there are so many competitors with so many services, internet entrepreneurs need to adapt to big market. Every serious expert (today there are so many of them) will say that first and most important thing in internet business is QUALITY. Yes, they are right, but problem is that today quality is not enough. In a sea of electronic services and products, there are tens of thousands of high quality services on the internet. People need to hear and see your products and to achieve that; you need to hit market with big numbers.

First step in making great earnings on internet is to be present on popular and most viewed sites. That’s your first meeting with big numbers aka quantity. If someone wants to sell big amounts, that person needs to be present on sites which are known by big numbers of members, clients and most important: profit. Regardless what are you offering on internet (freelance services, eBooks, graphic or some other type of design) rules are same for all: if you want bigger profit than you need to target large numbers of people, networks and, if you can, offer more than just one service.

Quantity of offers

Let’s say that you have one product to offer on big market and let’s say that market has about 1000 products so your presence on that market is 0.1 percent. That means that your chances to sell your products are not so big. But if you offer ten products, than your presence on market offer will be 1%. Of course, this is just simple example. Real markets are far bigger and complicated. Main thing to remember is to offer larger number of products/services and make profit from each one. Many people don’t use this principle, especially some eBook writers who want to write bestseller and immediately become famous and rich. If you put all of your effort only on quality, that will not be simply enough because reasons mentioned at beginning of text. Distribute more products, and if some of them become more popular than rest, put priority on that product in which you will invest more time and money, and essentially earn bigger profit.

Quantity of offers doesn’t just mean to offer more of the same products. It also means to offer different types of products. Don’t just offer on type of design or one type of freelance service. “Diversity” is just term for quantity of different offers. One of also important things in this topic is also diversity of styles under same product category. For example, you could offer graphic design style that is mostly based of black and white, and also offer other styles where you use more colors or different lines and graphic effects. If you are writing articles for money, you could offer different texts with several of different ways of expression.

Quantity of advertising

First thing need to be mentioned here is that if you offer more products, those products will be some type of mutual advertising for each of them. That means if someone likes one of your products, he will lookout for more of your products, and here quality has its important place. But, let’s talk about classic advertising and promotion of products. If there is not any kind of advertising of products, than there will be not big money or there will not be money at all. Also, if there is only one type of promotion or only one platform for advertising (promotion on only one site), than there will not be big gains in profit because number of viewers is very limited. Many people trying to advertise their products free. Good side of this is that there are no expenses, but in free advertising, you could only use limited promotion programs on sites or own already popular sites, blogs or pages on social network. Problem is that most of beginners in this business don’t have popular blogs or pages so they need to invest some money in their popularity. When your name or product becomes popular, you will not have to invest big money in advertising. So, invest money now so you wouldn’t need in future. Like it or not, you need to invest at least some amount of money in promotion of your products. There are two types of advertising which could be used by beginners who don’t own popular blogs or pages yet: sites where products are offered and social media. Both are functioning on very similar principles. You set amount of money you are ready to spend and then target desirable types of consumers. You could chose to spend money on high quality advertising in short period of time or invest in moderate and longer promotion. Many people ask question: is it better to advertise on social media or on selling sites? There is good and bad side of both. Number of people on selling sites is much lower than on social media, but people who are visiting selling sites are visiting them because they are interested in purchasing some product or service. People on social media will react very differently on your ads, someone will like it, and others will find it annoying. At the end, use both types of sites so more people could be introduced to your products.

Quantity of customers

If some product is only intended to one specific type of customers than that offers is very limited. Specializing in single type of product could be profitable but mostly during later periods when sale is developed. Many of entrepreneurs, who specialized in specific type of product, started their business by offering variety or totally different types of products. For beginners is the best to offer variety of products to large number of different types of customers. If one type of customers are more interested in your products than others, than you could start specializing for only that type of customers. Also, it is important not to limit your offer to only one country. World is very good connected today and English is world language. Offer products on more markets where people use internet everyday and have money to pay. Be aware that most of internet users are from teenagers to people in their middle ages. They are all potential customers. Also good tactics could be adapting products to people’s customs, holidays (Christmas, New Year, occasions etc.). To adapt to most of potential customers, you need to offer something for everyone. If you design a shirt for men, than design it also for women because women are half or more of customers on every market. If you write articles about economy, than cover different aspects of that area (small business, corporations, international economic relationships and more) so you could be hired from different clients who are specialized in different areas of economy.


Large numbers of services/products offered on many different ways to large number of potential customers is necessary in today’s internet business. Competition is high and only good tactics and investment on right ways of offering products will make good conditions for earning some of internet profit pie. In making certain money gains we must comply with the motto “if you want to sell more, than you need to offer more, aim more, invest more and adapt more”.

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