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Quick Tips For Motor Insurance

Updated on January 19, 2017

Quick Tips for Cheap Auto Insurance

As the amount of drivers increase on our roads with more new drivers passing their tests and modern technology meaning we are not only driving longer into our older years but faster too, the amount of accidents on our busy roads increase as well. Everyone who drives a motor vehicle in the UK is by law expected to have an auto insurance policy. These policies are not cheap, in fact they are going up more and more each year sometimes to near extortionat levels.

Not only does a motor insurance protect you for those that might one day need to make a claim against you for damages to their vehicles and sometimes injury, they also protect you for things like fire, damage and theft and injury.

Many people will lower the cost of their car insurance by opting for third party only, what this means is that if the accident is your fault the other person or "third party" will have their costs covered by your insurance company but any damage to your car won't be covered. Under third party insurance cover if the accidnet is your fault then the repair bill will be down to you.

Fully comprehensive cover is usually very high, specially for new and younger drivers but luckily, there are companies out there offering cheaper auto insurance, we just don't put enough time and effort into finding and comparing them for costs against one another.

You Never Know When You Might Need To Make A Claim

Some Tips

Let’s take a look at some quick tips that we can use to lower the price of our car insurance policy.

  1. Your Car Size – The type of car you drive, if it has been modified, has alloy wheels, bucket seats and spoilers added to it the insurance company will be alerted to the fact that you are probably a 'boy racer' and your cost will sky rocket, avoid hatch backs and stick to a small family saloon size with 4 doors.
  2. Your Engine Size - When you are older you look for economy and low fuel costs when searching for a new car. When you are young and fairly new to driving you want to impress your friends with horse power and bigger engine sizes. Resist that temptation, anything over a 1.2 engine will cripple you with inurance costs.
  3. Driving Record – Your driving record will be so important as the years progress. Drive safely and avoid making those claims. You will be rewarded with no claims bonuses each year you make it a claim free one. The first year can be worth as much as 60% off for the second year. You are always more likely to have an accident the first year you are driving.
  4. The Excess - If you are confident that you are not going to make a claim on your insurance during the first 12 months offer to increase your excess. Your excess is the amount you have to pay off any one claim. If you have a £400 excess then you are saying you will pay the first £400 of any claim out of your own pocket before the insurance company steps in.
  5. The Location - Can your car be garaged over-night, is it on a drive way and do you have an alarm fitted. All of these will help in lowering the cost of your car insurance.
  6. When you have your best quote on the table, ring up a couple of the insurance companies who just missed out, those quotes that were second and third on your list and tell them who have beat their quote and by how much. You might be surprised by how much lower they will suddenly go when you have managed to source someone cheaper.


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