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Updated on June 13, 2010


The bedrock of every revolution is the discovery of the truth. The discovery of the truth concerning the Internet is the foundation for a fulfilled life as an infopreneur. But like any other revolution it takes patience, learning, asking questions and action to bring it to pass.

Most small business owners get so involved with running their business that they have no time to grow it. Answering e-mails, fulfilling orders, and updating your subscribers list are essential tasks but they will not increase your profit. The only way to grow a business is to market it. And the secret to being able to grow your business and still run it at the same time is automation. Automating key tasks so they happen without you lifting a finger doesn’t just free you from doing some of the daily chores involved in running your business; it actually grows your business, too.

Automating your online business is the perfect solution to providing great customer service and freeing up your time to develop your business. And autoresponders, in particular, are amazing tools for handling all the mundane e-mail chores that can take up so much of your time. They can allow you to sell your products or services day and night, meaning more sales and more profit. In fact automation do:

Build your credibility by impressing your customers with the speed of your response to their requests for information.Increase your chances of making more sales by answering customer’s questions immediately.

Make sure more customers buy from you by providing great customer service through the instant confirmation of orders.Instantly confirming orders or fulfilling orders.

And the faster you automate your business, the better so you can concentrate on growing your company.

Once you’re automated, you can handle thousands more customers without being bogged down by thousands more administrative task. You shall have time to think about how to improve your value and skills to navigate through the virtual and real world. You then have your destiny on your hand. To keep abrased with the challenges of work, my work, “what do you want to do today? Is a useful tool, to thread the part consciously.

You too can use the internet and work locally while thinking globally. If you’ve always wanted to have your own business, live wherever you want to live and gain the wealth you desire. This exciting medium can enhance the way you do business. I have shown you the way. Now get started and put your hands on the practical techniques and uncover the hidden science of the top internet millionaires. Along with this key information, you’ve simply got to have the practical resources and tools you need right at your finger tips-plus this book which gives you the details on how to use them from the lowest grade possible in Africa. Without this essential combination of practical know-how and key tools it will be hard for you to get your internet business started towards wealth.

With the wealth of African unused resources, the internet is changing the face of corporate business and governance. The good use of the computers and phones opens up to us a staggering opportunity. In an age so rich in innovation we have a wide range of possible future.


To those leaning on the sustaining future, today is big with blessing. The age of materialism-the highest point in the vastness of opportunity to give from the intellect of man. This is why science is dominant today. Whatever that cannot be explained in the light of new knowledge is questionable. Today we can have all things just by recreating the global idea into two parts of one choice. The choice to give an idea, to be regiven in wealth or penury.

Materialism is rooted in dualism. It is relative and impermanent. This is the cause for interaction in a system. Change therefore is the result of interplay of choices of two opposites. It follows therefore that materialistic laws are liable to change. This is good news for those who yearn for the new e-opportunities in Africa.

All around us, we see the result of the post industrial paradigms. Give an idea to cause an interplay of the two forces of old and new in the industry, if you wish to be wealthy. The age of materialism also is a time of misfortune, of discontent with the world of poverty as an effect on initial change.

In the Information culture just emerging, ideas and products have the significant of medicine in such a time. It has to meet the needs of the sick heart, heal wounds of poverty, put reality in place of loss of world.

There is now a changing context of the private sector in the society. With new opportunities for business, comes new roles and new social environmental responsibilities. What are those responsibilities? The correction of global inequality is at the heart of crisis of global change. Like it or not, the time of sorting things out is now. Give the world something if you want to be wealthy. But what?

In the past, there were no network products for small business. That has changed. Even the smallest of companies realize that the internet, e-mail and the sharing of drives, files are possible today.

The million individuals and small businesses around the globe represent the fastest growing segment in the technology and industry. Rapid economic growth in Africa now brings modern air-ports, televisions, express highways, air conditioned and latest shopping malls like RockyPlaza in LagosNigeria, with sophisticated consumer electronics and fashion labels for they that had made the leap..

This kind of growth requires gearing the economy towards export to earn foreign exchange to buy the things that wealthy people desire. The continent of Africa is appropriate for export of its ideas and products for foreign exchange earnings.

Set up a small office, home office network. One no longer has to be a millionaire from the start to make millions. Even not being a computer expert does not prevent you to have access to many resources.


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