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Quick Search Engine Optimization to Increase Page Ranking

Updated on March 19, 2010
search engine optimization
search engine optimization

Helpful tips for Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization may seem like a lot of work- and it is! It’s probably the most difficult part of getting your website noticed. Luckily, search engine optimization also has an easy alternative to the more difficult techniques. Search engine optimization is vital in the success of your website. Without search engine optimization, you are separated from the 85% of Internet users who rely on search engines to find to products and services they are interested in. Search engine optimization brings nothing but the most targeted traffic possible to your website.

Search engine optimization of your website starts with some basic changes like the title bar. The title bar is the colored bar area located at the top of the page. If it hasn’t been done already, you need to re-word it; placing your most important keywords there. Search engine optimization works better if you decide to change the title bar of every single page on your website. Click on your links, and make sure every page of your site has keywords in the title bar. Your search engine optimization depends on it.

Text within your site can increase search engine optimization. It’s recommended that you aim for at least 250 carefully selected words, or 100 words, depending on the design of your website. To increase your rankings, your text must be in HTML format, not graphic format. Search engine optimization using HTML text automatically helps you increase your search rankings. For the sake of search engine optimization, try highlighting your text. If your text is able to highlight, it’s in HTML format. If not, it’s in graphic format. You can ask your webmaster to change the format to help search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization can be gradually increased using dirty tactics. Such dirty tactics include utilizing invisible keywords to increase searc h engine optimization. Don’t ever use the same text color as your background. You may be falsely accused of cheating search engine optimization. Search spiders may misunderstand the readability of your page (ex: blue background with blue text inside black box), causing your website to be penalized. Once this happens, all your search engine optimization efforts will be in vain.

There’s much more to learn about search engine optimization. For more information, I recommend getting ahold of Search Engine Manifesto, which teaches all the search engine optimization techniques needed to succeed. Search engine optimization is a must.



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    • agvulpes profile image

      Peter 7 years ago from Australia

      thanks for these tips, everything has to be considered?

      How are you supposed to keep up? :-)

    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 7 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      Your welcome writeaway. Some people intentionally fail to mention these tips