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Quit My Job in Today's Economy - And Loving IT

Updated on July 14, 2016
RGraf profile image

Rebecca Graf is a seasoned writer with nearly a decade of experience and degrees in accounting, history, and creative writing.


Quit my job during a bad economy? Am I crazy? Well, I did just that. Just yesterday as a matter of fact (don't tell my mother!) And I'm beyond happy.

Why would I do that? Well, due to that same economy my company has been downsizing left and right. The work load has not diminished one iota, but our staff is decreasing like crazy. We have been told that we are to work as many hours as needed when they say they need it. Any time off is now frowned upon and you can only carry over so much of it to next year.

I already had it made. I worked remote at home and was loving it. But they interpreted that working remote meant that I was now on call 24/7 and did not hesitate to call at any time of the day or night to put me on another urgent project or firedrill. There was no quitting time in their eyes.

Enough is enough. I couldn't take it anymore. My children were hating the fact that though I was at home, I couldn't take time away to eat dinner with them. I was getting cranky and then my health went downhill. Throwing up everyday is not my idea of a fun day at the office. The conception of an ulcer is miserable.

Yesterday when I broke down into tears for the upteenth time, my husband said that I had to quit. It wasn't worth it. I began to fret about our money and the economy and started to get sick all over again. Once we began to talk, we realized that there were so many options out there for me that there was no need to worry.

I already had a part-time job working for a friend (very low stress). There was the possibility of increasing my hours with her. But there are so many jobs open around here. No, they don't pay as much as I'm making now, but who says that I have to make that much if it puts me in an early grave? Can't take it with me. If I have to work at McDonald's a few hours a week to pay the bills, will I be happier? That's when I realized that I was putting too much status on level of pay, standard of living, and status. Just because I'm a college grad does not mean that I have to have a big paying job. I once heard someone say that if God called you to be a garbage man, you would have to step down to become President. I need to be where I'm supposed to be.

There are so many ways to cut back our expenses at home, that I didn't have to replace that job. We cancelled cable, our house phone, and scaled back on the wireless plan. That cut over $200 a month right there. We are keeping lights out at home and using hurricane lamps. That has cut our electric bill down drastically. We shop at Aldi or other discount stores which have great food and unbelievable prices. You can also go in with other families to buy in bulk to take advantage of hugs savings.

We are going to make it. We don't have to have it all.

We are also looking at doing our own home-based businesses to help supplement income and cut costs at the same time. They are out there. It means making time to sit down to talk about it and explore all the possbilities. I've spent the last three years jealous of those who could follow their dreams. Who said that I couldn't? I just need to find the right wise way to do it.

A bad economy does not mean that we are stuck where we are until who knows where. We can make changes.

(I do have to add that the company did not want to see me go and have offered to hire me back as a contract employee to work as many hours as I want or need on a per project basis. God does answer prayers!)

If you are wanting to make a change during this time, sit down with anyone you live with (because it impacts them, too) and do the following on a pad of paper:

  1. Write down the pros of staying where you are.
  2. Write down the cons of staying where you are.
  3. Write down the $ you NEED to survive and not have all the bill collectors at your door - make sure what you NEED.
  4. What options do you have to replace your current job (don't forget to include any self-employment possibilties)
  5. Pros and cons of each option
  6. Mark which ones you think are the most viable and then mark the ones that you feel are impossible (don't eliminate the impossible ones - they might not be as impossible as you think).

  7. Get a third party (they have a clearer mind about it) that you trust and talk it over with them.
  8. Narrow it down to the best one.
  9. Enact Operation Succeed!

I'm not saying it is not scary, but I love a roller coaster and scary can be a little fun!

I do want to note that having a good support is vital. That is why getting a third party can help. It is someone to help keep you straight and encourage you to follow a dream.

Other Hubs

Here are several other hubs that I'll be adding to as I go along that can help you financially if you do decide to take that leap of faith.

How to Sidestep the Trash Tidal Wave - this is a good one to give you some ideas on how to be less wasteful.

How to Create a Standardized Shopping List - this could be really handy to help keep that impulse shopping down and the grocery bill, too.

Teens Saving Money - Anyone with a teen or pre-teen needs to read this hub. I'm going to be getting book soon to help with my growing daughter.

The Do-It-Yourself Traveling Health Insurance Plan - Common sense application that could give you some world traveling mula if you do it right.

Johnny Paycheck's Take This Job and Shove It


So much as happened since I took that step.

The part-time job I took for someone local just ended. They were wanting me to put in physical office hours which took me back to being away from the family again.

Got my children in some therapy and found out that the year I was away most of the time did a lot of damage that is going to take even longer to heal.

The job I quit and asked me back and is actually my only paying job at the moment. They asked me to increase my hours a little and promise that for a couple of hours a day to be on line and near a phone just in case I'm needed. Other than that, work when you want where you want.

In the end, I'm still free to spend a day with the kids and not be shorted hours since I can make it up after they are gone to bed. I'm still able to plan my own day.

My leap of faith is still paying off!

Further Updates

The company kept me on for almost another year as a temp employee.  I was able to work my flexible hours and still bring home some money.  Due to the economy, they had to let me go.  Kind of ironic.

I am now collecting unemployment while I work on my writing and try to get a few freelancing jobs.  I did get one, but the person who hired me was fired about a month into the job.  I got a couple of bucks from there.

Today I got offered to work for two months for tax preparation.  I'm going to do that because they are willing to work with my schedule so that the kids will only miss me a short while compared to a whole year. 

My goal is still to find online work and stay with the kids.  I love homeschooling them and having the flexibility that I need to help my husband and teach.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      My wife worked at a great job, but had horrid hours. Was never home at night, kids missed her, I was always ordering out. Then came the new boss and made her job a living hell, she endured for about a year but then had to quit due to the stress. We both discussed how we are going to have to cut back and she was on board 100% - we COULD get by on one salary, but we'd have to stick to a uber strict budget.

      The first few weeks were heaven. Wife was home at night, made dinners, kids were happy, we were all happy. Unfortunately, at first, my wife could not stick to a budget. She was used to a dual income family and thought she could still do her monthly pedicure/manicure treatments, lol.....gone are the morning stops at Starbucks for a chat with the girlfriends. It was a very difficult adjustment, even with her picking up a part time job. After a few months of adjusting, though, she eventually got used to it and we settled in on a lower income.

      The even better news is that you finally get adjusted to this lowered standard of living, much like we got used to a higher standard when she was working. She eventually found employment that had REAL 9-5 hours so she was still home at night and had weekends off. She couldn't find a good job because she felt stuck where she was. Now she found a job that pays her MORE and even has better benefits than my place, so I'll be getting on her plan soon. And we got so used to cutting back that we're able to now put that money aside.

      You really learn how to adjust. You hang laundry to save on electricity. Packing school lunches saved $100/month. Cutting out the kids karate/swimming/soccer/ temporarily saved us lots. Finding a low cost vet clinic helped. Eliminating all those fancy add-ons to your cable saved us 100, and we still got to keep it. We'd borrow movies from the library instead of renting. You get my drift.

      Got a very happy wife now with happy kids and improvement all around. So many people stay in unsatisfactory jobs that put them on Prozac or Valium. It not need be like that.

    • mepperly profile image

      Shelly Epperly 

      7 years ago from Vancouver,WA

      Wow. I work from home and have for years and I love reading about others that are taking the leap. The leap is different for everyone because we are all different. There sure are a bunch of Negative Nellies. I choose to be positive and I like your lens, keep up the good work.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      No offense, but your article isn't much of a confidence booster for anyone in a shitty job. If anything, based on your updates, one would realize how lucky they are simply to HAVE a job...but of course that doesn't diminish the agony of dealing with it on a daily basis.

      Freelancing can be great, but do you really want to be a freelancer your whole life? Chances of becoming a "writer" are slim, because there is STIFF competition out there and few writing full-time jobs. You'll be up against arts graduates like me (assuming you don't have an arts degree), and I certainly haven't had any luck despite my qualifications in journalism and English.

      Sorry, but your article is depressing if anything. That's not to say it wasn't a valuable account because sometimes the the truth is what we need to get a sense of reality. Other than that it was well-written. (But that doesn't say much because writing well is a skill in abundance and judging by the quality of writing by many in in the business world, writing is not a prerequisite for a good job).

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Proud of you. Don't put up with abuse just because the economy is "bad". It's not all that bad, by the looks of it, people are still paying a crap load of money on stuff thu don't need. I'm glad you didn't make excuses and sacrifice your sanity over crap!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I want to quit my job and my husband is very supportive, although we are on the verge of buying a house which makes things a little sticker!

      But I am miserable at the job and I know God will bless my efforts elsewhere.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Must be nice to live off your husband. What exactly is the difference between that and living off of unemployment and not looking for a job? You are still living off of someone else who is hard working. Your childrens therapy validates your unemployment, ha! Seems like a stretch in your imagination to put you at ease for being lazy.

    • profile image

      uterine fibroid treatment 

      7 years ago

      Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows. Sometimes I think the world has gone completely mad.

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      7 years ago from Wisconsin

      Jack, maybe I should give a further update so that someone like you who insults people could get a better understanding. I was let go and collected unemployment until I found work at a tax office. If I was such a spineless person, I would have stuck with the job that abused me and then stayed on unemployment instead of finding a job that took me off of it. Find a little humanity in that cold hard and stop insulting people. You only make yourself look bad.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi There, well done on making the leap but are you sure it was worth it? You are now unemployed receiving unemployment benefits creating further strain on the economy. If you weren't so spineless you should have been more proactive in correcting the wrongs of your previous role. Now your children are suffering.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You are right about narrowing down your ideas to come up with the best job that you really love. I hope people will do the same thing when it comes to deciding. I came across a video that will help us be more motivated in doing what we love. Here it is:

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      A wonderful post. Have been working for the last 16 years in a fairly senior position. However, I never felt that Corporate life is for me. I always wanted to do something of my own. The post, the questions and the comments made a lot of sense to me. Thank you all so much :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This was really inspiring to read! Thanks much! I don't hate my job actually. I've been a teacher for several years but now everything seems blurry. I was following a dream, while teaching at the same time, and I recently started going to therapy to figure things out. She told me I need to quit my job and just focus on what I need to do with my life - and the moment she said that, I just felt free, and realized, she's absolutely right...but that's really taking a risk. I make good money as a teacher in Chicago Public Schools, and my benefits are great, but I feel taking a risk might be the best thing I could possibly do. I don't feel the excitement of teaching as I did when I started, and I know it's not my calling anyway. I think it's time to just create my own life. Thanks everyone for your posts!

    • mepperly profile image

      Shelly Epperly 

      7 years ago from Vancouver,WA

      Just wanted to let you know what I am doing to stay home and be here for my kids... I sell on eBay, mostly clothing that I find for .89 cents a pound at the local outlet thrift store. I would love to answer any questions you have is you are thinking about doing this too. I love my job.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      this is really great! and veeeerrry encouraging!!!!!!! ^.^

    • profile image

      Rita J. 

      7 years ago

      Let me start out by saying that AMERICANS are the most over-worked in the developed, industrialized world. Too many hours and for what?? To get the latest iPhone, iPad, flat-screen TV, or latest model jeep/automobile? I just started pondering what the true meaning of my life and existence is as of lately and after reading your blog here on Hubpages, I'll need to start making some serious changes on my own situation (whether it's work, home, and/or everything else in between.) Thanks for such an inspiring blog!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      totally hate my job....the stress is effecting my health as well. I have a job offer on the table from another place for less money and i would have to move...deciding whether to start over.....just not sure.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Easy to quit your job when your husband is still working. Living on one income with two kids not so easy...and trust me I have made the same cuts you have years ago and its still not working.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      i quit stupid safeway last month and am happy.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I've been at my job for 28 years. I am the senior staffer at work. I never take sick days, come in a half hour early every single day, and yet....the writing is on the wall. My services are no longer needed or wanted. For the past few years, my responsiblities have been slowly taken away from me and I've been reduced to meaningless clerical work that a trained monkey could do. My skills, talents and experience are being wasted. So it's time to leave. Retire. Bid the career adieu. My age has become a liability in their eyes, no matter that I never take sick days and am as healthy as a horse. My job has basically been given over to a younger employee. The message is clear. You're too old, we don't want you here anymore, we consider you to be too much of a liability and we want you gone so you can be replaced by a younger employee (never mind that they may not turn out to be as reliable as me!). do I do? Where do I go? Who's gonna hire a 54 year old in THIS economy? I want to work on my own terms, make my own hours, work as many - or few - hours as I want, and still be able to make it financially. I haven't saved for retirement because my pay at work has been frozen for 5 years, another thing driving me to turn in my retirement notice. Apparently we will never again be receiving a raise since I am in a public sector, tax supported job. I wouldn't mind staying in the public sector but at this point, and in this ecomomy, that's basically asking to be in the poorhouse. I'm tired of that.

      So any suggestions as to how I make this move? I need to get out of my job before I am so demoralized that I can't stand it anymore. I'm close to being there right now but I can't quit this minute, as much as I want to. I need to find a job before I turn in my notice. I just don't know what I want to do, other than work as many or few hours as I want, and not have to make a long and expensive commute to work anymore. I want something within walking or mass transit reach. I'm sick of the grind, sick of feeling put out to pasture. The writing's on the wall that they no longer need my services so it's time to pack it in and leave. To where or to what, I do not know, but.....I need to do something and soon. I need to put a plan into place to turn the next page on my life.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      that lady susan i love your story you save my life

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      5 months ago my boss is not paying us what we must get so

      that day i went home and look at my family if i was not for

      them i will have to look for a new job thank you

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      LOVE Reading all your posts! Im right there with you! Been in a dead end job for 7 years. The job offers no advancement for office staff. It's a miserable environment, no one is happy in the office, and ive had enough. Life is just to short. Im not from the area that im in now, and with no children, family, husband to is as good a time as any to make the change! I dread going in, although i love my customers and they need me, its just not where i see myself for the next 20 years. Now, im trying to decide, do i give 30 notice or 2 weeks....decisions, decisions...either way, im so excited at whatever may be in the cards for me! :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Doing the same thing Oct 1 and cannot wait! I want to create my own job security, my clients are sticking with me and I want a different life!

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      7 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      To RGraf: Excellent hub-it takes courage to quit a job. Remember that, most people who hate their jobs either suffer in silence or eventually get fired because their subconscious personality betray them in the workplacle. Studies have confirmed that people who quit their detestable jobs are happier in the long run. However, many people are risk aversive, learning this lesson from their parents. Parents have inundated their children, especially Depression era parents, inoculate their children to stay on a job no matter what the counts. Well, that is passe-my rule if a job stinks, quit! You only have one life to life and enjoy.

    • shellyakins profile image


      7 years ago from Illinois

      I've been contemplating the issues you discussed for about six months now. Should I quit my "day job" and pursue my passion writing and building my consulting business? I feel like my job now is getting in my way of taking the next steps with those two things. I need a fire under my backside to force me to do things. I feel like quitting my job and taking that leap of faith will push me into getting these other things off the ground in a bigger way. Right now they are secondary thoughts.

    • dallaswriter profile image


      8 years ago from North Carolina

      I love reading about people who really have it all together. This is great! :)

    • profile image

      Ski Free 

      8 years ago

      You sounds like a very intelligent woman. I enjoyed reading your article and my story is very similar. I resigned from my position in the beginning of January 2011. I'm currently a part time ski instructor and really enjoy it. In the beginning I was scared but feel better every day. It has been a process and growing experience. I wish you the best and thank you for your article.

    • profile image

      Maria Speight 

      8 years ago

      I absolutely loved this! "Who says we have to have it all?" A message more of us need to hear. Thank you.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for inspiring me with these emails. I have had 3 dream jobs - corporate that only Mom would think are glorious and successful.

      Unfortunately this isn't true! It seems that these companies lour you in and get screwed soon after; that's when i quit! I have an education - which doesn't matter because experience is worth more - and although i have experience as well I'm tired of getting screwed, like pay, boss, workload changes and more.

      I will continue my contracting business although i;m tired with this and need a fulltime career and this on the side. \i;m inb my mid 30s and have no career goals or asperations as of yet. I will wait until the economy gets better and use this time to focus on what will make me happy.

      Good luck folka!

    • Rose Ella Morton profile image

      Rose Ella Morton 

      8 years ago from Beverly Hills, Michigan

      My girlfriend works for General Motors. She is a salary employee in the office. Everyone there black and white secretly call themselves the new slaves. Yes the high profits that all these companies are showing are coming from extra work but not extra pay. And the employees are willing to do this, just to keep there jobs

    • profile image

      Feeling Free 

      8 years ago

      I did it...I did it. Two days ago I resigned my position. If is very scary, but also very liberating. I don't think I knew how much damage the stress was doing to me. Although I need to find a new job asap I know I did the right thing. I have been told for years that I am the in charge of my just took me years to put me first. It is hard not to have full support from family but I figure how they work through this change with me during this process will show how much they really love and care for my health. I got out of job that was making me miserable...maybe it won't stop at that.

    • Totally Tiffany profile image

      Totally Tiffany 

      8 years ago from Henderson

      Great hub. I'm hoping that if enough people feel the way you do that I have a good chance of my beautiful, 22 year old daughter taking the advice and leave her horrible job to pursue her dreams and while she is still young. I had to wait until my 40's to let go of work and do what I wanted. She tells me that I need a "real job." Funny, since I'm happier than her and I make as much money doing what I love.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Good hub. This is inspiring me and giving me hope.

    • profile image

      Natalie Davenport 

      8 years ago

      Wow! thanks for your post I've been pondering about switching careers. Hope to be successful like you in the near future!

    • thehands profile image

      Jorge Vamos 

      8 years ago

      Indeed, being in a place you don't want to be and not working on what you absolutely would want is counterproductive and nobody benefits from it.

    • Gift Experts profile image

      Gift Experts 

      8 years ago

      Kudos! Trying to teach our son to do something similar, so he's getting a link to this hub ;)


    • JoolsFla profile image


      8 years ago

      When you dread the thought of another day doing a job you dislike is a day wasted in the short lives we lead. Before jumping out of a depressing job, I think it's important to find something part time, as you did, as a reason to still get up and make a few dollars. Ideally, you'll have a float to cover you, however, if you've stayed in a bad position too long, the chances are that funds are low (you wouldn't have stayed so long otherwise).... a plan is needed, and if you look at temporary employment as a 'tideover' position, it really isn't too bad and does wonders for you mental health, you are again in control of your life, you are choosing said position, be it McDonalds, whatever, because you decided - tell yourself it's just for now, and don't put the emotional investment into something that's just for now.

      Life is too short. We forget to have dreams and hopes when our chosen job falls short. Network, don't stay home depressed, let people know you're looking for something new, and put it out there. Watching 'The Secret' gave me the courage to have faith in myself, but whatever it takes to take check of your life, and where you're going, it's important that you stay in control. That's what makes life worth while. Staying in control of you, your future, your life, and your tomorrows. Set goals, have dreams, think bigger and better. Your mindset can change your life and your world. Good luck to everyone, in finding their proper place in life. If you don't feel joy, then you aren't there yet.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 

      8 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Thanks for a wonderfully encouraging hub.

      The three rules of finding employment:

      1. Find a job you like

      2. Find a job you like

      3. Find a job you like

    • opismedia profile image


      8 years ago

      Another interesting and encouraging hub. Keep up the good work RGraf.

    • eli grey profile image

      eli grey 

      8 years ago from Philadelphia, Pa

      Just a few weeks ago, I put my two weeks in after much thought.The economy is very bad and jobs are scarce. I heard it everytime someone got laid off or their was a threat of someone getting laid off. I worked my a** off for that company and although I was only a mailroom clerk, I suffered from severe depression. Not only that, but my home life was no better and going home after a day in that place was tearing me apart. Since I couldn't simply move out, it came down to me leaving the job. When I did, I felt a huge burden being lifted off of my shoulders. I decided that my health was more important. Not to mention my eating habits only got worse. So, yea. Im unemployed, have some bills to pay, but I'm not worried. I'm going to continue with my writing and look for a part time job. Everyone says it was a bad move but isn't my health more important?

      you can read some about my work experience in my hubs.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Lol @ "Take this job and shove it"

      You know this is a very well done hub, getting your job is tough but actually quitting is a whole different side. I also have a useful hub for this kind of situation, give it a look if you like.

    • ann garden profile image

      ann garden 

      9 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      quitting your good paying job is a risk, but it's better to risk than to lose your sanity, there's pros and cons but be willing to face the world much happier is priceless.

      It's nice to know, I'm not alone in this battle.

    • Greenheart profile image


      9 years ago from Cambridge

      Thanks for putting out this hub.

      And good for you for doing what you had to do.

      I really enjoyed the style of writing here too.

      There are many who are turning away from the stress

      of the corporate world and all its uncertainties.

      And one of the growth areas is the home business revolution.

      You mentioned the idea of working from home,on the net.And the hope of still going for your dreams.The network marketing approach is a $120 billion a year industry.With many fantastic products and companies.

      around.Some with a better track record than others.

      Have a look at my one.I would love to hear what you think.

      My hub is

      What-ever you do,i wish you much success.And having a faith in what is happening,in the process itself,in your intuition, is all part of the life process that includes work and money!.I think :-)

      Have a happy and prosperous 2010.


    • kaloomba profile image


      9 years ago

      I was in the same boat as you and did the same awhile back and haven't regetted it one minute. The stress of some jobs - no matter the pay - just isn't worth it. I've never been happier.

      A head's up for those of you looking for a quick, 'part-time' job that lets you be home with the kids in the summer is subbing in your school district as an assistant teacher (Paraprofessional). You can control the hours you work since they never have enough regular substitute teachers. If you have a four-year degree, you can short-term sub for any teacher too!

    • Maraiya Storm profile image

      Maraiya Storm 

      9 years ago from Prescott, Arizona

      I read the whole hub, including the updates section (which it seems a lot of people haven't read). I am so proud of you for doing what you did, with the proper mind-set. Things will work out for you if you stay optimistic and think creatively about what to do or try next. Also, God will help you to find the right income from the right sources. When you leave an abusive situation, you are making the right choice, and therefore, God will continue to give you the income you need and the best jobs.

      I have taken this stance many times in the past, and I always either get a new job right away, or I manage to find some sort of live-in job, or something. Glad to say that despite my ups and downs employment history, I've never been homeless or without enough food on the table and I have no debts or ends to meet.

      I work at home part time and I write hub pages on the side. It's a live-in exchange, so all of my basic needs are met.

      This hub was a fascinating read. Go for your dreams, keep your needs met, give time to your children, follow God's guidance, and all will be well. Let go of any fear and stay courageous and optimistic.

      I cannot tell you how many people I have heard of and seen who are scared to death to quit their horrible jobs because of a bad economy. They need to stand up for what they believe in, refuse to be abused and used, have courage and faith, and go for their highest dreams.

      I hope more people read this hub. You are right on.

    • Living In Paris profile image

      Living In Paris 

      9 years ago

      1. Good for you for putting your foot down and taking action to create the life you want.

      2. Employers often don't acknowledge an employee's value until they've lost it (or are about to lose it), which is a shame. The key is to always know your own value. If your current employer thinks you're good enough to cover the jobs of 3 people (LOL), then surely any potential client (or new employer with a more reasonable workload) would consider you an asset. :-)

      3. What SpeedofWealth said.

      4. "It's a funny thing about life. If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it." – Somerset Maugham

      Congratulations. I've bookmarked this and would love to hear an update on your journey.

    • James H Patton profile image

      James H Patton 

      9 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Great read! I recently did the same thing, walking out and leaving the corporate culture behind. It is true, cutting back on expenses is easier than one might think and it can really make a difference. Also, there are a number of great ways to generate income from a variety of sources, mine consulting and writing.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      WOW!!! I read your post and I sent it to my support system saying "this is me!!!" - I too have the "at home" job that everyone believes is gravy - but it has been a nightmare. I am stressed beyond belief doing the job of several people. The project is a disaster, the company is unstable and my boss doesn't have my same skill set so he can't help out. My manager who worked with me is out on STD due to stress and it's not getting any better! I am convinced my husband and I can make it on our own. We own a small vending business and have a few others in mind..we're snatching our 2 year old out of daycare and reducing our monthly expenses. I have an interview on Friday but for now...I just need a break. I need to breath and reassess my life. Thank you for your sharing your story - it was a huge inspiration and mostly motivation for me!

    • deestew profile image


      9 years ago from Kentucky

      Sounds you made a good move. I enjoyed the tips you gave to help someone actually think through the process before taking the leap! Good job.

    • profile image

      Matthew Fuller 

      9 years ago

      This is a great read. Tomorrow, Friday the 14th I put in my 2 weeks notice to prepare for my move to NYC to chase my dream! I have no job waiting for me in NYC and I must say, I'm terrified! But excited at the same time!

    • Rainbow777 profile image


      9 years ago from Florida

      Good for you! People have no idea how the stress working for evil and bad people can do to your health.

      God will provide for his children.

    • caoshub profile image


      9 years ago from Portugal

      Yes: WHAT??

      risked, ha?

    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 

      9 years ago

      We think everyone else has already everything there is to say. Great Hub, were listening to "Take this job and shove it" and needed something to do while we read. Team Wiseman

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      9 years ago from Wisconsin

      We are seeing that, too. Right now I'm still working but from home so that it is more flexible. I love being with my kids. I've even started homeschooling and I love it.

    • Camping Dan profile image

      Camping Dan 

      9 years ago

      My sister quit her job a couple of months ago and it has really had a good impact on their home. They are saving more money than they thought they would since she is no longer driving to work daily, they are no longer eating out as much since she has time to cook, and their son no longer needs daycare.

      Plus now she gets to be home when their son gets home from school and make their house a real home where they all seem happier now.

    • profile image

      Air Filterer 

      9 years ago

      Very interesting piece. I think I agree with you. I mean why continue to stay at a job when the money you take home at the end of the day can hardly "take you home" (if you get what I mean). That's why Robert Kiyosaki of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" said his wife and him were jobless for a long time, not because there weren't jobs available but because they decided to stay jobless so they could build their businesses. It worked for them!

    • Toronto12 profile image


      9 years ago from Toronto

      I would suggest that anyone starting a business to keep their job initially. It can be expected to not make much money for the first 3 years, so one would have to have living expenses covered for a few years.

    • profile image

      Sarah Penfold 

      9 years ago

      Mate I did that same on Wednesday and within the hour I had 2 emails asking me to A: Go to Tanzania for a week and B: Come for a job interview! Then the following day I got invited for another job interview which is 2mora!

      Big respect! Promise you will be happier! This is the time for people all over the world re=shuffling our priorities and finding out what makes us truly happy!

      Lets take our lives back and enjoy life again like when we were kids :)

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Yes, it can be hard. I just quit the part=time one from home because they wanted me to start having to be in an office all the time and it would seriously take away from the family. The original job that I had want me back on my flexible terms. So I'm going back that way since they pay more. My family is too important.

    • JennifersJumpers profile image


      10 years ago

      I totally agree with you. If you are miserable and can afford to quit, do it. I really don't have the support of my family for the work at home job that I want (I am currently doint that part time) but I figure that they will support me when I make the money!

    • creativecaravan profile image


      10 years ago from UK

      Great Hub. I can eally relate to it at the moment. I'm currently in a job I once loved but one that has gradually stripped me of any convidence, drive and health. I'm trying to fight back though. My dream is to work for myself, take control of the way projects are handled, how clients are treated and be there for my family. I've recently launched a discount shopping website which I hope will begin to generate an income to alleviate any loss of earnings. I'm slowly planning for the future and hope to have the confidence and faith to cut loose at the end of this year.

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Kosmos, thanks for stopping by and your comments :)

    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley Marks 

      10 years ago from California

      I wish I had a job to shove some place! I may have to cut my cable as well. Thanks for the good advice, and I also appreciate that you've read a couple of my hubs.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      It sounds nice!

      Seek a job at with the largest job marketing online.

    • profile image

      Peppermint Thrift 

      10 years ago

      Ha! I loved this hub because I did the very same thing. I am a college grad as well but have never found a job that exactly fis me. I had been a Manager in retail for five years and I couldn't take it anymore and quit in December. I am starting to feel the strain (monetarily) right now but we are getting by. Another cool thing to mention is if you have a Bachelors Degree you can usually Substitute Teach (at least here in Ohio). That is what I currently do - the con, however, is we were out of school all week with no pay. Oh well, I still feel good about my decision! Thanks for the hub - I feel better knowing I am not the only one!

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thank you - I am.

    • UnkCoothd profile image


      10 years ago from Reno Nevada

      Keep the vision!!

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Rochelle, it is going great. I'm able to spend time doing what is really important. Most welcome on the link. I really liked that piece.

    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 

      10 years ago from California Gold Country

      Glad to hear that things are going well for you.  If the rewards of work are only monetary it probably isn't the right job.  People need to realize that making money isn't the only way to have enough.  Thanks for linking my trash"tidal wave " article. that was a nice surprise since I just now read this.

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thank you, fanji.

      Barbara, you are welcome. Taking charge can be hard but it can be done.

      Chermarie, good luck to you, too. The economy has really hurt everyone and taking chances is even scarier. Thank you for the high compliment.

    • chermarie profile image


      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      I really enjoyed this article. I too have been cut back on my job that I loved, pretty much due to the economy. Running a Bed and Breakfast is great in good times, but this year sure has been quite a struggle. People aren't traveling as much these days, even though gas prices went down again.

      So I'm working from home, looking for that 'niche' everyone talks about. As I am a 'born again networker', hooking up with social sites and writing articles is perfect for me. I'm learning so much from others' articles and your Hubs are some of my favorites! Good Luck to you too!

    • Barbara Zagata profile image

      Barbara Zagata 

      10 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      Quality of life will only improve for all of us when we realize how powerful we are in taking charge of our realities. Computers didn't give us the quality of life we expected because we didn't change our mind set around what we deserve. Working "harder" is no longer the key to success. Self-awareness equals survival of the fittest now! As within, so without...

      Thanks for being a model of sustainability!

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thank you. I'll check it out.

    • Cajun-Country profile image


      10 years ago from Louisiana

      Congratulations! That must have been one of the hardest decision for you to ever have to make. I am proud of you though, for sticking to your guns. Just remember, when it seems to be getting tough, the tough will prevail!

      I will be adding more information to my last hub,

      The new information should help you in finding the right niche that you will need to operate a successful home-based business. Good luck to you and your family, God Bless and great success to you!

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thank you.

    • worddsplaytoday profile image


      10 years ago from NC

      Great hub good luck with your future!

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thank you. You need to know what you are doing before jumping it. It is scary enough actually doing it, but if it is not the right time then it is really scary.

    • SpeedofWealth profile image


      10 years ago from United States

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. I think you included a great idea about people listing the pros and the cons. It's important to put your health and family first. Fear about money is such a stressor in itself, and then it also keeps us going to jobs we don't like, and afraid of making changes. Congratulations!

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Knsims, thank you. When you enjoy something you are willing to sacrifice. Plus, you begin to realize what is in your life that you don't need.

    • knslms profile image


      10 years ago from North Carolina

      Good for you! So many people spend their entire life doing this because they are scared of losing something. It's much better to work for $30,000 and love it than $100,000 and hate it! Congrats!

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Jim, thank you.

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Janet, I'll be praying for you. It is a major step and canot be taken lightly. But the freedom you feel is wonderful. Good luck.

    • jim10 profile image


      10 years ago from ma

      Good for you and good luck.

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Yogiwan, thank you for the compliment. Currently, my life is taking a different route, but I will keep this in mind. I did visit your website. VERY interesting. I might become a customer. Thank you for stopping by.

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Em Writes, it took a lot out of me to do it. A lot of emotional pain, but it felt so good. I had lunch with a friend of mine and she was commenting on how much happier I look.

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      tomerr, good for you. I wish you all the luck.

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Marian, good luck. I searched and searched for a couple of years. A mentioned it to a friend and amazingly she offered me a part-time extremely flexible job. A window appeared in the cell. You just never know where the escape route will be found. keep looking.

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Cindy, thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Accora, thank you so much. Deciding that being happier was better changed our entire lives.

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Heathermom, glad you enjoyed it. Good luck!

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin

      Aya, you are so right. I have a few friends that are ALWAYS complaining about their jobs. Then change it. I know it is easier said than done. Then begin planning the change. That can change your philosophy, too.

      Thanks for stopping in and reading.

    • RGraf profile imageAUTHOR

      Rebecca Graf 

      10 years ago from Wisconsin


      Thank you for stopping by.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Congratulations! I wish I can do the same thing now. I have a list of 'things' to consider before quitting the job I dislike and be a full time mother (i'm a mother of two young kids). Financial (debts) is the biggest concern for me. I have been planning to quit for about 2 years and I kept on postponing my plan becuase of the bad economy. Same as you, I cried, lost sleep, became emotional... still hanging there now. But know what, I'm targeting ONE more year when my finanical status gets better and I'll quit. My job offers very good salary and good benefits but nah it's not worth. Life is short. Happiness is the most important. Right?

    • yogiwan profile image


      10 years ago from Reno, NV

      Now here is a response you may not have expected. Your sense that a home based business might be in your future seems quite logical to me. I started down that path last year primarily to augment some retirement income. But things have grown a bit from there and I am now looking for a partner to help me grow my business. This is not a simple decision and requires a lot more commitment than I origiinally anticipated but there are lots of opportunities for reward and not all of them are just financial. But it also take a bit of passion as it is not just a job that you can set aside at the end of the day -- you do live it. But if this sounds like something to pursue take a look at my business site, then send me an email


    • Em Writes profile image

      Em Writes 

      10 years ago from Upstate NY

      Thanks for a great hub! This is something that I've been thinking more and more about lately, but I haven't yet found the guts to pull the trigger. Am very glad that you found it within you!

    • tomerr profile image


      10 years ago from Far Far Away...

      Agree with you. Done it my self and it sure feels good..

    • Marian Swift profile image

      Marian Swift 

      10 years ago from San Francisco Bay Area

      Thank you for the inspiration. Still looking for my own escape route, and the courage to follow it.

    • cindyschulson profile image


      10 years ago from San Diego, CA

      Woo hoo! Good for you. Your health and your family's happiness are #1 and it's exciting that you've decided to make this change. I've written a free ebook about the 12 key areas to consider when working from home. I hope it helps. You can find it at

      all the best,


    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Good for you. I think you definitely made the right decision. You've got to try to be positive for your family. I think your husband is great for supporting you. Kudos to him! Your a very sensible family cutting back on the things you don't need - a great example.

    • Heathermom profile image


      10 years ago

      My kudos to your decision. In these times every little cut in expenses helps. I have been promoting how using Niapads - acne medication has helped cut down my teenagers dermatologist's visit. The product came in useful at a time when we lost health insurance.


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