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Radio Deejays versus Radio Automation

Updated on March 17, 2011
DJ Brian J. (
DJ Brian J. (
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Radio broadcasting

With the advent of latest radio technology, more and more radio disc jockeys lose their job because of radio automation. Because of cost-cutting and minimizing manpower on radio hubs, radio owners only need a group of radio technicians to maintain its feed on air.

Too much competition are being felt on radio air lanes due to the existence of television. I’m sure good-looking vee-jays are more likeable than those who are only heard inside the booth of radio stations. To keep up with the competition, many radio djs are making a crossover from radio to television. It’s not bad after all, but the manpower needed in maintaining radio programs are minimized.

I Love the Radio

Losing my job on the radio way back the 90s persuaded me to look for a ‘greener pasture’ but still, I love the radio.

I still crave listening to my favorite radio station if I get tired staring at the monitor’s screen of my netbook (small laptop) and rest my tired eyes while listening to my favorite radio deejay.

Radio signals reach more far flung places and didn’t need sophisticated antennae to go on air. Local residents here in the Philippines who don’t own a television set still depend on radio as means of communication.

Radio Automation

When I visited my former radio station, which is still existing, the only person I’ve seen was the chief radio technician (the husband of my aunt). He said that my former boss decided to get rid of all the employed deejays due to the recent world financial crisis.

Radio automation is the best way to lessen the expenses in maintaining the operation. A radio owner only needs set of music and radio ads to keep the operation going.

But keeping some disc jockeys out of the booth will mean being unfriendly to radio listeners who want to talk to them and still utter the words, "Mr. DJ, can I make a request?"

Radio broadcasting today

I am encouraged by my former colleague to be in radio broadcasting again. I declined because I still want to work overseas. Maybe, five years from now, I will see myself working on the local media again.

AM radio-type of programming (newscast, commentaries, and magazine shows) is now incorporated at the FM band. Many local owners are changing the type of airing by utilizing the FM signal with the AM program.

Although the transmission can only be heard at a shorter distance, the expenses can also be minimized because of type of transmitter used and time schedule (from sign-on to sign-off).

So don't be confused when you are tuned in to FM but all you can hear is news, commentary or magazine shows. Some affiliates of major radio companies in the Philippines still follow the all-music type of programming, but local radio operators think otherwise due to the availability of local advertisers.

One more thing, I noticed that almost all members of the broadcast media are being compensated by private luminaries (politicians and businessmen) that should not be the case. Clinging to this type of set-up will endanger the radio broadcasting itself.

My friend said that it's because many media men are facing tough times these days and that's the only way in order to survive on the radio. Added to it is the neck-to-neck competition with television stations.

Seldom you can search for AM radio signals on cellphone application; it's all FM stations. So, if you buy a cellular phone, you can choose those versions with radio applications if you want to listen to news and music while traveling or just passing the time.

And that teleradyo (combination of radio and television broadcasting) is now becoming a fad. You can now  watch your favorite radio announcer on television.

How I became a Radio DJ


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    • travel_man1971 profile imageAUTHOR

      Ireno Alcala 

      9 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      You better be, bacville. Thanks for your support to radio disc jockeys.

    • bacville profile image


      9 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      I listen to FM stations through my MP3 player with FM adds-on. I still love the radio.


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