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Racial Discrimination gateway in Medical Profession

Updated on August 27, 2011

Just Plain Wrong

You are going to read about one young lady's horrible experience with what she believes to be racial discrimination by her employer.

She began working at a hospital in Clarksville TN October 27, 2008 her job title was Medical Assistant officially.

One month shy a year of working for this hospital in Clarksville she graduated college with a Bachelors degree in Science for Allied Health Care Management. In February of 2010 she applied for the Office Manager position that had become available in the surgery clinic where she was currently working. The positions for office manager were listed on the hospital's Job website and they read:

Office Manager-0901146 Description:The Office Manager must promote good public relations for the department and the hospital while maintaining patient/customer confidentiality. The Office Manager applies and implements the philosophy, goals and objectives of the hospital. The Office Manager will oversee all day to day operations of the Medical Clinic and consult with the Director of Specialty Clinics prior to implementing changes in operating procedures.

Office Manager-0921868 Description:The Office Manager supervises the day to day operations of the Clinic Practice using effective leadership, organizational, analytical process and problem solving skills. The Office Manager assists the Physician Practice Manager as needed in the set up and marketing of the clinic practices

The young lady was interviewed for the position along with an older white woman. The director of clinics held the interviews. He placed the young lady in another office that was in need of a office manager and gave the open position to the other woman.

Within two weeks after the young lady was placed at the new location, the director of clinics was fired without warning. The young lady began asking question about getting the position promised because she had been running a physicians practice alone. Since the director of clinics was fired, a Corporate Body was put in place until someone else was hired to replace the director of clinics indefinitely. She continued to ask the Corporate body about being given the position She was promised, he would give her the run around saying, “just be patient everything will work out.”

June 1 was the day the new replacement was to start; the Corporate body gave a version of what was going on with the young lady, June 9, 2010 the new director came to the office to speak with the young lady. The Replacement came in and said, “according to corporate you do not meet the standard to be promoted to office manager because you do not have anyone in your office to manage” “What we could do is make you the Administrative Assistant with a small increase in pay”, she said. The young lady declined the offer and filed a grievance about the situation through Human Resources on June 23, 2010 because the job description said nothing about having to manage others it spoke specifically of managing the office which she had been doing at the title of Medical Assistant and being paid 10.27.

The grievance went through a process; it first went to The Replacement, Director of Clinics it then cross the desk of the hospital's COO and finally the CEO each of these individuals are white and being paid for the college degrees in which they worked hard to get. This young lady ran a Pulmonary Clinic from 8:00am until 5:00pm Monday through Friday alone, the doctor came in to see patients at 1:00pm and left by 4:45pm. She did not have anyone to delegate work to as the other office managers in the meetings being paid salary. She handle everything (except seeing patients) by herself. She asked to be paid salary for the work she was doing and they came up with excuse after excuse for not giving a well educated, veteran of the of the US Army the pay she deserved simply because she is black.

It is time someone let that hospital know they can not get way with treating people with such disrespect. Tell everyone about your experience, make a comment below.

Racial Discrimination

Have you been discrminated against or treated unfairly at Clarksville Hospital?

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    • profile image

      Gursheel Dhillon MD 

      6 years ago

      There was an interesting study done right here in Nashville, that shows discrimination in medicine disappointingly affects care to people who need it the most because, minorities provide a large part of primary care in this country.


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