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Quitting Your Job and Working Online

Updated on March 13, 2012

We are all in the economic cycle that has descended on the American economy. Some of us have been lucky to not lose jobs, while other have not been. The unlucky ones are the ones I envy though because they have taken the opportunity to approach a new direction in their lives. They have been seizing different opportunities as they have come along. They have taken the initiative to start their own businesses online, retail, or other operations to create the income they need.

The one thing about traditional compensation for work is the way they are compensated. The traditional way that people are paid is by the hour. Each hour that passes until you are finished with your shift or time you are compensated for that hour. If, there are no more hours then there are no longer any need for compensating further. So, many are stepping out of that role and into a role where they are earning passed on what they put in.

One of the ways people have been doing this is with an online income. However, you only get paid to how much you put in to work. This can be unnerving to some people that have their mind wrapped around the idea that there time in hours is only worth so much. If, you have taken steps to get to that point and are ready to take the next step of leaving your regular job for the freedom of being in your own business. Make sure that you have all the necessary requirements in place to help you be successful in your endeavor.

1. When moving from your business to another, it is an excellent idea to have at least a minimum amount per month to work with so you can live. Traditionally 3 months are the norm, but if you have more even better. This allows you a little bit of freedom to develop your other income resources while you are ok.

2. Earning money online involves a lot of preparation. So, at the minimum you should have your website already up and running and receiving traffic. So, when you tell your boss you are leaving you should have a pretty decent foot hold on the income level you are earning so far with the potential for it to increase.

3. Learning Phase - As with any business especially online there is an entirely new learning phase that you have to learn. This can be a phase of learning in a couple of months or even a year. If, you have already gone through the learning phase of internet marketing then, you may be ready if you have any doubts then continue to stay where you are at and work part time on it. Until the time, you are ready.

Starting in this exciting new career field is exciting and rewarding. However, it demands a lot of attention and time that you will need to contribute to your success. If, you are counting on a get rich quick scheme then it probably will not work out as well for you. However, over time anyone can do it as long as they keep their priorities and goals aligned. You will build your online empire to be successful.


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