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Frequent Job Interview Questions You Will Be Asked and You Should Ask in an Interview

Updated on January 2, 2013

When peoples go for an interview, there are some questions which are almost frequently asked by the interviewer. The questions that the recruiter asks during interview will depend on the job profile but some are asked across the board. Apart from that, you should be well prepared from your side with your own set of queries, you will need to understand exactly what the job and the company require of you.

Questions you are likely to be asked during the interview

#1. Why did you leave your last job?

If you had worked before in any of the company or if you have mentioned any work experience in your resume then these question would definitely be asked to you by interviewer whether you apply for higher post or lower post like back office. They want to know the reason behind these so they can understand your motives and can gain insights as how you handle your professional work relationships, so be prepared with your strategy.

#2. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

These question is asked to know your thoughts and the way you think, whether you reply them in positive or negative way, whether you are focused on specific professional goals or not. So be clear with your thoughts of what you want today, tomorrow and after 5years. Never use the words like Hope, expect, anticipate while answering these question because it indicates that you are not confident and lacks vision and goals

#3. What can you tell us about yourself?

Expressing yourself is extremely important, answer these question as if it's your autobiography, from childhood how you grew up, about school, college, part-time jobs you did, any training taken by you, don't go in detailed history about things which are not related to your job profile. Your reply should be focused and purposeful.

#4. What has been your most important accomplishment?

This is a typical question mostly asked by the recruiter when you have applied for a retail or customer service job. Give an example of your initiative and resourcefulness, about how you accomplished your goals, your creative and unusual approach, creative or innovative projects done or you've worked on.

#5. What are your outside interests?

Here the interviewer wants to know, how you spend your free time whether you use most of your free time to watch movies every time, hanging out with friends or try to learn something new, improving your knowledge, doings things which will be beneficial for you in many ways.

#6. How do you handle failure?

How you react to the situation when things are not happening good is extremely important, the interviewer will be looking for evidence of your talent for work, whether you become upset or handle it smartly. Give an example when you had faced such situation and how you handled it.

#7. How did you overcome your toughest professional problem?

These is another important question asked by the interviewer to probe candidate's personality, to check whether you are able to hold up under pressure. Describe how you overcome them by being diplomatic, professional in such situations, taking help from your seniors.

#8. What is your greatest weakness/strength?

If you have any weakness like can't work for long hours, handling too much pressure is difficult or getting tired very early etc, be genuine and don't fake it. But do say that you have ability to overcome your weaknesses, the interviewer just want to know whether you can work and handle any situation overcoming your weakness.

#9. Why do you want to work here?

These is very difficult question to answer, research well about the company before going for interview and it's achievements,history. You can reply saying that you are good at the work which company is searching for and you see some great opportunities and also about the products of that company used by you

#10. Why should we hire you?

Every candidate has to face these question in interview, they want to know whether you can promote yourself, whether you can stand apart from others, if you can, you can promote their brands.

Most tricky question asked-

#11. What's your salary expectation?

Always wait for the recruiter to ask you this question, and don't say the exact amount, mention your expected salary in range, they may offer you higher amount than what you may be expecting from them, so mention a range rather than exact amount. If the recruiter quotes a number and if you don't agree with, then instead of denying you should ask the recruiter, if you could discuss about this after you have seen the compensation break-up.

Questions you should ask to the recruiter during job interview!

Interview is a two way street, it is not just about answering to the questions asked by the recruiter, after all, you are going to work there there, so you should know along with salary what type of facilities, type of training, promotions and such things, they are going to offer you. You have every right to ask them questions but don't ask silly questions like about holidays, working for half day especially when you are a fresher. As interview comes to a close, the final question by the recruiter to you would be " What can I Answer For You ", now it's your turn to ask questions.

Here are few questions which you should ask to the interviewer -

#1. What will be my key responsibilities?

Asking these question to the interviewer will make sure that you want to know the challenges which you are going to face and you want to be prepared for those challenges. you'll rise above all of their expectations.

#2. What is the type of on-the-job training that you provide?

It's a classic question, as it shows that you are quite eager to work here and want to improve your skills and contribute more to the company.

#3. What is the potential for promotion?

It's another classic question which can show your determination not only to secure a job but also to make progress as you work in the company and you're going to stay in the company for long time.

#4. What results do you expect from me and within what time frame?

These question will add a plus point about you as it shows that you understand the importance of delivering true and better results. It shows that you are reliable and understand the actual value of commitment and returns.

#5. In what way do you describe the business culture here?

Here you are clearly signalling to the interviewer that you want to work and you are able to work at you best and you do realize that to achieve your best, it is necessary to have a good positive environment. These also indicates that you have the ability to bring out the best in yourself at work and you're a good self-manager.

#6. Can you please tell me, how does the overall objective/intention/structure of the organization is related to the role?

This is another good question you should ask, as it means that you are drawing attention of the interviewer towards your desire, at which post would you fit in and priority for teamwork and also how the rest of organization would be affected by your effort, contribution.

#7. Can I narrate more about particular interest in developing new ideas,products/communicating with customers/Implementing better and new systems?

If you've forgotten to mention/tell to the recruiter about some of your skills/interests, you can ask politely for the permission. The interviewer will definitely say 'OKAY', so these is a saucy and evident way of getting permit to boast about your abilities and achievements, but, after all, that's what the interview is all about.

#8. The new product launched by the company, how will the organization be benefited? or what are the most significant issues that your organization will face according to you?

These showcases that you have done some good research about organization, thinking and are really interested not only in the job but also about the successive person in it and you are keen to listen their analysis.

#9. If I'm hired, how soon can I start to work?

These shows that you are eager to pursue your dream job and you're waiting for a call. It also shows your interest towards that organization and you are keen/want to be a part of that organization and achieve success.

#10. Are there any other questions/doubts I can answer for you?

Asking these question at the end of interview is pretty more barefaced way of emphasizing your strengths. These question suggests that you are willing to acquire more knowledge from others and are free to constructive criticism. Before ending the interview it gives you a true opportunity to address any of your weakness which the recruiter may feel you have.


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      5 years ago

      Good questions to prepare, thanks!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Will prepare how to answer these questions. Thank you :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing!


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